Saturday, June 29, 2013

MCX commodity trend in upcoming week || MCX- NCDEX reports || Live MCX rates and tips for Monday 1 July

MCX Market report

In global market bullion prices are  fall by more than 15 percent in last weeks after fed chairman report that central bank reduces its $85 million monthly bond purchase this year.  In domestic market gold prices comes under 26000 this week after a sharp fallen on Wednesday at MCX.   This week gold prices open in downside but expected to close in green side around 25690.  Meanwhile more fallen are goes to seen in future delivery at MCX in upcoming weeks. In MCX silver a huge destruction had seen in this week and more fallen are expected in upcoming week, currently silver support a strong negative trend on day trading and in upcoming week expected to play below 40000 near 38500.

 Sell gold below 25500….
Sell silver below 40100….. For target and STOPLOSS FILL TRIAL FORM.

MCX energies are trading in with a mixed movement in this week, moving to crude it crosses the mark of 5800 on intraday trading while mentha oil playing with a mixed trend and trade in the range of 975 to 1030. This week crude open with a green flag around 5700 and currently its traded on negative side around 5766 at 12:40 pm. But in upcoming week energies are looking with a volatile picture for active session on 3Rd quarter that going to open from Monday. If we talk about natural gas it seem to be bearish in this week around 212, but increment in dollar against all major currencies support energies in domestic MCX market.
Base metal are trading at negative side on Saturday, MCX copper, nickel, lead, zinc all are suffering with a low monsoon physical buying.  Demand in industry drop due to increment in metal import rates and investor are stepping with a slow movement on electronic buying at MCX commodity market. If we talk to global market china market trading sequentially soften in second quarter. At LME copper are trading marginally higher at $ 6763.50.  In lead and zinc are improvement are looking in upcoming on global market.


In NCDEX some season increment going to seen in jeera, potato, castor seed and chana in the big script. Meanwhile good trends are being watched on coriander a price that’s trading around 6440-6570 for active delivery.  In upcoming week god market swings is expected and have a good time to trade in Coriander, jeera, potato, castor seed.


Friday, June 28, 2013

MCX gold silver trading level || Evening MCX buy sell tips || live gold silver rates and MCX chart

Gold price in global market hit a record low and comes below $1200 on Friday since August 2010. On spot market gold hit a low of $ 1180.71 an ounce. If we talk about domestic MCX market gold prices are trading flat bearish from its opening position 25247 for future active contract on intraday trading it touch a low of 24970, more depreciation are looking in evening session. Dropping in dollar against Indian currency fells gold price in domestic market. Moving towards white metal it trading against yellow metal with positive flag, on intraday trading at MCX silver prices are looking in good level but a fluctuation in silver prices are looking in evening trading session for future trading.

Crude oil and mentha oil are trading just in opposite direction, mentha oil are in positive direction after opening at 982.70 but on other hand crude oil  are looking in red side. Today at MCX crude oil open at 5840 and touched an intraday low of 5805. More depreciation is expected in crude oil with some correction in remaining session.

Base metal
MCX nickel, copper all are in bearish node for future delivery, today copper touch a low of 400.45 on intraday traded after opening in negative side at 402.65.
Nickel fall more than 10 point on intraday trade and touch a low of 818.50.
Lead touches a low of 121.50 and expected to trade more in deep red side.

Today MCX tips

Buy silver July above 38950 tgt 39000, 39100, 39250… 38600

Sell gold August below 24990 tgt 24960, 24900, 24850… sl 25190

Sell crude oil July below 5805 tgt 5800, 5790, 5780…sl 5830

 Buy mentha oil June above 995 tgt 998, 1002, 1005… sl 975

Sell lead July below 122 tgt 121.50, 121, 120.50 124.50

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Today Indian share market top gainer & loser || Evening MCX tips for today|| live MCX prices

Correction in rupees while MCX commodity turn to bearish point, gold and silver looking to again its low on this quarter and expected to more fall in evening trade.  If we talk overall market MCX with red flag.  In morning trade a fluctuation in seen in top commodity but as day passes green shade turn to red color. Global US strong economic data forces Asian market in downside, meanwhile global crude oil prices and gold price playing in negative side.

