Friday, November 30, 2012

Today's commodity bullion updates

After the Wednesday fall the bullion is trying to recover from its position. Now the December is going to start the last month of the year, the eyes on the commodity how it going this month. It is expected that in 2013 the commodity is on the top gear and we see a new record on this.  According to the German bank Industrial metal is going to strengthen in 2013. This year the demand of gold in the Indian Market is very poor due to the increase in Import duty and poor Manson season.  Today on the MCX Bullion is trading in the red side; Gold is open at 31500 from the previous close of 31579. Today gold is trading with a support level of 31122 and a resistance of 32036. It is advice to trader to hold the position and for intraday trader sell gold below 31450 and buy at 31800.Meanwhile today silver is open at 62882 its previous close is 63052. Today silver is trading between 62001 to 63550. Currently silver is also in the position to hold but for buy it is better to buy 63800 with a stop loss of 61800.

Today’s calls

Buy gold tgt 31525…31575+++…………… 30800

SELL silver tgt  62800…..62750……………62700…sl 63700

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bearish gold silver commodity news

Today commodity is showing a red dark sign In the market, on the MCX there is a deep Sharp fall in all the commodity. In the domestic market this is the first time in this week when there is deep fall on the MCX. Today bullion break the back bone of the MCX by downing more then 800+ point combined, silver goes -600 point to its previous close while gold goes -250 point. Today the support for gold is31500 and resistance is 32471; similarly silver has a support level of 62250 and a resistance of 63580 for the December contract. This is the same situation on the crude oil but there is not too much fallen. Meanwhile in the global market base metal is also closed at lower side this is due to strengthen in the dollar price yesterday session.
Today Mentha oil has a good support level and is the top commodity that’s trading with a green sign. Mentha oil is going 22.90 point high at 1.54 pm on the MCX 30 November contract. Today there is a very high risk to trade in the market. The position is very unstable in the base metal and the market is looking to go more with red sign today. 
Today’s MCX calls:-

Sell silver tgt  62300….62350……………

Buy menthaoil tgt 1375….1380……… 1350..

Buy gold tgt 31650….31700..


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

commodities market news

In the global market gold make a very consolidate position, this year gold climb day by day. India again retained their number 1 position in the gold consumption. Finance minister and the RBI say that the gold position creates a pressure on the country economy. High importation of gold from any country disturbs the economic position. The global output of has been around 4,000 tons per year. But India’s domestic consumption of gold has more than doubled to 1,000 tons annually since 1999, in spite of the fact that the white metal prices have been steadily rising.

In the global crude Europe account for 16% of world crude oil consumption which is almost half of the US and CHINA consumption together. On the India MCX crude oil for December delivery has climbed up by 0.39% in the previous close
My personal opinion about bullion it that is goes more higher till the December and hold a good position in the market , Market is in good position to trade for commodities let’s see how far bullions breaks its previous records.  

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

mcx commodity trading tips

Today commodity market is moving with a slow movement, the entire commodity is trading is positive but the movement is very slow. Bullion market is very volatile today, silver price on MCX trading touch a high of 64133 with a day low of 63820.yesterday silver is closed at 63734,and its go 155 point high at 1.28 pm. While the yellow metal is breaking today not an enough move in the morning as compare to last week. Yesterday gold is closed at 32359 today its goes only 9 point high at 1.31 pm with a high of 32453. While talking about cotton market, Indian government not placed any ban for cotton export in this season of 2012-2013 according to the report of cotton advisory board (CAB). In the global market cotton price is decline due to the overstocking and lower global mill demand in the previous cotton season. On the MCX trading cotton is trading with positive sign with a rise of 50 point to its previous close. India cotton export is the highest in the 2011-2012 of 129 bales which is highest ever. Indian government increase the export duty on iron ore from 20% to 30%.the government has a proposal to ban export of iron ore according to the Indian Minister of mine.
Today’s calls:-

Buy cotton tgt 16260..16270……..16275……… 16230

Buy crude tgt 4930….4940….sl 4890

Buy silver tgt 63910…….63950…….64000……….sl 63400

today silver is going in the down position after the morning good jump. yellow metals also favoring the silver.silver current price is 63555 at   5.01 pm and is in buying position similarly  gold is also in the position to buy. while the base metal also not showing a good movement except cotton ,cotton is on the great position to buy.

Monday, November 26, 2012

today gold silver updates

The world largest bullion consumer India is taking an action to limit the import of gold; the country current account is deficit by 39% in the fiscal year of 2011-2012. India is the biggest importer of gold and oil. In the early of the November China replace India in the world biggest consumer of gold. On the MCX Mumbai today gold is traded with a positive movement rise by 160 point at 2.24 pm. In this last week bullion are the top commodities that jump a good point. Today resistance for gold is 32500 and support level is 32003. Meanwhile the white metal is on the top gear from the last week, in the global market silver is the top performing commodity this year According to BRTISH BANK. In the domestic market silver performing well and in a good position to buy.

Today’s calls

Buy silver tgt 63770..63800.63900…..64000…….sl  62600

Buy gold tgt 32430…32500…..32550……sl 32000

Buy  copper tgt 432.70…433…..434……….sl 430                                       


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