Thursday, January 31, 2013

base metal tips and commodity market updates

After morning positive walk gold fallen down in other direction. Due to depreciation in US dollar gold changes it direction. While white metal is working on constant point but on positive side and some high movement may be seen near 3:00 pm.
 On the MCX crude oil for February contract drop own some point from morning opening level.  Currently crude oil is observing in negative side and movement showing more fallen current position its current position is 5220.

On Base  metal aluminum ,lead , zinc all are working on green side, today nickel have a good support level  of  and expected  high  movement today.

Intraday tips :-

Buy nickel (31 Jan) above 962 tgt 963, 965, 970… 955

Sell gold (5 feb) below 30200 tgt 30170, 30130,30100………….sl 30360

Buy aluminum (31 Jan) above 109.50 tgt 109.70, 110, 110.60   ……… 107

Buy cotton (31 Jan) above 16650 tgt 16670, 16690, 16710………sl 16540

Buy zinc (31 Jan) above 112.35  tgt 112.50, 112. 70 ,113…………sl 110

30/01/13 commodity tips

Bullion intraday tips
Today bullion open positively in upward direction, gold and silver both are looking in a strong position. For today trading silver have strong support level and expected to trade in range of 58000- 58800. While gold is on green but movement is not expected high for intraday trading.

Buy silver (5 mar) above 58170 tgt 58250, 58330,58400…………sl 57862

Buy gold (5 Feb) above 30260 tgt 30300, 30350, 30400…… 30100

Crude oil tips
In US and China crude oil prices are set to $96.84 to improved economic situation. In global market crude showing very volatility and due to this economic situation affected. In domestic commodity market crude oil are in good position and expected to trade low, but till end of first quarter crude prices expected much higher than then now.

Sell crude oil (19 Feb) below 5230 tgt 5220, 5210, 5200…….sl 5280

Intraday commodity tips

Sell cotton (31 Jan) below 16570 tgt 16550, 16530, 16500………sl 16625

Buy copper (28 Feb) above 438.80 tgt 439, 439.30, 439.70, 440………sl 436.40

Buy natural gas (25 FEB) above 177  tgt 178 ,180………sl 174

Buy mentha oil (31 JAN) above 1260 tgt 1265, 1270,1280………sl 1245

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

29-01-13 Morning commodity market tips

On the MCX copper open slightly down and expected some positive movement during this week. Copper open at 438.30 and starting falling from that position and touch an intraday low of 437.75.

Sell copper (28 Feb.) below 438 tgt 437.70, 437.20,436……… 440

This year cotton market is looking very hot from starting of the year, cotton continuously showing its vary shade on MCX. Yesterday cotton close at 16310 but today open at 60 point high that shows how much movement is going to show. For intraday trader it’s better to buy cotton today.

Buy cotton (31Jan) above 16390 tgt 13400, 16410, 16425…………sl 16310

On the MCX silver is showing positive flag but day by day it’s losing position. Today silver open at 57795 and touch an intraday high of 58006. Currently silver is in good position and its chances to go high more in future.

Buy silver (5Mar) above 57950 tgt 58000, 58050, 58100, 58200……… 57600

Gold market is looking dull today, government continuously trying to increases import duty on gold and its demand affected due to this. On the FOREX India currency giving a tough competition of US dollar that will changes gold position on Asian Market.

Buy gold ( 5 Feb) above  30370 tgt 30400, 30430,3050……sl 30200.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

intraday base metal tips

On the MCX Base metal  showing  a average combination on the red and green , today nickel movement high in morning a  touch an intraday high of 935.40.the movement in base metal is not very high and expected to traded again low on MCX .

Sell  lead (31 Jan) below 126.80 tgt 126.50, 126………….sl 130

Buy nickel (31 jan) above 934.50 tgt 936,938, 945+++ …930

 Natural gas for Feb. contract continues falling from its opening position 186.10. On the MCX natural gas expected more red below.
Sell natural gas (25 Feb) 183.80 tgt 183.50, 183, 182……….sl 185

Sell cotton (31Jan) below 16330 tgt 16320, 16300…16290…….sl 16400

Mentha oil for January contracts loses its momentum on MCX intraday session and continues its falling from early morning.  Mentha oil expected more fallen in the Domestic market.