Some correction are looking in base metal especially in nickel in domestic market, similar trend also might be energies.

MCX calls
SELL COPPER JUNE BELOW 405.50 TGT 405, 403, 400 SL 410.50
SELL NICKEL BELOW 826.50 TGT 826, 823,820    SL 832



+ 50.00
+ 20.26
+ 20.17
+ 19.82
+ 17.62



27 June intraday MCX tips || gold support and resistance || live MCX, silver price

Yesterday worst session taking a break on Thursday morning most traded yellow metal for future delivery open at 26151 for August delivery at Multi commodity exchange. On morning trade MCX gold price expected to trade on bullish side with a positive session.

S1: 25950, S2: 25800
R1: 26358, R2: 26502

If we talk about white metal it opens in downside with a decrement of -66 point at 36502 for July trading delivery at MCX. Yesterday silver fall more than -1700 point on Domestic commodity market meanwhile a positive reaction had seen on early hour of trading on Thursday.

Sell gold August below 25960 tgt 26930, 25850, 25800 stoploss 26100

 Sell silver July below 39300 tgt 39250, 39150, 39000……….sl 39800

BUY NICKEL JUNE ABOVE 830.50 TGT 832, 835, 840 STOPLOSS 820

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Evening MCX trend || active intraday mcx call || commodity update for today

Commodity market is full on bearish node, bullion show a huge depreciation on morning trade at Multi commodity exchange. On intraday trade bullion fall by more than -2000 point together in today trade at domestic MCX market.  Today gold prices open at 26535 and touch an intraday low of 25758 against its last close of Rs 26559. Spot gold fell by 1.4 percent to $1258.54 an ounce, while Comex gold fell to $1254.6 a 3 year low since September 2010.  More depreciation is experienced on intraday trade at MCX in gold and silver in today trade. Strong US economic data and sluggish demand result this destruction on intraday trade.  On evening trade more depreciation in might be watched while some correction is looked on today trade before closing.


If we talk about other MCX commodity a mixed trend are seen on Wednesday morning session. Crude oil for future delivery open at 5682 at MCX and show a mixed trend by touch a high of 5722 and low of 5653. In evening crude oil experienced with a same trend looking to positive side with a small downtrend at MCX.


In other energies commodity mentha oil seem to recover on intraday trading after 7 pm, at MCX for future delivery it traded towards negative side but on evening trade it looks with a volatile movement due to change in global data.


While talking about lead, copper and nickel are all trading below marking level, MCX copper for future delivery trading below its opening position at 402.40 and looking to trade with a same trend on MCX meanwhile a positive data must be seen in tomorrow trend. In other base metal zinc and aluminum are trading in positive side with a small correction in yesterday position.

MCX Aluminum for future trade trading above 104.25 while a zinc above   

108.25. More increment is looking as correction in Indian currency. All most traded metal are fall by a sharp edge and predicted to increment in future trading session.



Buy copper June above 402.50 tgt 403, 405, 407……sl 394


Buy nickel June above 824.50 tgt  826, 829, 834…sl  813


Sell mentha oil June below 991 tgt 985, 980, 970……………sl 1015


Buy zinc June above 108.50 tgt 108.75, 109, 109.50………….sl 107


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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

MCX silver tips - Evening commodity tips for 25 June - live MCX chart and rates for today

Today gold and silver are on bearish node since it opening on domestic Multi commodity exchange. Some corrections are looking on intraday trading on evening trade at MCX on bullion and expected to trade with a volatile trend. If we talk about energies crude oil are looking to move upside with increment in its current position, currently crude oil are looking in good position with bullish node and expected to trade above 5710. While on other hand natural gas and mentha oil for future expected to make small correction on its current position, mentha oil for future active delivery are more volatile on day trading and might be make a high jump above 1020.
While base metal are making a correction on its opening position and try to recover on intraday trading. In evening trade MCX copper, nickel, and zinc are moving in green side for future active trade.

