Thursday, August 29, 2013

29/0813 commodity trend for evening session || Today base metal trade positive in future delivery nickel and lead prices jump in Indian market

After morning low positive trend precious commodity look to move ahead, a high fluctuation is going to seen in green side. On Thursday morning recovering in Rupees commodity trade in low positive side, yellow metal for October delivery gain 0.96% to 33720 while touch a day high of 33842 per 10 gram. Silver prices in September delivery fall in early trading and some negative movement is seen ad expected a volatile trend in evening session at MCX. Gold price at MCX fail to continue its 34000 and break down below 34000 per 10 grams.
Crude oil prices are more positive in this week due to dollar demand and Syria Critical condition crude oil in Domestic market jump and continue its rally towards up side. However, Brent Crude fall below $116 after two day gain , Mcx crude oil for future delivery play at 7432 at 2.55 pm by increment of 1.16% .
base metal prices take a small jump at MCX due to rising in firm demand, nickel for future delivery on early morning moved up by 1.51% to 955.40 per kg at MCX. At LME nickel prices climbed up by 0.4% to $14,240 per
 tonnes , at MCX for future trade nickle price last watched at 949.30 per tonnes. Copper at Mcx for august delivery on its second last day of trading jump by 1.50% to 491.40 with an intraday high of 495.30 per tonnes. On evening trade metal are looking in low side with a volatile trend at Mcx.

BUY GOLD OCT ABOVE 33450 TGT 33500 TGT 33550, 33700 STOPLOSS 33150

BUY SILVER SEP ABOVE 55500 TGT 55600, 55700, 55900 STOPLOSS 55150

BUY CRUDE OIL SEP ABOVE 7390 TGT 7410, 7430, 7460 STOPLOSS 7330

BUY LEAD AUG ABOVE 148.30 TGT 148.80, 149.30, 150 STOPLOSS 146


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

28/08/13 Intraday MCX tips|| rupees very near to 70 per dollar and today HNI calls

Today rupees again open in negative mood and touch all time record low of 68.51 per dollar by declined more than 2 rupees at Interbank foriegn exchange. Buy bullion today all commodity are in fire and earn high profit.

MCX Intraday calls

BUY SILVER SEP ABOVE 59000 TGT 59300, 59500, 60000 STOPLOSS 58450

BUY GOLD OCT ABOVE 34350 TGT 34400, 34480, 34600 STOPLOSS 34150

BUY CRUDE OIL SEP ABOVE 7740 TGT 7770, 7800, 7850 STOPLOSS 7670

BUY NATURAL GAS SEP ABOVE 251.50 TGT 252.50, 254, 256 STOPLOSS 248


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

27/08/13 Today Rupees made new life low of 66.08|| intraday gold silver tips for today for evening trading

On Tuesday at Interbank foreign exchange, Rupees fall by 177 paise against US dollar to 66.07 per dollar, rupees continue falling against strong US currency due to increment in Dollar demand from banker and persistent capital outflow.
Due to weak currency Indian share market are fall in negative side , today SENSEX fall by -554.86 to 18003.27 while NIFTY fall by -177.05 to 5299.45 on day trading.
But declination in Rupees support yellow metal to jump in market, on intraday trading gold prices for future delivery jump by more than 3% and touch an intraday high of 32933 per 10 gram. More increment are looking on day trading and expected to crosses the new record of 33000 and more in upcoming session. While silver prices again show the level of 55000 per kg at MCX after a long time. Silver prices for future delivery look more high on evening trade and expected to cross 56000 on today trade.

BUY GOLD OCT ABOVE 32750 TGT 32850, 32940,33050 STOPLOSS 32600

BUY SILVER SEP ABOVE 55300 TGT 55400, 55550, 55700 STOPLOSS 54950

BUY CRUDE OIL SEP ABOVE 7000 TGT 7015, 7030, 7050 STOPLOSS 6950


Monday, August 26, 2013

26/08/13 MCX TIps: Today MCX copper and Natural gas Jump on early trade || intraday gold silver tips for today

Good morning friends, on starting of new week domestic Commodity market Mcx show a full on green, Mcx gold prices again ready to continue its positive momentum, today its open at 31806 and expected to show a volatile trend in today trade, while if we move to silver prices its open at 53700 a big gain on opening day against its last close of 53473 per kg. After sharp recovery in Dollar prices crude oil prices looks in good level, and hope to trade in positive side today at MCX.