Sell Mentha oil below 1284.40 tgt 1283, 1282, 1280, 1275… 1295

Sell silver below 58150 tgt 58100, 58050, 58000 ……..58300

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28/01/13 intraday gold, silver movement

Today bullion open with a red and green flag, gold open slightly higher form its last close and open at 30337 and touch an intraday high of 30352 and low  of 30321. On the MCX gold is looking bearish , while Indian government  increased  import duty on Thailand gold jeweler.  On the MCX white metal is open at slightly down by 100 point and open at 58151. Silver touch an intraday high of 58389,and kiss a low of 58150. On the MCX silver showing a upward positive trend and expected to go high for today trading session.

buy gold tgt above 30370 tgt 30400, 30430, 30490.. sl 30180

Buy silver(5 march) above 58425 tgt 58460, 58500,58620………….sl 58210

Today crude oil open in the downside  and predicted to trade with the red flag in the morning session,some green may be look after 2:00 pm.

Sell crude oil (19 Feb)  below 5180 tgt 5170, 5160,5150…….sl 5220

Domestic  Cotton market  falling with a lower level  and by affected by a lower demand in global as well as Asian market. On the MCX cotton for (31 Jan) open 40 point down from its last close,but for today intraday session cotton showing a strong uptrend and  touch an intraday high of 16400 and low of  16310.

Buy cotton (31 Jan) above 16390 tgt 16400, 16410, 16425……sl 16330

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

25/01/13 intraday commodity calls

Today market open at 5:00 clock, bullion open at  positve side but 58934  and falling  down with a high speed, similar trend is expexted by the gold. Today  gold and silver is lookng  much volatile as compare to other day. Mentha oil is open with red flag and expected more low in the left trdaing session.

Sell  mentha oil tgt 1293 ,1290…1285… 1310

sell  silver tgt 58870,58800,58700…… 59400

Sell  cotton below 16360  tgt 16350,16340,16230……… 16425

Crud eon the MCX is moving towards positive hand whereas Indian government increased import of crude edible oil .

Buy crude oil tgt  5200 tgt 5210,5230……sl 5160

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Friday, January 25, 2013

24-01-13 mcx gold-silver-crude-cotton-tips

Gold is on the Red shade from its last close, today it open at 30673 some point down from last trading session. Some unexpected change we will see today on the MCX. Positive movement may be expected after 11:00 am on gold. While in Forex market dollar price is looking strong against Indian currency. That will give some positive movement to gold. Today silver is losing its yesterday position from the opening of market.  On the MCX it open at 59780 and touch an intraday high of 59780 its opening position from that position it’s continue falling from its position and touch a intraday low of 59465.

SELL GOLD FEB BELOW 30670 TARGETS 30647 , 30622 , 30594 STOPLOSS 30713

Sell silver (5 mar) below 59570 tgt 59520, 59470,59400………

Today cotton looking slightly positive on MCX  for Jan contract and expected to trade in down side.

 Sell cotton below 16330 tgt 16320, 16300, 16280……sl 16410.

Movement in crude continues falling and expected to down more On MCX. Global crude demand is varying on the market that why Asian market and domestic market feeling some falling in the crude price.

Sell crude below 5150 tgt 5140, 5120, 5100…….sl 5200

Mentha oil  today for Jan contract is running with RED flag and expected more red shade as day passes, some positive movement is predict on after 2:00 pm.

Sell mentha oil below 1293 tgt 1291, 1288,1280……… 1345

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

23-01-13 intraday commodity tips

Today market opens with lots of greens, bullion work on positive side. Base metal on the MCX looking positive side except copper, on copper movement is looking very volatile. In the global market at LME copper trend is sideways.

Buy copper (28 feb) above 441 tgt 441.50, 442…sl 438

Today gold open at positive side at 30815 and touch an intraday high of 30839.movement in the gold is good for trading today.

Buy gold(5 feb) above 30840 tgt 30870, 30900,30950…… 30680

Silver is good to buy today ,it is looking  to touch 60000 on the MCX .

Buy silver (5 Mar) above 59850 tgt 59900, 60000, 60050……… 59400

On the MCX cotton trend is high profitable, today a good day to buy cotton and earn a good profit. Volume on cotton is high from this week, and seems to work with positive flag
Buy cotton (31 Jan) above 16340 tgt 16350, 16360, 16380…16400…………sl 16290

Today intraday tips:-

Buy crude oil (19 feb) above 5208 tgt 5220, 5230,5250……….sl 5160

Buy nickel (31 jan) tgt 939 , 941, 944……sl 934.