Buy silver July above 40850 tgt 40900, 41000, 41300…………….sl 40300

Buy copper June above 402.50 tgt 403, 404, 406……….sl 398

Buy nickel June above 822 tgt 824,827,830………sl 810

Buy crude oil July above  5740 tgt 5745, 5755, 5065……… 5715

Saturday, June 22, 2013

MCX market in upcoming week || intraday tips for Monday || Live commodity chart and price for MCX

Bullion (precious metal)
This week rupees touch a new low 59.93 after a US federal report that directly affects the Indian stock market which comes below 19000. But if we talk
about Indian commodity market a high volatile trend had seen in this week due to high up and down fear. On one hand yellow metal in domestic market traded in the range of 26000 to 27000 in this whole week due to decrement in global gold cue. In upcoming week gold prices are looking to go high for future active delivery on domestic Multi commodity exchange. In global market gold prices comes under $1300 and closes to $1286.20 an ounce at Comex.
White metal continue its worst session and fall below 42000 on Friday , but if we are talking about whole week a huge destruction have been made in silver that fall more than -1000 point and  close to 41497.  More depreciation is looking in white metal in upcoming weeks for July delivery.   
Energies are fluctuating on intraday trading, if we talk about crude oil prices some depreciation had seen on Friday trading while good movements are seen in this and crude oil kisses the level of 5600. As dollar prices increased against Indian Currency crude oil show an increment in domestic market while talking to international market it seem in other position and trading below $100 and closes at $97 per barrel.
Moving towards natural gas a pendulum are continue at Multi commodity exchange , currently natural gas are on bearish side but a fresh start with an increment in domestic market are looking on Monday  trade  natural gas for June trading expected to trade with  a support of 217 and a resistance of 236 in upcoming week.
Mentha oil in this week show a good swing and expected to be continuing same trend with small depreciation in upcoming week.  Mentha oil in upcoming week looks to move up with a support of 1005 and resistance of 1072.
Base metal
Base metals in this are very unconscious not such big movements are watched on metals, talking to copper and aluminum their global demands are increased especially in china market.   Whereas nickel prices are following down on domestic market and trading below 850 but some hike must be seen in base metal as correction in Indian currency. Lead and zinc are covered up with color in this week but in upcoming week some correction are surely seen on intraday and future trade.
Support and resistance

S1: 26815, S2: 26700
R1: 27359, R2: 27500

S1: 119.75, S2: 118
R1: 122.80, R2: 123.50


Friday, June 21, 2013

MCX tips : MCX gold tips|| silver tips today || commodity forecast

Today market is looking bearish and not impressive trend had seen since morning at domestic commodity exchange. On intraday trade gold and silver prices are falling down by more than -500 point together. Gold future active delivery open at 26886 on Multi commodity exchange and touch an intraday high of 26957 with a low of 26761. In global market gold prices are following green signal by gaining a 0.64% at 1294.10. In evening trade yellow metal might to some correction at MCX with positive trend. If we talk about other commodity a bearish lazy trend looks on intraday trading on Friday trade.
Intraday commodity tips

Sell gold August below 26770 tgt 26730, 26680, 26600………… 27000
Sell silver July below 40800 tgt 40750, 40650, 40500…………sl 41150

Sell crude oil July below 5690 tgt 5680, 5670, 5050…………… 5750

Sell nickel below 814.50 tgt 814, 813, 810………… 820.50

Future calls

Buy lead June above 119.50 tgt 120, 122, 124……………sl 113

Buy zinc June above 107 tgt 108, 108.50, 109…………….sl 104.50


  In upcoming week bearish trend are looking in domestic commodity market are experienced a negative movement at MCX.  In MCX commodity especially bullion done a  firework on intraday with a movement in both direction, gold is expected to trade below 27450  whereas silver prices are looking to touché 40000 mark soon at Multi commodity exchange.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Evening trading Level || intraday commodity updates and free MCX trading tips for today

Today on MCX good trading session is being watched on day trading, on intraday trading gold for future delivery edge up with an increment of +228 point at Multi commodity exchange. Similar trend is also watched in white metal in day trade for future delivery, in today’s trade silver move high more than +400 point and touch a day high of 44018. On intraday trade more increment is expected in evening trading session. Gold prices in MCX are very close to week high and expected more increment in august traded delivery. Whereas on global market gold prices are fall in downside in afternoon trading by 0.02% and comes to $1391.30.