On Monday morning a good opening had seen in base metal especially in Copper prices , today Mcx copper for august delivery open at 476.45 and raise by 0.87% on intraday trading. However same trend are watched on natural gas for future delivery today it open with bit correction in its last closing and open at 224 , a sharp correction with an increment by more than 1.50% had seen on early hour of trading at MCX.a positive day a seems on natural to book a good profit.

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Intraday calls

BUY NATURAL GAS SEP ABOVE 226.80 TGT 227.50, 228.50, 230 STOPLOSS 223

BUY GOLD OCT ABOVE 31850 TGT 31890, 31950, 32050 STOPLOSS 31670

BUY SILVER SEP ABOVE 54000 TGT 54100, 54250, 54400 STOPLOSS 53650

Friday, August 23, 2013

Evening commodity tips for Today 23/08/13 || intraday mcx tips ||MCX commodity news

Today commodity market are trading in the range bounded , gold prices expected to break the level of 31600 on evening session , if today gold prices break this level then in upcoming week we see gold in bullish note at MCX. Today gold for future delivery on morning trade touch an intraday high of 31489 with a low of 31236 per 10 gram. MCX silver for future delivery touch an intraday high of 51786 per kg,today silver prices raise by more than 0.60% and hope to gain more on evening trading.

Today crude oil price trading in the range bounded between 6800-6710 per barrel, but due to recovery in Indian currency crude oil looking in bearish side below 6750 in evening trade.
On base metal a good correction is seen on morning trade in copper and nickel , today MCX copper up by more than 1% and touch an intraday high of 476.15 , nickel up by 0.89% to 932.80 at Mulit commodity exchange. Lead , zinc and aluminum also made a bit correction on yesterday closing and expected to trade low on evening session.

After morning positive trade natural gas for future trade turn to red side , on afternoon trade natural gas fall by 0.53% or -1.20 on intraday trading and touch a low of 225.60.

BUY GOLD OCT ABOVE 31250 TGT 31300, 31350, 31450 STOPLOSS 31050

BUY SILVER SEP ABOVE 51520 TGT 51600, 51700, 51850 STOPLOSS 51300

BUY CRUDE OIL SEP ABOVE 6770 TGT 6780, 6800, 6820 STOPLOSS 6720

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

20/08/13 Evening commodity Prediction|| today Accurate Buy Sell calls for evening trading || intraday Copper , nickel tips for today

Today in Indian commodity market a bearish trend is seen from morning session, a sharp declined had seen on gold and silver prices after a continuous increment on intraday trading for future delivery. But again a correction is looking in gold silver prices due to increment in physical buying in China and India. Global precious metal demand is going to Rise on end of August , today silver prices drop by near 4% and touch a low of 49167 . however, gold prices touch a low of 30240 for October delivery at Mcx.

 If we move towards energies commodity crude oil, natural gas and mentha oil all are trading in downside on Tuesday morning session, today natural gas fell by -1.13% and touch a low of 216.60 after a 3 continuous positive session. Mcx mentha oil for future delivery prices declined by more than -1.94% and touch a low of 856.20 after open at 871.20.

In base metal a negative session is continued form morning , MCX copper, nickel , Zinc , lead and aluminium all are watched in downside after a morning low positive trend. Today Mcx copper touch a low of 461 , nickel 920.40, lead 137.80 and zinc 121.35 on intraday trading for future delivery. In today Remaining session more declined is expected with some mild correction on evening trading.

 Intraday MCX tips

 BUY COPPER AUG ABOVE 465 TGT 466, 468, 470 STOPLOSS 460.50

 BUY NICKEL AUG ABOVE 932 TGT 935, 938, 942 STOPLOSS 923

 BUY SILVER SEP ABOVE 50400 TGT 50500, 50650, 50900 STOPLOSS 49900

 BUY GOLD OCT ABOVE 30900 TGT 30960,31050, 31200 STOPLOSS 30550

Monday, August 19, 2013

19/08/13 Commodity Evening tips|| intraday MCx tips and Live gold silver Chart

BUY SILVER SEP ABOVE 51100 TGT 51200, 51300, 51450 STOPLOSS 50700

BUY GOLD OCT ABOVE 31200 TGT 31350, 31450, 31550 STOPLOSS 30700

BUY CRUDE OIL AUG ABOVE 6770 TGT 6785, 6800, 6825 STOPLOSS 6720


BUY LEAD AUG ABOVE 142 TGT 142.50, 143, 143.50 SATOPLOSS 140.30


Saturday, August 17, 2013

19 August gold-crude-copper support and resistance || today MCX tips and commodity prediction for upcoming week

This week a bullish trend is seen in Domestic as well as Overseas commodity market. Firstly , if we talk about most traded gold and silver prices they are jump in the market due to low currency and increment in physical buying. This week gold prices knock the door of 31000 and very soon seen above 31000. whereas on other hand silver prices flow over 51000 and touch an intraday high of 51198. coming week are very precious as for investor in which a lots of profit are going to seen on intraday trading.