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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

22/01/13 intraday tips

Intrday MCX call

Buy gold(5 Feb) above 30810 tgt  30850, 30900…….sl 30650

Buy silver (5 mar) above 59490 tgt 59520, 59550, 59600…………sl 59310

Sell  cotton (31 Jan) below tgt 16260 tgt 16250, 16310

But crude oil above 5170 tgt 5180, 5190, 5200……sl 5129

Buy nickel above 939 tgt 940, 942…sl 934.70

Buy mentha oil tgt 1312, 1315…………sl 1304

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22/01/13 commodity movement on MCX

Today market opens with equally red and green, base metal showing green positive trend on MCX. Nickel and copper on MCX showing good trend, copper for Feb contracts open slightly higher than its yesterday close. Copper on domestic market is expected to trade positive it touches an intraday high of 438.20 and low of 436.90. While nickel for Jan contract opens at 933.80 its previous close is 932.70. Nickel is expected to trade in the range of 945 to 924, on MCX. Lead, aluminum and zinc showing positive moment and expected to trade on equally red and green today.

Gold and silver
Today bullion open on red side, Indian government raise import duty tax on gold and platinum by 6% and 4% to reduce consumption of that commodity. This step is taken to reduce importation of gold and platinum. This causes and reduces demand in yellow metal. On MCX gold will going to high by 315 Rs on per 10 gram. Today on MCX gold is open at 30720 and touch an intraday high of 30766 and low of 30715. On MCX this week yellow metal is going to trade low, while white metal showing some hikes on intraday trading. Today silver open at slightly lower and it’s moving downside from its opening position.

Cotton and crude
Firstly crude oil for Feb contract open few point (5) low from its yesterday close at 5157. Today crude oil is showing volatility on his movement on MCX. Currently crude is traded at green side with 3 point high from its yesterday close at 10:48 am. Demand in crude is looking low today on MCX.  While cotton is working on the other side and showing red shade, it opens at 16270 and touches an intraday low of 16250.  

Mentha oil
On MCX mentha oil is performing well green today, mentha oil is open at 1310 with a positive high node and expected to trade on green side. It touches an intrday high of 1311 and low of 1304.30 form its last close.

Today calls:-

Sell cotton (31 Jan) below 16280 tgt 16260, 16230……… 16370

Buy mentha oil (31 Jan) above 1308  tgt 1310,  1315+++………sl 1285

Sell silver (5 mar) below 59360 tgt 59300, 59200……… 59550

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday commodity news

Bullion (gold and silver)
On the domestic market as Gold is expected to open in positive it open at 30599 forms its last close at 30581. On MCX Feb contract gold is expected to trade in the range of 30700-30300.Today US market is closed that will affect Asian market. Silver for March contract is looking positive today on MCX. On domestic market silver is expected to go near 60000 in today trading.

Today’s copper open slightly lower to its previous close, it open at 438.50. Today euro group meeting may be affect base metal and EURO. On the Domestic market copper price is looking volatile and seems mostly on red side. Currently copper is traded at 438.55 at 10:34am. Copper have a good support level of 432 and a resistance of 442.

Crude oil
This week crude oil movement is looking volatile for Feb contract. Today morning crude is open at 5164; some positive turn is expected on Domestic market. Crude trend range bound between 5100 – 5200.

Jan cotton on the MCX traded positive at 16400 up by 20 point from its last close. This week cotton price is moving slightly high as compare to its past weeks.

Today tips

Buy silver (5 march) above 59550 tgt 59600, 59700……… 59300

Buy gold (5FEB) above  30640 tgt 30700 ,30750…….sl 30465

Buy crude above 5170 tgt 5180, 5200……sl 5130

Sell cotton (31 Jan) below 16380 tgt 16370, 16350…………sl 16470

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weekly commodity report and today tips

Today commodity market open on red side, top commodity moving with a red flag on MCX . Gold open at 30570 movement is looking little slow and opposite. In this week from the starting gold position is much unexpected and it perform on towards negative direction. Similarly trend following by silver today in the morning it open at 59351, its previous close is 59436. Silver continue loss its position from the last 3 day. A new fresh start is expected from the Monday on the bullion.
Crude oil
Crude oil price once in the week touch a line of 5200 and following same trend in early of week, but then continue falling from that position. Currently crude is traded at 5151 at 10:32am and expected to trade low today. But if we talking for upcoming week crude is expected to cross 5200 and work on the positive side.
Base metal
Today in base metal some positive movement is expected. If we talking about copper for Feb contract some positive jump is expected from it.  While nickel and aluminum is trading in the green side and little positive can be happen in the end of day. For upcoming week base metal is very good to work ad expected positive movement in this week.
Today cotton opens on positive side by 3 point high to its last close at 16380. In the early morning it touches an intraday high of 16420 and a low of 16370. This week is good for cotton it crosses 16400 and traded on the positive side. For the upcoming week cotton is a best commodity to work.
Mentha oil
For mentha oil this week is not good almost most of time mentha oil is watching on red side. Mentha oil for January contract today open with red sign at 1338.10 few point down to its yesterday close at 1345.70. for intraday trader mentha oil is on position to sell, in the upcoming week mentha oil position is going to strong  so it’s good to hold position for future.