In energies and base metal positive flag watching with a mixed reaction, in domestic market crude oil are followed in positive side  but in international market it traded in downside by falling -0.10%  to 92.66 due to weak global physical demand.

In evening trade natural gas and crude oil are looking to trade in green with more increment in for active trading delivery at Multi commodity exchange.
 While mentha oil look to replicate in same fashion trend in downside in evening session with some mixed watch.

Intraday trading tips

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Buy gold above 28050 tgt 28080, 28130, 28200………  27800

Buy silver above 44000 tgt 44050, 44150, 44300……… 43650

Buy lead above 122.50 tgt 122.80, 123. 20, 123.50……….sl 121

Buy nickel above 828 tgt 830, 832, 835………  820

Buy cotton above 19150 tgt 19170, 19200, 19220……….sl  19050

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Monday, June 17, 2013

crude oil tips for today || NCDEX Live updates || live tips for evening trading

Today MCX and NCDEX both market are trading with a bearish side, most top  commodity are watched on red side since morning and no correction are looking in today trading . In NCDEX jeera, coriander, castor seed, barley and chana all are on downfall trend.  Chana for future delivery trade at 3195 down by -34 point from its opening position at 3216.  Similar trend is watched on coriander which falls by -99 point on intraday trading against its opening position at 6562. In upcoming week coriander demand it expected to rise in domestic market.

Sell chana June below 3195 tgt 3190, 3185, 3180……sl 3220

Sell coriander June below 6435 tgt 6430, 6420, 6400…………sl 6470

Today at MCX, bullion in on deep red side, while crude oil crosses the level of 5700 after morning worst performance. Increment in dollar gives a support to crude oil in domestic market, and expected more increment in upcoming days. Today if we talk overall MCX energies is on fire, natural gas; mentha oil and crude oil all are on its hike and performing well.

Buy natural gas June above 220.50 tgt 221, 222, 223……….sl 217

Buy copper June above 408.25 tgt 408.75, 409.50, 410………… 405

Buy crude oil above 5705 tgt 5710, 5720, 5730……….sl 5670

17 June support and resistance for gold and silver|| MCX silver tips|| MCX gold tips

Rupees down in front to strong dollar on early Monday morning, dollar gain +0.28 point and touch a high of 57.59 at 10:20 am.  Its direct impact had seen on early hour of trading, both gold and silver prices are looking to be volatile on intraday trading. On Monday morning gold open at green side at 27899 its last close is 27879.
Gold support and resistance
S1: 27650, S2: 27580
R1:  28000, R2: 28150
White metal for future delivery expected to be bearish with high volatile trend, on intraday trading for July delivery it touch a low of 43663, today it open at 43860 against its last close at 43834.
Silver support and resistance
S1: 43320, S2:43100
R1: 43950, R2: 44150

Intraday trading calls

Buy gold august above 27900 tgt 27950, 28000, 28100………….sl 27700

Sell silver July below 43700 tgt 43650, 43550, 43500……… 43950

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Friday, June 14, 2013

MCX gold tips || silver tips || MCX tips and evening mcx trading tips

Dollar comes on back foot against Indian currency, today at interbank foreign exchange rupees gain +48 point to 57.50 at 2:59 pm. Weak dollar result negative trend in bullion, at domestic market.  On intraday trade at MCX gold and silver open at positive side but weak dollar loss support and gold silver fall by more than -300 together.  International gold prices also down   by 0.39% or -5.37 to 1380.70. On evening trade gold price are expected to trade in bearish side with low movement with some correction.  Following yellow metal silver prices also fall in day trade by more than -150 point and touched a low of 43074.  Silver for future delivery expected some correction with crude oil in evening trade.

