Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mcx commodity bearish| Mcx tuesday gold, silver trading calls| base metal tips today

Mcx commodity market trading in red, gold and silver traded at down site before two session in this week we can see that commodity market showing bearish trend.yesterday silver closed at 47985 and down at 1.21 pm 379 points or 0.79% at 47606.We can see that gold moving in positive side after the noon session.

Mcx gold trading down with very few points we expected gold recover up and will go in positive zone. Whole mcx market are in consolidate note, Mcx copper trading with quite note,No change seen in evening session copper feb contract yesterday close at 446.60 today copper made a intraday high of 447.55 and touche the low level 444.90. Mcx crude oil trading red sign last two session. Mentha oil trading positive after the morning session up 0.23% or 1.80 points at 775.80.

Mcx gold buy above 29900 targets 30190/ 30230/30280
Mcx silver buy above 47500 targets 48560 stoploss 47000

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesday commodity intraday trading tips| Mcx base metal trend| Gold resistance level

Indian commodity market opened volatile, gold and silver both are traded sluggish note. Mcx gold showing lazy moment no changes seen after yesterday gain.silver down 430 points or 0.90% at 47620 from its close 48023 it touched intraday high of 47900 and intraday low of 47520. And the

Mcx base metal trading volatile note Mcx natural gas continue trade above 3% in this week. And other metal like crude oil, nickel, aluminium, lead traded high but copper trading small bit of declines 0.50 points or 0.11% at 450.70.

Intraday Resistance of GOLD are R1-30512.4 R2-30485.3 R3-30521.7
Intraday Support of GOLD are
S1-29935.6 S2- 29963.8 S3- 29927.8

Monday, February 17, 2014

MCX Monday commodity trading tips | Mcx base metal tips monday

Commodity market close on flat Friday  Monday commodity market started high positive note. Gold and silver traded with higher positive points. Silver traded two weeks higher points 728 or 1.56% at 47341 silver showing big rally in mcx commodity. Mcx gold April contract gains 86 points in intraday trading we expects gold made intraday high of 29520 and a low of 29384.

Mcx base metal seeing in green with positive points natural gas rally +3.02% at 334.20 in the previous session natural gas trading with this volatility small bit of changes seen in its prices.crude oil and other base metal traded positive points with 0.60-1%.

MCX gold buy targets 29520/29570/29620 stoploss 29220

MCX SILVER sell 47100/46800/46500 stoploss 47700

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

MCX natural gas gain above 2%| 12 feb Mcx gold live tips

MCX commodity market trading higher node but gold and silver are in red sign since morning. Gold and silver showing sideways trend gold open down from its close at 29104 down 0.17% to 29055 gold expected to trade around a high level of 29084 and a low level of 29006. 

BASE METAL- In MCX base metal traded on a bullish side, Natural gas star of the day because it gains +2.91% at 304.50 and it tested high 4% at 308.70 in morning session Natural gas getting mark on long side. 

SELL Natural gas target 304/303/302 Stoploss 313

Monday, February 10, 2014

Evening MCX commodity gold tips|MCX nickel tips monday

                                         2 DAYS FREE TRIAL
In evening session commodity market trend in green note. Gold and silver trading high but both precious metal showing sideways trend since morning. In base metal natural gas down 1.83% or 5.50 points at 294.50 heavy selling pressure are seeing.And mcx crude oil trading above 6200 and nickel trading more than 1%.

Gold gain 0.75% or 215 points at 28969 yellow metal trading in high node it touched intraday high of 29005 and a low of 28825.while silver up +1.08% or 477 points at 44846 it made a high of 44945 and low of 44487.

MCX gold april buy target 29000/29050/29100 stoploss 28750.
MCX nickel above 885 target 900/910/920 stoploss 876

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

सेंसेक्स निफ़्टी ग्रीन जोन मै पहुचे|बैंक रियल्टी चढ़े

सेंसेक्स ने 260 अंक की चलते हुए दिन के निचले स्तर से रिकवर की और ग्रीन जोन में पहुंच गया। इस समय बैंकिंग, पावर और एफएमसीजी स्टॉक्स में तेजी देखी जा रही है। 2 बजकर 15 मिनट पर सेंसेक्स 13.41 अंक चढ़कर 20222.67 पर देखा गया जबकि निफ्टी 4.90 अंक गिरकर 5,996.90 पर कारोबार करता देखा गया|



प्रमुख सूचकांक निफ्टी और सेंसेक्स दोनों की सुबह से पतली चल रही हालत अब संभली है। सेंसेक्स ने 20 हजार के स्तर पर पहुंच कर कारोबार करना शुरू कर दिया है जबकि निफ्टी भी संभला है। सेंसेक्स में 2 बजकर 10 मिनट पर 16.46 अंकों यानी 0.08% की गिरावट के साथ कारोबार हो रहा है। यह 20,192.80 पर देखा जा रहा है जबकि निफ्टी 4.90 अंकों की गिरावट दिखाते हुए अब फिर से 6000 के नीचे देखा जा रहा है। यह इस समय 5,996.90 के स्तर पर कारोबार कर रहा है।

Monday, February 3, 2014

MCX Basee metal trading intraday tips| Ncdex soybean calls for monday

MCX commodirty market trading lower side since morning, precious metal trading with green note. Bullion market performing positive side after the heavy declination. AT 3 pm gold trading at 29474 or 0.0 4% aginst close 29462.while silver trading up 51 points at 43360 it will touched intraday high of 43444 and intaraday low of 42928.

crude oil continously going to down trend -1.07% at 6103 or rs 66.while other base metal trade down with low pionts with no changes.Natural gas trading positive +1.02% at 305.70 and copper also going to green zone +0.06% at 445.20 its close of 444.95.

NCDEX market trade voletile Guarseed may contract trading with high decline -3.61%, Guar gum April contract down 3.14%,

MCX Crude oil (February futures): Sell - 6130, target 6120/6110/6000 stoploss - 6200

Natural Gas MCX (February futures): Buy - 303, target 306/309/312 stoploss - 294

MCX Copper (April futures): Sell - 447, target 445/443/440 stoploss - 450

NCDEX soybean (February futures): Sell - 3880, target 3790 stoploss - 3950


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