Friday, December 27, 2013

MCX gold silver sluggish | Natural gas prices drop after a good rally

After yesterday gain gold silver fail to continue its positive rally and showing a down trend since opening. Gold trading negative declined by 0.57% to 28414 at Mcx. On evening trading yellow metal expected to trade volatile in favor of bearish trend.

After a long positive rally Natural gas prices declined little on Friday last trading session of the week. On Friday morning natural gas prices drop by 1.11% to 276.40. small correction is expected on evening session Around 279

buy gold feb above 28500 tgt 28560/ 28630/ 28700 sl 28400

buy silver mar above 44800 tgt 44900/ 45050/ 45300 sl 44700

buy nickel dec above 881 tgt 884/ 887 / 890 sl 877

Monday, December 23, 2013

23 Dec Commodity tips | MCX gold silver updates

Today commodity market fumbled in down side on morning hours but looking to come back in positive side with a small fluctuation in market. A high volume supported a bullion market, but open interest not supported a trend .

gold support and resistance for today trading

S1: 28390 , S2: 28300
R1: 28650, R2: 28745

Mcx natural gas prices climbed very rapidly in his month a , in today natural gas gain around 1.40% to 279.90 and for long term trader a good chance to book a  healthy profit in coming weeks.

sell gold feb below 28400 tgt 28370/ 28320/ 28250 sl 28480

sell silver mar 43700 tgt 43620/ 43540/ 43400 sl 43850


Friday, December 20, 2013

MCx report for gold and silver . evening trading tips

Today commodity market open slightly low gold and silver prices open with minor loss in yesterday heavy fall, MCX gold price open with a loss of -2 point to 28360 while silver open at 43866 .
today gold expected to bound in the range of

natural gas again getting the mark on long side after a two day decrements , a sharply rise going to watch in this week above 270 to 280.

a lazy movement are looking in base metal today copper and nickel both are looking in sideways on morning but resistance are break around 890 in nickel and expected 900 level in coming days. In zinc a good rally are expected around 122 to 126.

buy mentha oil dec below 827 tgt 830/ 833/837 sl 823
buy gold feb above 28440 tgt 28480/ 28520/ 28600 sl 28350

buy silver mar above 44050 tgt 44120/. 44200/ 44300 sl 43900


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Natural gas gain 1.50% at MCX | today MCX gold silver bullish

Commodity market positive after a RBI unchanged monetary review,at MCX natural gas show correction after a two day fall for December delivery , today natural gas gain 1.50% to 268.80. after making this high market fall down to make a low of 263.60 on intraday trading.

After a consolidate trend in nickel market rise to upside , today nickel open at 869.30 on evening session some declined might be seen but trend support a good upper move. However bullion prices move good after a yesterday declined on evening time. On evening session gold prices to look in the range of 28670 to 28900. while silver prices to expected to 44750 in downside but in positive side a good rally are looking in evening trade.

Buy gold feb above 28750 tgt 28800/ 28850/ 28900 sl 28680

buy silver mar above 45100 tgt 45180/ 45260/ 45350 sl 44900


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Today MCX tips| Evening gold silver tips | MCx copper , nickel level

Gold silver prices following a bearish trend after a positive close of Indian Currency to 62.05 rupees gain +31 paise Vs US dollar. Yellow metal up by +77 point to 29139 . however silver for march contract down by -159 point to 43979 per kg.

Buy gold feb above 29150 tgt 29180/ 29220/ 29300 sl 29050

sell silver march below 43950 tgt 43880/ 43800/ 43700 sl 44150

Buy mentha oil dec above 866 tgt 868/ 871 sl 862

buy copper fec above 446 tgt 448 / 451 sl 441

buy nickel dec above 845 tgt 848/ 851 /855 sl 838

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

26 November Nifty top gainer and loser | nifty closing price and tomorrow trend

Today Indian share market closes in bearish side , 50 stock Nifty end negative side at 6059.10 declined by -0.92% or 56.25 . In today trade Nifty made a high of 6112.70 with a low of 6047.75. In nifty more declined in expected in tomorrow trade around 6000-6015.