Sell gold below 27600 tgt 27550, 27500, 27400---……sl 28050

Sell silver below 43125 tgt 43050, 42950, 42800--………….sl 43500

Buy crude oil above 5585 tgt 5590, 5600, 5610………….sl 5550

Sell natural gas below 219.25 tgt 218.80, 218.50, 218---……………sl 222


Thursday, June 13, 2013

MCX evening crude, bullion updates || MCX Live chart ,MCX trading tips and free trial offer

Crude oil price drop in domestic market, after morning bullish trend, crude oil are volatile since its position and touched an intraday high of 5577 with a low of 5535. On evening trade crude oil is expected to trade same volatile movement with mostly in bearish side. Brent Crude is trading at $103.18 while Nymex Crude is at $95.48.

Bullion are fall in day trading after correction in Indian currency , dollar prices comes under 58 and closed at 57.94. Gold for future delivery dropped by -55 point and looks more depreciation in remaining trade. Meanwhile silver are in green side with open interest not support the trend and expected to be volatile trend in silver in today evening session.

Mentha oil are back in bullish side after morning negative trend, on intraday trading it touch  a low of 978 with a high of 1025. On evening trade Mentha oil are expecting to be in bullish side with high trend and advice to buy for long term trader.

Commodity calls

Buy gold august above 27920 tgt 27970, 28050, 28150………  27700

Buy mentha oil june above 1015 tgt 1018, 1021, 1025………….sl 1000

Sell lead below 121.50 tgt 121.10, 120.70, 120.50………… 124

Dollar up at IFE what result on commodity|| MCX tips for today|| 13 June gold silver tips|| Live intraday tips and accurate HNI call

Today domestic MCX market open in positive are have a lot to do for trader, all commodity are showing a green sign in market.  At MCX bullion for future delivery rose more than + 700 point together and expected a good trade on intraday trading.  Similarly base metal also shines in green side a good show has been watched on early hour of Thursday morning.  MCX copper, nickel, lead and zinc expected to gain some correction in domestic spot and future delivery.   Today a good earning is looking in day trading and advice to play with a sure short stop loss.
In energies some volatile trend are seen on MCX, on early hour mentha oil and crude oil are looking in downside but good comes back in seen due  to positive dollar.
Dollar prices bounce back in market after yesterday lazy session; on 13 June morning dollar gains +64 point to touch a day high of 58.44.

  Intraday MCX Live calls

BUY Gold August 28150 tgt 28200, 28250, 28300………….sl 28000

Buy silver July above 43950 tgt 44000, 44050, 44200……….sl 43500

Buy copper June above 416 tgt 416.50, 417, 420………… 410

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

MCX gold silver bearish today|| intraday commodity tips for today|| Evening lead-crude trend and tips

Today market showing a bearish trend since morning, correction in rupees not enough to get back bullion in positive side.  At MCX bullion are trading low on intraday trade for future delivery, gold for august delivery open at 27863 and touched an intraday low of 27685. In evening trade same trend are following in evening trade.
White metal are also following yellow metal for future active contract, today silver fall by more than   -300 point  on intraday trade, silver prices are expecting for fall more in intraday trade  with some correction on evening trade.
Crude oil and lead showing a mixed reaction on intraday trade, on Wednesday morning crude oil open in downside but a good recovery had seen in afternoon trade, crude for future delivery touched an intraday high of 5545 after opening at 5512 and low of 5492. Open interest support the trend but some red sign must be seen in crude in evening trade.
Lead prices are slipping on intraday trade in this week due to negative trend in rupees, but on Wednesday morning a small correction are seen in lead prices for June trading.  In evening mixed reaction are expected with same trend with average volume.