Today calls:-

Sell gold(5 feb) below 30570  tgt 30550, 30520…………sl 30610

Sell  silver (5 mar) below  59370 tgt  59350,59320………sl 59460

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Friday, January 18, 2013

18-01-13 Commodity movement

On the MCX bullion continue it’s down trend and showing red again on the Domestic market. Yellow metal showing red flag and today’s open at 30670 yesterday yellow metal is closed at 30758. Gold is expected to trade more low on then MCX list. Gold for Feb contracts is on the lower side and expected to trade with a high support level of 30452 and a resistance of 30950. While the silver is for march contracts looking bearish today and goes more than -330 point of the MCX list. Today silver open at 59405 and from that position continue falling, movement in the silver on the domestic market for today is not too much high in the positive side. For today trading silver have a support level of 58689 and a resistance of 60500.

Crude and copper
Crude for Jan contract open at red side today on the MCX, on yesterday trading it is closed at 5181. The entire commodity on the MCX is now looking in the position to sell. Crude continue its falling on the Domestic as well as on the International market. On today trading crude is expected to trade in the range of 5070-5200.
Copper for Feb contract is trading on negative side but some positive movement expected from copper and base metal from the afternoon. Copper open at 439.10, and touch a intraday low of 438 on Domestic market.
Cotton and Mentha oil
Cotton for the Jan contract expected to trade low on domestic market, currently cotton position is showing downward direction from its opening position. Today cotton open 20 point high from yesterday close at 16360. Mentha oil is MCX looking to recover to its position but low demand on Domestic market give a strong competition to mentha oil. On the MCX it open at 1351.90 and touch a intraday high of 1352.some positive movement is expected from mentha oil on the next session.

Today calls:-

Buy cotton above 16350 tgt 16370, 16400………….sl 16290

Buy gold above 30690 tgt 30740, 30800++……………sl 30485

Buy silver above 59400 tgt 59500, 59600……………sl 59123

Buy crude oil above 5170 tgt 5180, 5200…… 5120

Thursday, January 17, 2013

17/01/13 commodity tips

Bullion tips
Today commodity market open with the red sign, in the early morning bullion lost its position. If we talking about yellow metal its open 42 point down in the morning and from that’s point it’s lost control and go to downwards direction. Gold is expected to trade more low in the afternoon. Currently gold is down by more than -150 on the MCX. Similarly white metal follows the trend of yellow metal and goes   -483 point from its previous close at 2:18pm. Today in the morning silver open at 59706 and its touch a intraday low of 59220 and a intraday high of 59706. On the domestic market bullion is expected to trade low today. On the Forex market dollar lost its position by -0.45 point against Indian currency.

Base metal tips
In the Domestic market base metal lost its position from morning. On the MCX nickel open at 952.80 and its look week on the Domestic market. In the Global market nickel position is not constable, lots of up and down had watched in the previous week. Nickel for Jan contract continue with red flag and expected to drop more 4-5 point on the MCX. On the MCX copper position is move around 435 to 437, some negative movement is expected on the Domestic market for Feb contract.

Crude oil
Crude oil for Jan contract opens at 5143 in the domestic market and continuing fallen from that position. And on the global market crude is expecting trading low; Crude oil demand is expected to go slower in near the 2030.  Crude expected to drop more in the next trading sessions.

