Monday, December 31, 2012

Commodity and Base metal tips

On the last day of the year the market is moving with a lots of up and down. here it is advices to trader to hold a long  position and trade  in a new fresh calls for mcx

today buy calls

buy gold above 30745 tgt 30770,30820……sl  30620

buy mentha oil above 1437….tgt 1440,1450………… 1425

buy copper above 440.05 tgt 440.50,441,442………

today sell calls

sell crude oil below 4982,,4970,,,,4960…… 5000

sell nickel below 947.70 tgt 947.3,947 …….sl 949

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commodity bullion tips updates

On the last day of the 2012, commodity market is looking good top most commodity is moving positively on the MCX. Bullion are trading positively today white metal is in the strong position goes 136 point high in the early trade form its last close. Economy are lots of depend on the bullion and it is very important that bullion perform well in the 2013. As we say the market is very good in the 2013 for a commodity market. But the most economist are predicted that the recession in the first half of 2013 let’s see what happen. On the MCX gold is trading with a low movement today and expected to be go high in the second session of the day. Meanwhile the base metal and the cotton is doing with a positive flag, cotton goes 110 point high to its previous close at 10:35am. Today cotton is the best script to work if you want to trade safe and secure.

Today’s buy calls:-

Buy silver above 57780 tgt 57890,58000,,58100………sl 57320

Buy cotton above 16610…tgt  16630..16650…… 16570

Buy gold above 30713 tgt  30750, 30800,30850……… 30510

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Today's MCX commodity tips

Today bullion has a good fresh start, moving towards a new target. On the MCX gold for February contract up by 23 point as following yellow metal silver is also up by 123 point at 10:37 am. October month is very good for yellow metal, India gold production had increased by 8.1% on this month.  Crude oil is expected to trade positive, its current price 4993 at 10:42 am. Today the movement in natural gas is very volatile moving positively from its last position .Meanwhile the copper and cotton is moving alternatively cotton is going to the downward direction as opposite copper is to green side. Copper is going to touch a 440 target; its current position is 439 at 10:47 am.

Today calls:-

Buy silver above 57645 tgt 57700….57800….57850………sl 57439

Sell cotton  below 16230 tgt 16220  16200….16185 sl 16260

Buy natural gas above 192 tgt 192.3, 192 .50 , 193  sl 190.80

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Today crude oil updates and commodity tips


Global crude oil price move  slightly higher on Wednesday trading.In the china oil demand has risen by 9.1% in the last month with an average of 10.5 mn barrels per day. On the Indian  MCX  crude oil  is tarding positive on the Thursday morning its last close 4983. Currently crude oil is in the strong position with a good volume. Today crude oil is trading between 5074-4891. Recently Crude is recover  from the middle east tension in the global market. The Asian market is in the very good position for trading in the crude , while the US market is also consolidate its positon in the crude, it is expected that  Us wil become the top supplier to the end of 2016 in the natural gas and oil.

Today sell calls :-

SELL SILVER MAR BELOW 57450 TARGETS 57385 , 57300 , 57200 STOPLOSS 57577

BUY JEERA MAR ABOVE 14950 TARGETS 14980 , 15010 , 15050 STOPLOSS 14890

Sell gold  below 30610 ..tgt 30560 ,  30500,    sl 30800

Today buy calls :-

Buy cotton DEC  above 16430 ..tgt 16440, 16450, 16470, sl 16980

Buy mentha oil above 1398 tgt 1400, 1420,1450,,  sl 1350

Buy crude oil  above 5000, tgt 5015, 5025,,5030 ,sl 4970

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

evening commodity tips

Today in the fresh morning commodity market is going down in the bullion market.similar thing happen in the base metal , zinc ,lead nickle all are moving in the downside.  Meanwhile the bullion is also in the red side. Bullion today down by more than -100 point in the early morning trade from its last close. Silver is expected  to trade with a major support of Rs 56560 and resistance of Rs 60300. While the yellow metal is trading low today and in the sell position and trader is advised to hold a long position ,gold have a low  support of  Rs 30450 and a resistance of Rs 31260   .base metal  in the china and US has get a strongest  position from past few days. US  GDP has grown by 3.1%. while the crude oil is trading low in the domestic  as well as global market. On the MCX crude is expected to trade low today, crude for January have a good support level 4890 with a resistance of  4970. Cotton market  is not very satisfactory from last week , and trading in the low red downstream.its current position is 16380 at 11:04 am.

mentha oil..... buy above 1397.40...tgt 1380

sell zinc tgt 112.3...112,,,, 114

buy crude oil tgt 4920 4880

Today calls:-

SELL GOLD FEB BELOW 30755 TARGETS 30730 , 30679 , 30654 STOPLOSS 31300

SELL JEERA MARCH BELOW 15180 TARGETS 15170 , 15150 , 15100 STOPLOSS 15210.