Buy crude above 5525 tgt 5530, 5535, and 5550++……sl 5480

Buy lead above 122.50 tgt 122.80, 123.50, 124……………sl 120

Sell gold below 27650 tgt 27620, 27550, 27500---……. 28015

Sell silver below 43350 tgt 43300, 43250, 43100…………sl 43800

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Today bullion market level || live MCX trading rates and MCX Tips|| latest commodity news updates

Today commodity market showing a both color on intraday trade, on morning trade most commodity are watched on green side. On interbank foreign exchange rupees again touch a new low of 58.96 on Tuesday.  While some recovery are being expected in rupees within this week said by finance minister.

On bullion market gold for August delivery touched an intraday high of 28288 with a low of 27678. On evening trade gold price are expected to be volatile with high movement. Whereas on global market at US gold was down by 1.1% at 1371.11 an ounce for future delivery.

Silver prices in domestic MCX market are expecting to be fall due to bearish trend in Asian market.  In India MCX for July delivery silver for future delivery expected to slump more with some upper movement. On intraday trading silver prices touch a high of 44445 and low of 43360.

Sell lead below 124.50 tgt 124, 123.80, 123……………sl 127

Sell silver below 43550 tgt 43500, 43400, 43400---……….sl 44500

Sell gold below 27850 tgt 27800, 27700, 27650-----…………sl 28300

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Evening MCX bullion bullish || crude oil high on intraday trading and today 10 June intraday commodity tips

Due to correction in dollar price crude change it direction and crosses the mark of 5500 on Saturday trade. After getting early lead Brent crude slipped in 44 cent to $102.14 a barrel whereas US oil dropped by 37 cent to $95.66 per barrel. But if we are talking about domestic commodity market crude oil are trading in higher side after gaining a intraday high of 5562, on Monday morning it open at 5522 and touched a low of 5519.

MCX gold for August delivery today opens at 27617 and touched an intraday high of 27784 with a low of 27586.  Continue increment in Dollar prices left gold price in upper side and on intraday trade gold it expected to gain more point in green side at evening trade. Meanwhile silver are trading with a mixed reaction mostly in upper side. Weak rupees pushing silver back but the demand and high volume support the trend on intraday trade at Multi commodity exchange for July delivery.

Today all energies stock raised at MCX, on early trade a good swing are seen mentha oil, natural gas and crude oil are expected to carry on with same trend. Mentha oil, natural gas and crude in evening trade looking to be bullish with a small red sign.

Base metal are positive on intraday market with a small downwards trend, at MCX metal are looking in a mixed movement with a small gain in early trade, after opening in downside. Today copper and nickel are showing a lazy trend in market and expected to fall and trade with a small bearish trend.


Buy gold August above 27700 tgt 27750, 27800, 27850…………….sl 27550

Buy silver July above 43050 tgt 43100, 43200, 43300……… 42750

Buy nickel June above 866.50 tgt 867, 868, 870…………… 861

Buy lead above 123.50 tgt 123.80, 124, 124.50……………sl 122

Saturday, June 8, 2013

MCX report| future commodity trend for upcoming week and free commodity tips for Monday

Indian currency diminishes and its affect are seen on commodity market, yesterday silver comes under pressure and break down through the level of 44000. While gold price also depreciated in domestic future and spot market, currently gold are trading in the range of 27400 to 28000, but more decrement must be seen in upcoming days. Due to weak rupees silver price are expected to come near 41000 in this month.

Increment in dollar price support crude oil in domestic and result oil price in green side above 5500, open interest also support the trend with good volume and in upcoming weeks crude oil prices are expected to be volatile.

In MCX for future delivery natural gas and mentha oil are looking to green side in upcoming weeks. Mentha oil is hopes to again cross the mark of 1000, but lower demand in Asian market forces him back.  Natural gas for future delivery gains its position with a sharp edge near 221 and expected to increment near to 225 in upcoming days.


Base metals
On Saturday trading session base metal are trading in positive direction, nickel, copper, lead, zinc and aluminum all are looking lazy and weak but expected to good trading on Monday with volatile trend . Global physical demand in aluminum and copper are increased especially in china market and that support the Asian market.