Today calls

Sell silver below 59225 tgt 59175, 59125, 59100……… 59650
Sell gold  below 30710 tgt 30680 , 30620…… 31000
Buy mentha oil above 1354 tgt 1360, 1371………….sl 1336
Sell cotton below 16350 tgt 16340, 16320,16300……… 16450
Sell crude oil  below 5114 tgt 5100, 5080……..5165

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

mcx commodity tips

Commodities continue falling on the MCX after the average early trading session. Yellow metal is moving around 30900 and expected to go more in downwards direction. Today gold movement is very volatile from the opening of the day. While some positive movement had seen in the white metal in the morning trading .Currently silver is moving with on the red side near about 59324. Currently silver lost support level and expected to go more in deep red side.  Some positive movement is expected near 3:30pm in yellow metal.
ALL Base metal showing a red flag today, there is continuing falling in copper, nickel and lead. Nickel is expected to trade low in the down side with a support level of 945 and resistance of 968.
On the MCX, cotton for Jan contracts continue its positive movement and crosses the number of 16300 in the trade. Cotton behave volatile on the MCX, there is lots of unexpected change we saw from the starting of the year.
Mentha oil is on the green side; in the morning trading session mentha oil is working with the red sign. Mentha oil for Jan contracts I supposed to go higher in the left trading session and expected to touch 1360

Today calls:-

Sell natural gas (28 JAN) below 187 tgt 186, 185,184…………sl 195

Sell lead (31 JAN)  below 123.95 tgt 123.50,123,…………125.80

Buy cotton above 16340 tgt 16350, 16360…16370………16280

Wednesday commodity market updates

Today MCX showing a equally red and green on the index.  Bullion is looking little positive, but movement is not taking a big step. On Wednesday morning white metal is open at 59584 its last close is 59459. On the MCX silver touch a intraday high of 59630 and a low of 59519. Gold is looking positive today and expected to trade positive with some good jump on the next trading session. Gold is open at 30897 on Wednesday morning and touch a high of 30934 and low of 30878.
Today movement in the crude oil is expected to trade low, it open at 3 point down from its last close.  Crude is expected to trade low on the Wednesday trading session. Crude touch a intraday high of 5131 and low of 5120. On the Global market crude demand is down that why the Asian market feeling some jerk on the crude position.
On the MCX copper is open with positive flag and touch an intraday high of 442.75 , today copper open at 441.90. Copper is in strong position and have strong support level , expected to trade in range of 440 to 445.

 Today SELL  call

Sell cotton (31 Jan) below 16290 tgt 16270, 16250………… 16350

Sell nickel (31 JAN) below 956 tgt 955  953,…950………… 965

Sell crude oil(21 Jan) below 5120 tgt 5110, 5100, 4980…………sl …………5170

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Commodity Market Tips

Bullion and Base Metal

In the early morning commodity is trading on the lower side, especially base metal is moving on the red side. Today in the bullion market silver running on the green side and cross the point of 59000.  Silver move more than 450 point high in the early trade and expected to go higher in the next trading session. On the other hand yellow metal is following the white metal and expected to go towards the point of 31000. On the MCX cotton is behave every sensitive and showing positive trend from the early morning. Cotton is much unexpected from the starting of the year, today cotton touch an intraday high of 16350 and low of 16260. Cotton is expected to trade in the range of 16250- 16380.

Mentha and Crude oil

Mentha oil loss their support level and going down on the MCX , today mentha oil  is down by -42.30 at 2:52 pm from its previous close. Mentha oil is moving opposite to the crude oil, crude gaining its position day by day. Demand in the crude oil is on the top this year.

Today calls

Buy cotton (31 jan)above 16320 tgt, 16350, 16380………sl 16270

Sell mentha oil(31 Jan) below 1348 tgt 1345, 1340……….sl 1354

Buy silver (5 march) above 59190 tgt 59250, 59300……… 58700

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15-01-13 MCX commodity market news

Today on the MCX commodity showing lots of red, but top commodity are on the positive side. On the domestic market silver is going higher due to the pos t pone of GAAR (General Anti Avoidance rules). GAAR is post pone for 2 year and their effect on the domestic market showing a positive result On the MCX. In the bullion market it is expected that the movement in the silver is very volatile today, while gold is movement is looking positive due to the strength in the dollar price. In the early morning white metal is open at 58853, 110 point high to previous close 58743. In the morning silver show a good movement and touch an intraday high 58929 and a low of 58765. Currently bullion is trading with the green flag and move towards positive direction.
Base metal is showing a red sign on the MCX, nickel showing a positive move at 10:25 am. Movement on the nickel is expected low today .nickel is trading in the range of 937 to 954.  Copper for feb contracts is expected to trade positive today on the MCX.  On the Chinese market demand on the copper is expected to increase that will surely give some support to MCX copper position.