This is very good time to book to profit in gold above 32000 and in silver between the range of 53000 to 56000 for long term investor. Meanwhile a short term investor can book profit at any position in upper side as per their requirement.

In coming week more increment are going to watch but in middle some bounce back might be watch if some recovery had seen in Indian Currency.

Energies commodity are looking in good position , Mcx crude oil for future delivery yesterday touch a level of 6700 and touch an intraday high of 6740 in coming session some up and down are might seen while some positive recovery also going to seen at MCX. Natural gas and mentha oil also seen in positive sid ein upcoming session. On Saturday Mentha oil is trading in negative side at 871.60 while natural gas are in positive side at 211.90.
In base metal copper , nickel , lead and zinc perform well in this week at MCX for future delivery . In upcoming week all base metal are looking in upper note and make some correction in their position.

Gold support and Resistance for Monday
S1: 30225 , S2: 30000
R1: 31350, R2: 31500

Crude oil Support and resistance for Monday
S1: 6650, S2: 6610
R1: 6825, R2: 6880

Copper support and Resistance for Monday
S1 : 455 , S2: 450
R1: 478, R2: 483

Today MCX calls

BUY GOLD OCT ABOVE 30770 TGT 30800, 30850, 30900 STOPLOSS 30650


Friday, August 16, 2013

16/08/13 MCX tips: Today commodity overview | MCX gold silver bullish on evening trading and intraday gold , silver tips for today

Today on friday morning a huge correction had seen on gold and silver prices. Gold for future delivery at MCX up by more than 3.50% and crosses the mark of 30,000 per 10 gram. Whereas ,Today global gold prices also rose by 0.50 % to $ 1372.97 an ounce in singapore. Similar trend in also seen in silver price for future delivery which today climbed up by more than 7% and touch an intraday high for September delivery to 50219.

In base metal , today MCX copper for future active delivery open at 451.90 and touch and intraday high of 464 by rose 2.16% at MCX. In coming session more increment are looking in copper prices due to support from overseas and domestic market. Similarly nickel prices rose up by 1.33% and touch an intraday high of 927.70. on intraday trading Mcx lead and zinc also made a sharp correction on friday morning lead up by 1.81% to 138.80 and zinc up by 2.16% to 121.60 at MCX.

Energies commodity at MCX also make a good rally on intraday trading. Today crude oil prices up by 1.59% and touch an intraday high of 6677. on domestic market due to increment in crude oil prices Petrol prices alo looking in higher bit. Mentha oil also supporting a bullish trend at MCX and make a intraday high of 865. However natural gas for future delivery made a high of 213.30.


for long term investor this is a good time to book profit in bullion for gold wait 33000-38000 while in silver wait for 54000-56000 in coming session.

BUY GOLD OCT ABOVE 30100 TGT 30170, 30280, 30400 STOPLOSS 29800

BUY SILVER SEP ABOVE 49150 TGT 49300, 49400, 49600 STOPLOSS 48700

SELL CRUDE OIL AUG BELOW 6630 TGT 6620, 6600, 6570 STOPLOSS 6690


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

14 August MCX evening commodity tips for today || gold silver trading level for evening

Today cotton prices jump by more than 3.35% or 730 point at MCX this is the record gain by cotton prices on domestic market . Cotton prices now crosses the level of 21000 and touch an intraday high of 21940. on evening trade a low volatile trend is expected at MCX .


SELL GOLD OCT BELOW 28800 TGT 28750, 28700, 28600 STOPLOSS 29000

SELL SILVER SEP BELOW 46200 TGT 46100, 46000, 45850 STOPLOSS 46550

14/08/13 Commodity tips for today || intraday live mcx tips & afternoon commodity trend for today

Today commodity market showing a bearish trend in top commodity , due to increase in Import duty and strong US economic data, gold silver prices fluctuates in domestic MCX market.
On intraday trading at MCX for future delivery gold prices open in positive side at 28900 while silver prices open at 46247 bit low against its previous close. Today movement is market is low if we talk about crude oil for future delivery it seems more lazy and negative on intraday trading for afternoon session. Today at MCX it open at 6548 bit low form its last close and expected to trade with bearish trend. MCX base metal are trading quite low , today MCX copper and nickel are open in downside on Wednesday morning. Copper and nickel prices are trading flat low and expected a negative trade of afternoon session. Similarly lead , zinc and aluminium price are trading in bearish side at MCX.