Friday, June 7, 2013

Rupees depreciate at IFE || Evening MCX gold silver tips|| today Live trading call and tomorrow commodity trend

Rupees falling session continue on Friday too, today it touches a low of 57.06/07 against US dollar. Rupees are very near to its historic low since July 2012 old 57.32. However it is a matter to be worried for Indian economy. Due to certain falling in rupees and weak global export, import of crude oil and coal are going to be expensive.
 At MCX market, commodities are trading on green side but movement in low in bullion. On other hand base metal show some correction a good trading had seen in afternoon trading in nickel and copper while lead, zinc show a little gain.
If we are talking about energies natural gas, mentha oil and crude oil are all watching in green side and expected to trade in bullish side with a low demand. Today mentha oil crosses the level of 1000 and touching a high of 1005 with a low of 985.80. More correction is being seen in mentha oil at global and domestic market.
Gold future edge up higher at MCX and very closes to 2 month high whereas due to increase in import rate and monsoon gold physical buying in reduced at Domestic market. On intraday trade it touches a high of 28017 with a low of 27808 for August delivery.

Today trading call

Sell gold August below 27950 27920, 27850, 27800………sl 28150

Sell silver July below 44450 tgt 44400, 44300, 44200………….sl 44700

Buy natural gas June above 219.50 tgt 220,  , 221 …223…………sl 215

Buy lead june above 125.50 tgt 125.80, 126.10, 126.50……… 124.50


 Tomorrow gold silver prediction

As fall in rupees metal are trading low and bearish movement must be seen in tomorrow trading. Gold and silver are expected to fall whereas base metal; are trading with a mixed low movement. In energies especially in crude negative trend are looking with near to 5330 in upcoming week.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Evening trading calls|| Live commodity market chart and MCX tips for today

Today gold futures prices are diminish by more than -150 point on intraday trade; due to increase in metal import duty by 2%, now metal import prices comes to 8%.  Bullion market are trading in red side on Thursday, currently yellow are on weak side on intraday trade it touch a high of 27749 with a low of 27490. At COMEX gold prices slumped by $14.70 to $1397.20 an ounce.   Silver price also follows the same trend and in MCX looking to come on green side in evening trade. In evening trade bullion are looking to recover its position after a low trading session.

In energies mentha oil are trading in green side, in this week mentha oil showing a volatile movement at Domestic future trading at MCX.   While natural gas and crude are trading in red side in today morning session but some correction are looking in evening trade.

Evening trading calls

Buy gold August above 27700 tgt 27750, 27800, 27900

Buy silver July above 44450 tgt 44550, 44650, 44700……………sl 43800

Buy nickel June above 862 tgt 865, 868, 870…………sl 850

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Import duty increased on gold by 2% || today gold silver trend || Live MCX rates and 6 June intraday buy sell position for lead-copper and bullion

Indian government increased import duty on gold by 2% that now comes to 8% will effect that commodity gold market in this week.
Today bullion open at down side with a small decrement on yesterday closing, gold prices open at 27621 against its last close at 27684. On intraday trade for August delivery gold prices look a mixed reaction at Multi commodity exchange.  
S1: 27310, S2: 27000
R1: 29950, R2 28150
While silver are looking bearish on intraday trade at MCX, today it open at 44218 against its last close 44228.  On intraday silver prices are looking to break from its opening position and experienced a bearish trend for whole day with small correction.
S1: 43500, S2 43150
R1: 44490, R2: 44650
In base metal a negative trend are looking in today trade at Multi commodity exchange, MCX nickel, copper, lead, zinc all in trading in downside after  open with small depreciation.
In energies Crude oil looks bearish on morning session while some positive data must show in today trade with some good movement. Natural gas is bearish for today but some green will watching in evening trade.
Mentha oil is positive for future delivery, today for June delivery it open at 967.90 its yesterday close is Rs 961.10.