Today calls

Buy silver(5 march) above 58875 tgt   58900, 59000, 59100……………… 58332

Buy cotton (31 jan) above 16290 tgt  16300, 16320, 16340………… 16200

Sell crude oil (21 Jan) below 5110 tgt 5100, 5080, 5070……………sl 5200

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Bearish Commodity Market Tips

After the morning good start base metal and bullion lost its position. From the starting of the day silver is looking is looking in a very constant position; no movement is looking on the white metal. From the yesterday closed silver goes 250+ points high and stop its movement like someone has grab the white metal, while the gold has lost its strong positive. Gold move towards downside and nearly to kiss the level of 30750, its fallen has been watched due to depreciation in dollar price. Dollar price is dropped by 0.29 point against Indian currency at 3:13pm.
Cotton for Jan contract lost its position from the year, and we saw a regular fallen in the cotton market. Cotton regularly drops 70 point in the Domestic market. Cotton is expected to fall more in the next trading session.
Crude oil price has fallen and its move towards the red side , movement in the crude oil is very volatile from year starting . Crude is expecting to trade in the range of 5100 to 5210 in this week.
Mentha oil and nickel is working on the red side today but it is expected some change on the next trading session. Nickel fall by -4 point to its last close at 3:20 pm. Mentha oil for Jan contract fall by -9 point from its previous close1402 at 3:22 pm.

Today calls:-

sell mentha oil (31 jan)  below 1393.80 tgt 1393, 1390…1385……sl 1410

sell nickel (31 Jan) below 958  tgt 957,  955…………sl 964

sell silver (5March) below 58380 tgt 58350,  58300…58250…… 58800

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14-01-13 MCX commodity updates

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Bullion (gold and silver)
Today commodity market is open in a positive side, bullion behave good moment in the fresh morning. Silver is looking in the very good position to trade, its last close 58199 and today its open in at 58300, 101 point high to its previous close.  In the early trade silver up and touch a day high at 58460.  Silver gain a lead of 206 point at 10:31 am, it is expected that silver go higher today. If we talking about gold it’s still working in the green side, but the moment is not very high.  Dollar price is not capable to hold their position against Indian currency. Movement in the FOREX is very volatile and it affects the gold and other metal price in the domestic market.

Base Metal
In the fresh morning base metal is watched at positive side , copper for February contracts move with a green flag and looking  positive today on the MCX. Copper is expected to go higher on the remaining time. While nickel is holding trying to touch a target of 1000 this year, at took a step against it.  Nickel up by 1.50 point at 10:48 am, from its last close at 962.30. Meanwhile other metal like zinc, lead, aluminium also move little today.

Crude oil
Global crude price has gained a positive momentum .on the NYMEX was trading at $ 94.58 and it gains a 0.63%. On the MCX crude for January contacts trading positive, its previous close is 5136 and today it’s open at 5140. Crude is expected to trade in the range of 5100- 5200 for today trading session.

Cotton price is continuing its worst position day by day; cotton movement is regularly fallen on the Domestic market. Cotton down by 60 point at 11:00 am from its previous position at 16340. For January contract cotton is expected to trade low today on the MCX.

Today calls

Sell cotton (31 Jan) below 16280  tgt 16260,16240----……….sl  16350

Sell gold (5 feb) below 30790 tgt 30750,30700………………sl 30870

Sell crude oil  (21 Jan) below 5150 tgt 5140, 5130,5110………….sl 5200

Friday, January 11, 2013

11-01-13 commodity market movement


Today bullion starts with a negative side, both yellow and white metal is trading down side. Silver for March contract is open at 58620, today silver is expecting low in the first trading session.  Whereas gold for February contract is also showing a negative sign, it is the second continue day when bullion open on the red side. Gold is trading in the range of 31220-30750. Currently gold and silver in the hold position for short term trader it is better to buy gold above 31110 and silver 59000.

Crude oil

Crude oil in the domestic market ranked below today. Crude oil is open at 5125 its previous close is 5132. Today on the MCX crude oil is down by 14 point at 10:38am and expected to go higher in the left time. Crude is expected to trade low today, market is very volatile for crude.


Cotton for 31 Jan is looking positive after it open at 16350; its previous close is also same. On the MCX cotton for Jan contract goes 30 point high at 10:43 am against its previous close. Cotton this year is expected to trade average and very volatile during the first quarter.

Mentha oil

On the MCX Mentha oil is open positively at 1392.30, and continuing moving towards positive phase and go 4.20 point at 10:48am. In Mentha oil trend is looking good for the first half. Today Mentha oil is expected bearish and traded in the range of 1350 and 1478.