Sell copper below 437..tgt…436.70,,,,,,435,,434…….sl  439

Sell cotton below 16370…….tgt 16360…13350…16330……….sl 16410

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Monday, December 24, 2012

MCX updates today

Today commodity is running with a red flag, the movement is not very straight for trading. On MCX crude oil for 21 January contract is going 33 point downward to its last close at 3:21 pm. Crude oil situation is very volatile in the market and is expected that crude will seen more red in this week. The global market is also not is the good position crude loss their position day by day. While the copper for 28 February is also showing up and down trend from the Monday morning.  On the MCX copper current price is 436.35 down by 1.70 point to its last close. Today’s cotton give a high shock to all the trader by going 120 point low on the starting of the week at 3:27 pm. Cotton price is now in the very stable position and  to go some more low point in the today trading session. Its current price is 16550 for 31 December contract. Meanwhile the bullion is also showing red and green today, white metal is moving with a positive green sign, currently the position of silver is very good for trade and the movement is expected on the further trading.
Today calls:-
SELL COPPER FEB BELOW 436.50 TARGETS 435.4 , 433.9 , 432.4 STOPLOSS 439.9.
Buy silver above 58177..tgt 58250…58300….58400………….sl …57700
Sell crude oil below 4892……4885….4870………… ..4925

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

mcx commodity news updates

Firstly congrats to the most capable person for prime minister post for their local win. Today election result gives a new fresh movement to the domestic commodity market. Movement in the commodity market is not higher today but is expected that the entire commodity take a jump after the 4 pm. Bullion running with a green positive flag, as I told the 2013 is for the bullion the range of silver between 53000 to 78000.white metal is expected to grow as their fastest movement in 2013 and touch a all time high. This will help the economic growth of India. Meanwhile the movement in the gold is also carrying some good movement between the second quarters of 2013.  The price of dollar is also taking a good lead against India currency. While in the global market the base metal will also get success in the 2013. On the MCX today gold is in the good position to trade. It goes 97 point high at 1:56 pm from its previous close. The similar movement seeing in the white metal it goes 63 point high at 1:57 pm to its last close. Crude oil loss it position due to the Middle East problem, the Asian market also not in the good position. The fiscal cliff gives a help to the crude oil from recovering to its position. Let see what US fiscal cliff change in the world of economic and commodity.

Today calls
Buy gold tgt 30950…31000…… 30600

Buy silver tgt 59700 …59800…59900……sl 59200

Mentha oil tgt 1370….1380…..1390…….sl 1330

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bullion movement today

Today in the fresh morning commodity market showing a good movement, gold and silver in on the top today gold is trading with a green flag going up by 75 point to its previous close at 10:30am. Gold is trading in the very stable condition and expected to go higher, gold have a support level of 31200-31120 and a resistance level of 31462-31650. While the silver is also looking in the good move today going 371 from its previous close at 10:40, its previous close is 61347. Silver is having a good support level 61100-60800 and a resistance level of 62100-62500. On the Asian market commodity is on the very constant position. In the Indian market falling in rupees give a little high to yellow metal. On the base metal copper is trading on the bit high, moving positively and rise by 1.60 point from its last close. There is a sharp increment in the crude oil from last 2 days. Crude is looking in to good position to buy for intraday trader. On the Chinese market the demand the is disappointed due to high prices.  In the Asian market bullion support a strongest level due to the tension in the Middle East.

Today calls-

Buy gold(5 feb) tgt 31500……31600…… 31230

Buy silver (5 mar) tgt 62000…62300…62450……….sl 61500

Buy crude(21 jan)  tgt 4885 ….4900…….sl 4840

Buy copper(28 feb) tgt 449….449.50…450……sl 446.80

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Today commodity updates tips

Today the moment in gold and silver is working not very high ,is gone with a small point .yesterday gold is closed at Rs 31208 .everyone  is waiting for the fiscal cliff result ,what happen and did it affect the  bullion price.. This are the question hits in the mind of trader and financial Guru. Gold price is going down by 10 point at 2:10 pm today; the movement is expected after 03 pm on the February contract. The movement in silver is not expecting from the last week but it can we expected the good moment today , silver goes 84 point high from its previous close at Rs 61347 at 2:15 pm. Currently silver is in very good position to trade. Meanwhile the global bullion is taking too much up and down in the last week. Crude oil for February delivery is rise up 15% in the New York, Meanwhile china is expected to consume 9.9 barrels per day  for the last 3 month of this year. Crude oil for December delivery on the MCX is traded positive in the market tomorrow is the last day of contract, crude jump 28 point high on the MCX at 2.26 pm.
In the Indian house hold grocery rate is increased by 15 percent despite of weak demand. FMCG product is going high again and government is sitting by putting a hand on hand. This will surely affect the consumer household activity.

Today calls:-
Buy gold tgt 31275..31325….31400……… 31858
Buy silver tgt 61500….61600….61700…….sl 60900
Buy crude oil tgt 4770….4785……….sl 4720


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