Intraday calls

Sell gold August below 27600 tgt 27570, 27500, 27450…………sl 27850

Sell silver July below 44050 tgt 43950, 43870, 43700…….sl 44400

Sell crude oil June below 5350 tgt 5320, 5210, 5300……….sl 5380

Sell lead June below 126.50 tgt 126.20, 125.80, 125…………sl 128

Sell copper June below 422.50 tgt 422, 421.50, 420………… 425


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

5 June Gold silver up in morning trade|| MCX lead support and resistance|| today MCX tips

Base metal at Multi commodity exchange open with a downward trend, today MCX copper for June open at 419.75 against its previous close at 420.50 meanwhile at spot market it traded in green side at 420.70 at 10:29 am. On intraday trade copper seem to be volatile on bullish side and expected to trade between the ranges of 429 to 410.  

Nickel for June trading looks positive at commodity market, at MCX it opens at 862.50 against its last close at 863.40. On early Wednesday morning nickel for June trading up with a good movement and touch an intraday high of 867.

Lead and zinc are looking bearish at Multi commodity exchange; both are open in downside and expected to trade in negative side on morning session while for whole day lead and zinc are showing some small correction with a lazy movement.
Lead support and resistance
S1: 124.50, S2 123
R1: 129, R2 130

Crude oil at spot market are trading at deep low side at 5285 at 10:41 while at Multi commodity exchange for June delivery crude oil is bearish on morning trade. Today it opens at 5308 against its last close at 5300. On intraday trade it seems to fall more in a negative side in today trade.

S1: 5240, S2: 5220
R1: 5330, 5360

Intraday calls
BUY GOLD AUG ABOVE 27220 TGT 27260, 27300, 27400…………..SL 27000
BUY SILVER JUNE ABOVE 44150 TGT 44200, 44300, 44000………SL 43700
BUY CRUDE OIL JUNE ABOVE 5310 TGT 5320, 5330, 5350............SL 5270
BUY LEAD ABOVE 127 TGT 127.50, 128, 129...........SL 125
BUY MENTHA OIL JUNE ABOVE 955 TGT 960, 965, 970 ......SL  930

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Evening hot MCX tips for today || live MCX price and 4 June live tips

In NCDEX market turmeric price are trading at bullish side and expected to move on for future delivery, turmeric for June delivery trading +64 point high against its last at 5652. Jeera price are trade with a mixed sluggish movement. Today it opens at 13170 for June delivery, on early Tuesday trade it show a negative trend and looking to trade today with a bearish in Domestic NCDEX market.
While at MCX bullion are trading in bearish side form morning , some positive reaction are seen  in yellow metal due to correction in dollar price  but it is not sufficient  to hold gold in green side. On intraday gold price touch a high of 27272 with a low of 27127 for June delivery. While MCX silver are looking to move on downside more on intraday trade for July delivery, today it open at 44206 with a high of 44319 and low of 44069.

In base metal a mixed reaction had seen in morning session, on Tuesday morning base metal are open in downside, today MCX nickel for June delivery open at 857.40. on intraday trade it touch a high of 870 with a low of 856.90. In evening trade nickel are looking to moves up with a small correction. Similar trend is following by MCX copper price in domestic market, today copper for June delivery touch a high of 419.80 and low of 415.55 after opening at 415.50.

Meanwhile lead and zinc are looking to follow a same bearish trend with small correction in evening trade. Lead and zinc are June deliveries are bounded in physical market due to diminish in its global price.

BUY LEAD JUNE ABOVE 125.50 TGT 125.80, 126.20, 127.50……………………SL 123.50

BUY COPPER JUNE ABOVE 419 TGT 420, 421, 422.50………SL 416

BUY MENTHA OIL JUNE ABOVE 950 TGT 955, 960, 970…………..SL 930

SELL SILVER JUNE BELOW 44000 TGT 43900, 43800, 43750---…………….SL 44590

BUY NICKEL ABOVE 864.50 TGT 866, 868, 870…………SL 856




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