Today calls

Sell cotton(31 jan) below 16360 tgt 16340, 16320……… 16450

Buy crude (21jan) above 5125  tgt 5135, 5150……sl 5075

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Afternoon commodity base metal tips

Bullion(gold and silver)

After the morning red sign MCX is comes to the other direction.  Bullion comes to the positive side after the morning red cover.  Today in the morning gold fallen by more than -100 point but now working in the good green side.  While the silver moving towards the positive side and expected a good sign in the left session. Movement in the yellow metal is volatile and expected to go lower.

Base metal

 Meanwhile the base metal is looking positive today, a good move is watching on the copper. Copper up by 3.55 point high and comes to 450.95 at 3:00pm and expected to go higher. Nickel Jan contract   move with a green flag on the domestic market.  Today nickel jump by 2.70 point On the MCX at 3:04 pm. Nickel have a strong resistance of 980, with a support level of 955.

Mentha  oil

 Mentha oil has fall by 28.10 at 3:09 pm, today its open at 1413.40. Mentha oil has lost its position form the yesterday closing. Demand in the Mentha oil has reduced this year.

Today buy calls

Buy silver (5 march ) above 58120  tgt 58150,58200, 58250………… 57800

Buy nickel (31 Jan) above 965.50 tgt  966, 968, 970…………sl 955

Buy copper (28 Feb) above 450.60 tgt 451, 453………….447

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10-01-13 copper-crude-cotton- updates

Today crude oil on the MCX is looking positive and running with a good support around 5076 and a strong resistance of 5143.  Global crude also showing a positive data, US crude oil stock is climbed around 2.4 million barrel last week. This week crude is expected to trade between 5040 and 5190 on the domestic market. Currently crude oil is moving positive and expected to go higher this week.  Yesterday crude oil is closed at 5106, and today opens at 5111. Demand in the crude is week in the Last week and expected to same in the first quarter this year.
Copper for February contract is trading positive in the early start, yesterday copper is closed at 447.40 on the MCX.  In the domestic market copper is fighting with a lower demand and supply. Whereas global copper position is very volatile in the market, today copper open at 447.60 and goes 0.75 point high at 10:52am.
This year cotton has lost its momentum there is a continue falling in the price of the cotton .yesterday cotton is closed at very low of 16430 and today also open at down side by -60 point. Cotton has affected by the lower demand in it global as well as domestic market. Today we may see more fall in the price of cotton.

Today calls

Sell cotton (31 Jan) below 16350 tgt 16340,  16330, 16310……sl 16420

SELL GOLD FEB BELOW 30745 TARGETS 30722 , 30697 , 30669 STOPLOSS 30788.

Sell copper  (28 feb) below 447.50  tgt 447 , 446.70, 446……… 449

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

09-01-2013 gold silver updates and commodity tips

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Gold and silver
Today the commodity market is showing a red card form the starting of the day .In the morning session bullion is looking  towards the positive side  slightly higher  to it last close. But after some good move bullion lost its position and drop again in another side. If we talking about gold it’s lost its position due to depreciation in the dollar price against Indian Rupees, dollar drop by 0.20 point.  In the morning gold open at 30940 and its show a depreciation of 51 point at 2:25 pm. Similarly silver also showing a red flag from the morning, today silver open at 58350 silver lost its position by 120 point at 2:28 pm.

Base metal
  In the base metal all are looking tired today no one is ready to go in the positive side from the morning but there is movement is expected in the domestic market after the 3:00 pm. Today the movement Is expected in the nickel and aluminium where the lead and copper is trying to recover its position.

Cotton for January contract is moving on the red side, this year cotton is looking much volatile as compare to its previous year.  Movement in the cotton is reduced due to the lower demand. Cotton is expected to trade low in the first quarter this year.

It is advice to trader to hold the position for future where as intraday trader sell their position from the current  price.

Today calls:-

Buy silver (5 march) above 58400 tgt  58500, 58600, …… 58190

Buy copper (28 feb)  above 449 tgt 449.50 ,  450………… 446.50

Buy crude oil (21 Jan) above 5120 tgt 5130,  5150… 4990

Buy gold  (5 Feb) above 30950 tgt 30980, 31050, 31100……sl 30810


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bearish base metal movement

After the good start on the MCX base metal fall in the other direction. Meanwhile the movement in the bullion is still low, silver is continuing with the green flag. On the other hand the movement in the gold is not looking in the good condition. Crude oil lost it position and showing lots of up and down in the market. Indian government raises a import duty on gold by 2%. Due to this bullion is required a strong support level.
Today the movement in the commodity market is not strong. Rupees position also affects the movement of crude and gold on the Indian market. Mentha oil support a red sign for the Jan contract.