SELL GOLD OCT BELOW 28830 TGT 28770, 28700, 28640 STOPLOSS 29000

SELL SILVER SEP BELOW 46000 TGT 45950, 45870, 45700 STOPLOSS 46290

SELL CRUDE OIL AUG BELOW 6540 TGT 6530 , 6520, 6500 S TOPLOSS 6575


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Government raise Import duty on gold and silver both to 10% || evening MCX gold silver tips|| crude oil volatile on evening trade

Today once again government has raised an import duty to curb the sale of gold and silver. Import duty on gold raised to 10% from the existing 8% , however on silver it comes to 10% from 6%.
today on intraday trading gold price for future delivery touch a high of 29333 and low of 28720. After this report a negative impact must be seen on Indian commodity market and on evening trade a bearish trade is looking at MCX. Similar trend is also going to seen in white metal on evening trade.
On morning trade a high positive volatile movement is seen at MCX , in base metal MCX copper for future delivery touch an intraday high of 450.60 with a low of 446.20. today MCX crude oil open at 6505 and touch an intraday high of 6550 on evening trade MCX crude oil for future delivery look to be volatile at MCX in bearish side. MCX nickel made a good correction form 2 day and crosses the level of 900 today and touch an intraday high of 914.40.

SELL GOLD OCT BELOW 28900 TGT 28850, 28750, 28600 STOPLOSS 29200
SELL SILVER SEP BELOW 46400 TGT 46300, 46200, 46000 STOPLOSS 46780
SELL CRUDE OIL AUG BELOW 6530 TGT 6520, 6500, 6580 STOPLOSS 6575

Monday, August 12, 2013

12 august MCX updates : Evening trading level for gold and silver || copper , crude oil trend and intraday tips

Today in Indian Commodity market a sharp increment is seen on morning session. MCX gold and silver were made a good correction on intraday trading, gold prices for future delivery up by more than 1.40% and touch an intraday high of 28404. as i talk in my previous post that gold silver prices going to boom in upcoming week , today both the metal rose up by more than +2000 point on intraday trading at MCX. White metal silver touch an intraday high of 44189 after open at 42820 , more increment are looking in day trading at MCX.
On evening trade bullion seems in positive volatile direction at Multi commodity exchange.
Intraday calls
BUY GOLD OCT ABOVE 28340 TGT 28400, 28450, 28520 STOPLOSS 28150
BUY SILVER SEP ABOVE 43800 TGT 43900, 44000, 44150 STOPLOSS 43500
MCX base metal made a soft correction in early morning trade , today Mcx copper for august delivery touch an intraday high of 446.70 at MCX. Copper prices expected to rose more on evening trade similarly nickel prices also support the trend and show a good trade on Monday . today a good trading is seen in lead, zinc and aluminum , lead for future delivery up by more than 1% on intraday trading while zinc price up by 1.21% and aluminium up by 1.12 %.
Today Mentha oil show a big fall on day trading , at MCX mentha oil prices declined by -2.14 percent. Today at MCX mentha oil prices open at 825 against its previous close of 842.90.

intraday calls
BUY COPPER AUG ABOVE 444.30 TGT 444.80, 445.50, 447 STOPLOSS 440
BUY CRUDE OIL AUG 6460 TGT 6470, 6490, 6510 STOPLOSS 6420
BUY NICKEL AUG ABOVE 906 TGT 907, 909, 912   STOPLOSS 901

Saturday, August 10, 2013

12 Aug gold support and resistance || commodity trend for monday trading || intraday monday MCX trading level

Hello friend after a EID today on Saturday market is trade quite low. On Monday some high trend is looking on domestic trading. Dollar vs Rupees level are make high change , if rupees break more than base metal must be seen in positive side. However, precious metal are volatile for future delivery on coming week but due to festival season some increment is seen in physical buying.