Today calls

Buy gold  tgt 30950, 31000…….sl 31500

Sell cotton tgt 16420, 16400… 16500

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MCX commodity news and tips

Precious metal
Silver price on the MCX is on very good position to trade; it is looking positive on the market. Silver is ranging a high modification due to the strong gain in the Comex of 0.44%. On the MCX silver for March contract is trading with a green flag with a hike of 273 point at 10:31am from its previous close. Similarly yellow metal also trading positive on the MCX but the moment is not very high. There is a little increment in the position of gold. Gold goes 85 point from its last close at 10:35 am.

Base metal
Base metal is looking positive today the moment in showing a green flag on the MCX. If we talking about the copper, changes its position by 1.30 point from its last position and looking in good position today. While the nickel holds is position towards the green side and goes 3.50 point high to its last position. Today market is looking very volatile and I expected that I it very difficult for base metal to hold their position.

Crude and Mentha oil
Crude oil is Jan contract is moving with a positive side, it is expected to trade flat position today and can see a positive movement in the crude oil. Crude is trading positive on the Tuesday morning with a gain of 19 point to its last close at 10:47 am. Meanwhile the Mentha oil is very  risky today to trade, on the MCX Mentha oil is open towards the down side but immediately it gain a good move a touch a intraday high of 1431070 and again loss its position and traded at 1426.30 .

Now the cotton grab their position in the market as compare to its last week where cotton is very unconscious but I this week cotton in the good move and hoping to touch a target of 16600 in this month. Currently cotton is ranging between 16350 to 16530. Today cotton is looking a good move to trade in it if you are an intraday trader.

Today  buy calls

Buy cotton(31 Jan) above 16450 tgt 16480, 16500…… 16400

Buy gold (5 feb) above 30940 tgt 30100, 30200,30300……… 30700

Sell crude oil (21 jan) below  5160 tgt 5145, 5130……… 5200

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Monday, January 7, 2013

commodity tips

Today’s the movement in the commodity market is not very high. All the commodity are trading with a low side. Base metal is looking towards the red side from the early morning. Bullion are trading a little high t its last close, the movement is expected near 4:00 pm.  The demand in  the gold is  reduce after the fiscal report.  Movement in cotton is expected today and it performs well in the first session of trade. Meanwhile the menthe oil is step up and move towards the positive side and cross 1400.its goes 22 point high to its previous trading session at 2:49pm.
There is some movement has been seeing in the natural gas in the morning session. Natural gas for 28 Jan is trading positively and up by 3.60 point at 2:51pm.
Nickel again lost its momentum and goes to red side. In the last week nickel perform well but as day started nickel continue to move in the downward side. This year nickel is expected to perform well due to the increment in the demand in the Asian market especially in china this support the price of nickel.

Today buy calls

Buy cotton tgt 16430, 16450,…………sl 16350

Buy menthe oil tgt 1430, 1440…….sl 1395

Buy natural gas tgt 184.50, 185………….sl 183.50

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commodity updates

Crude oil in the global market is hold a strong position in the last week, but starting of the crude this week is not very high the movement is very low in the global market, where as on the Saturday close   MCX crude oil for January contract is closed on the red side.   Currently on the fresh morning MCX crude is open with down side flag by 3 point to its last close at 5123. Its current price is 5114 at 10:33 am, on the MCX for 21 Jan contract. Crude oil is traded with the red flag down by 10 point, movement is not very excited in the early trade but expected to go high in the next session.
If we go towards the bullion its movement is looking positive today, gold is moving towards to touch a line of 31000 for 5 February contract where as white metal is 59000. Today bullion has a very good support for gold support level is 30680 and a resistance of 31402 , meanwhile silver is looking volatile the movement is unexpected today support level for is 57300 and a resistance of 58800. Both the commodity are open high to its last close gold is open 57 point high to its previous close at 30907 and silver is open at 58200 214 point high to its last close.
Today the movement of cotton gives some warm in the cold day, after the last worst week cotton is traded positive to its opening at 16350. Currently cotton is on the green side but the movement is not expected to more green. Cotton is expected to trade low day and trading between 16250- 16480.

Today calls

Sell crude oil (21 jan) below 5115  tgt 5105, 5090, ………….sl  5150

Sell cotton (31 jan) below 16360 tgt 16340, 16320………… 16420

Buy silver (5 mar) above 58250 tgt 58300, 58400, 58500……sl 57900

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