Buy gold if break level 28000 otherwise sell in deep.
Gold support and resistance
S1: 27625, S2: 27500
R1: 28367, R2: 28450
Mcx crude oil for future delivery look in positive in upcoming day, on Monday fresh start some volatile trade is expected in negative side below 6400.
MCX copper and nickel made good correction in this week, and same positive volatile trend is going to seen on Monday morning.
Buy copper Aug above 443 tgt 445, 447
MCX mentha oil and natural gas in upcoming week look weak and lazy for future delivery . On Monday mcx Mentha oil for august delivery looking volatile but if break level of 840 then going to be bearish on morning trade.

Friday, August 9, 2013

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

7 august evening intraday commodity updates || today MCX gold silver tips || Live MCX evening tips for today

Commodity market turn to fully red , gold break the level and comes under 27400 and touch an intraday low of 27364 per 10 gram at MCX for future active delivery. Similarly Mcx silver for future delivery fall by more than 700 point had touch a low of 40765. More declined is being experienced in bullion prices in evening trade at MCX with volatile movement.

MCX crude oil weak on intraday trading for future delivery , today for august delivery it touch a low of 6440, Meanwhile a mixed trend is expected to trade on evening session. Dollar VS Rupees level affect the trend and forces back in downside.
Today MCX copper fall by more than 0.40 percent to 427.20 at 3:31 pm. More declination is look on copper prices for future delivery. However due to strong dollar and overseas support base metal expected to trade with a mixed trend.

Mentha oil prices make a good recovery on afternoon trade after morning bearish watch at MCX. Today for august delivery it touch a low of 842.30 and high level of 861.50.

today MCX lead show a negative trend on morning session and touch a low of 128.50 . on evening trade a soft correction is looking on lead prices if lead not break the level of 128.30 . if it break level then sell your position.

BUY GOLD OCT ABOVE 27400 TGT 27450, 27500 , 27600 STOPLOSS 27250

BUY SILVER SEP ABOVE 41000 TGT 41100, 41200, 41400 STOPLOSS 40680

BUY CRUDE OIL AUG ABOVE 6450 TGT 6460, 6480, 6500 STOPLOSS 6400

BUY LEAD AUG ABOVE 128.60 TGT 128.90, 129.40, 130 STOPLOSS 127.50

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

06/08/13 Today Crude , copper on higher node | MCX Mentha oil should recover on intraday trading| intraday MCX Metal tips

Due to strong Dollar position agianst Indian curreency crude oil traded in positive side with low trend in Domestic MCX. Today for future delivery it open at 6556 but as day passes a negative trend is hope in afternoon trade. If we talk about MCX Natural gas a sharp correction are seen on Tuesday morning form opening price , today natural gas for future delivery open at 204.20 and touch an intraday high of 406.10. more increment are looking in day trading with some volatile trend.

In base metal MCX copper and Nickel are performing well on intraday trade for future active delivery, today MCX copper open at 429 against its previous close of 428.20. similarly Mcx nickel gain some good point on intraday trade and touch a high of 857.30 after open at 850. Mcx lead and zinc also trading in positive side and a low volatile trend expected in today trade.

MCX Mentha oil and cotton are bearish on day trading , a huge fall had seen on opening hour in cotton prices and touch a intraday low of 20080. some correction is hope in cotton prices above 20150. however, Mentha oil for future delivery open in green side but low trend back to negative side. Today Mentha oil touch a low of 836.30 at 11:47 Am.
Today both are look volatile in day trading and some good correction in seen at MCX.

BUY MENTHA OIL AUG 840 TGT 843, 847, 852 STOPLOSS 832

BUY COTTON OCT ABOVE 20150 TGT 20200, 20250, 20300 STOPLOSS 20000

BUY CRUDE OIL AUG 6570 TGT 6580, 6600, 6620 STOPLOSS 6530

BUY NICKEl AUG ABOVE 857.50 TGT 858, 860, 862 STOPLOSS 853


06/08/13 Rupees Touch new Low || intraday Gold silver show Mixed trend || today intraday gold silver tips

On tuesday Morning Indian rupees Declined and touch a new record low of 61.51 against the US currency. On Monday trade it close at 60.88 and its impact on Indian share market in seen on Tuesday morning. Meanwhile At MCX commodity market yellow metal are open in positive side but low demand refuses the trend and gold prices for future delivery trading in downside. Today MCX gold prices for October delivery open at 27870 its previous close is Rs 27856 per 10 gram.
On intraday trading for morning session gold prices expected to trade in downside with small correction in afternoon session.
on the other hand white metal silver open in negative side at 41550 for future delivery its previous close is Rs 41760 per Kg. Some positive trend in expected on intraday trading while silver look to break the opening level in downside.

GOLD Support and Resistance
S1: 27560, S2: 27423
R1: 28110, R2: 28225

Intraday calls

BUY SILVER SEP ABOVE 41750 TGT 41850, 42000, 42100 STOPLOSS 41500

BUY GOLD OCT ABOVE 27800 TGT 27840, 27900, 27950 STOPLOSS 27700

Monday, August 5, 2013

Evening MCX commodity Prediction|| today gold silver weak on intraday trading & intraday trading calls for MCX

After morning positive trade domestic MCX market seems to turn in red side, hot gold and silver for future delivery gain some correction in morning session but low overseas support and Weak US jobs data forcing the market in negative side. If we move towards base metal a weak and low movement are seen on intraday trading today MCX copper for future trade fall from opening position and touch an intraday low of 425. some positive correction is expected in metal on afternoon trade at MCX. MCX nickel and Lead prices are hopes to some gain in noon meanwhile in evening trade some positive volatile data is expected.

MCX energies commodity are negative on intraday trading , MCX crude oil prices for future delivery fluctuate on day trading on Monday fresh start. At MCX crude oil is open at 6532 and touch in intraday high of 6560 with a low of 6518. Mentha oil for future delivery are weak but positive on MCX , a low trend is seen on intraday trading on evening trade . Today it touch a low of 879.20.

Intraday calls

BUY GOLD OCT ABOVE 28050 TGT 28100, 28150, 28250 STOPLOSS 27870

BUY SILVER SEP ABOVE 41980 TGT 42050, 42130, 42250 STOPLOSS 41800

BUY COPPER AUG ABOVE 427.50 TGT 428, 429, 431 STOPLOSS 425

Friday, August 2, 2013

2 August MCX energies updates|| Crude oil break level of 6600 , MCx mentha oil goes bearish on intraday trading

Today in energies commodity mixed trend are watched on opening at domestic commodity exchange, MCX crude oil for future delivery open at 6575 against its previous close at 6557 , a good rally had seen on thursday trading session , due to certain increment in Dollar demand Crude oil prices jump in domestic market. On intraday trading crude oil is bullish and expected more increment in coming week at MCX,
natural gas for future delivery are bearish on continuously second day, today it open at 206.50 agianst its last close of 206.70. on day trading more decrement is observed in today trade with some correction in evening time.
Mentha oil is open in positive side on Friday morning at 915 against its last close of Rs 912, on early trading hour a positive movement seen and mentha oil touch a high of 922. for whole day mentha oil is expected to trade in volatile side with positive side.

BUY CRUDE OIL AUGUST ABOVE 6590 TGT 6600, 6620, 6650 STOPLOSS 6550





Thursday, August 1, 2013

Today lead prices bullish At MCX meanwhile natural gas looks bearish| Evening commodity gold silver Trading level

On morning trade some depreciation had seen on white metal, today silver prices at Mcx for future delivery declined by more than 0.59 percent and touch a low of 41230 meanwhile some increment also has been watched on yesterday closing price of 41520 to 41548. on evening trade a mixed with high volume is expected above 41500. if we talk about yellow metal some notably changes had seen in overseas and domestci market , inspite of Dollar and Rupees Level gold prices climb in domestic market and many analyst believe that gold prices soon in this year touch the mark of 30,000. Today on intraday trading gold prices touch an intraday high of 28400 with a low 28064.

if we move towards energies commodity some increment are seen in Crude oil prices , today at MCX for future delivery crude oil open at 6414 , on intraday trading it touch a high of 6453 . however, today natural gas are trading in downside with a negative trend and touch an intraday low of 208.40 . on evening trade some correction are looking in natural gas at MCX.

On base metal a high increment are seen on the opening of month , today lead price touches an intraday high of 125.80 . on evening trade more correction are expected in copper and lead , today copper price at MCX touches a high of 424.15 after open at 421.55. today nickel prices and trading with mixed trend on intraday trading it touch high level of 852 and low of 844.50, on evening trading session same movement is expected at Multi commodity exchange.

Intraday Mcx tips

SELL GOLD AUGUST BELOW 28300 TGT 28250, 28200 , 28150 STOPLOSS 28430

SELL SILVER SEPTEMBER BELOW 41450 TGT 41380, 41300, 41200 STOPLOSS 41600


BUY LEAD AUGUST ABOVE 127.60 TGT 128, 128.50 , 129 STOPLOSS 125.20


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