NIFTY top Gainer

Company Prev Close (Rs) Current Price (Rs) % Change
Bharat Heavy Ele 144.3 147.75 +2.39
Lupin Ltd. 850.6 865.25 +1.72
Hindustan Unilever L 581 588.70 +1.33
Tata Motors Ltd. 386.15 390.25 +1.06
Hero MotoCorp 2026.35 2,045.95 +.97

NIFTY top Loser

Company Prev Close (Rs) Current Price (Rs) % Change
Bharat Petroleum 347.4 324.85 -6.49
Bank of Baroda 633.05 608.05 -3.95
NMDC Ltd. 130.95 126.35 -3.51
ICICI Bank 1074.6 1,043.75 -2.87
Bharti Airtel 336.15 327.05 -2.71

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

19 November MCX gold silver tips | today bullion support and resistance trading level

Commodity market trading weak in previous and same trend are also seen on Monday trading, yesterday a heavy fall had seen in gold and silver prices , silver prices come to 45000 and expected to more fall in coming days due to weak global demand .

On Tuesday morning more declined had seen in dollar while rupees cover up more near to 62 per dollar. On morning session rupees gain 21 pasie to 62.21 against US currency.
Yellow metal show some variation in morning session in positive session after open in green side at 30077 , some positive upper trend is looking in gold prices with a up and down. If gold prices break a level of 30010 then sell with a target of 29850 however if break level of 30080 then set a target of 30150.

today silver prices open at 45156 against its previous close of 45335 , if silver break a support of 45100 then sell on high.  


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

12 nov MCX tips| today Live gold silver tips and base metal tips

BUY NATURAL GAS NOV ABOVE 228.25 TGT 228.75/ 229.25/ 230 SL 226.50

BUY MENTHA OIL NOV ABOVE 897 TGT 899/ 901/ 905 SL 890

BUY NICKEL NOV ABOVE 880.50 TGT 881.50/ 883/ 885 SL 876

BUY GOLD DEC ABOVE 30150 TGT 30200/ 30250 / 30350 SL 29900

BUY SILVER DEC ABOVE 48100 TGT 48200/ 48400/ 48650 SL 47700

Monday, November 11, 2013

11 nov MCX evening updates | commodity trend and tips for today | mcx trading level

Their is no such major movement had seen on Monday two session of commodity trading, Mcx market are trading in positive zone but movement not satisfy the investor. Gold for future delivery expected to bound in the range of 29500 and 30000 in today trade. While white metal for delivery in December gain 0.36% to 48317 however made a intraday high of 48500. on evening session both the precious metal expected to run in green zone with a positive trend.

If we look at out crude flat trend is seen while graph showing a consolidate position around 6000 to 6050. today market is not looking in a mood to trade high due to US market close .
On MCX base metal copper and nickel price show some movement is seen in morning session after all not such healthy return is seen in afternoon trade. If we look on evening session some movement is expected above their opening position.

Buy gold dec 29800 tgt 29830/ 29875/ 29950 sl 29670

buy copper nov 458.25 tgt 459/ 460/ 461 sl 455.50

buy nickel nov above 883.50 tgt 885/ 887/ 890 sl 878


Saturday, November 9, 2013

MCX commodity report this week| gold trend ,support and Resistance and commodity updates for upcoming week

Commodity report this week

MCX bullion

this week gold and silver prices fall down sharply form a high level despite of a big festival Diwali and closes to 29705 per 10 gram at MCX . Many analyst believe that market expected to be volatile in upcoming week due to correction in Dollar prices after US job data up in October month. In global market gold prices fall around 2% to their lowest to $1282.69 an ounce since October 17. while silver price in international market down by 1.3% to $21.35 an ounce . In Indian market silver prices closes to 48144 after made a low of 48004 in Mcx for December delivery.

Gold support and resistance

S1: 29150 , S2: 29050
R1: 30300, R2: 30780


After a low week trend crude oil prices for delivery in November closes in positive zone to 5993 up by +53 point at MCX. In coming week crude oil look above 6000 due to strong demand raise in US market. While natural gas show a high increment on Friday that's close to 227.10 hope more in upside above 230 and hover between 225 to 237 in this week.
Mentha oil in this week look bearish overall will low correction is seen in November delivery. On Friday trading session mentha oil trade in upper side on morning but low volume break down to make a low of 870.10. in upcoming week we can see mentha oil above 870 within the range of 890.

crude oil support and resistance

S1: 5900, S2: 5800

R1: 6120, R2: 6250

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

MCX evening tips : gold silver prices look bullish in evening session | buy copper and zinc

On evening trading commodity Mcx are looking to fire in bullish side , most traded gold and silver expecting higher in this session. However other base metal like copper ,zinc and nickel look above in upper side with a positive trend.

Buy gold dec above 29700 tgt 29750/ 29800/ 29850 sl 29550

Buy silver dec above 48900 tgt 49000/ 49100/ 49300 sl 48500

Buy zinc oct above 119 tgt 119.30/ 119.60/ 120 sl 118

Buy copper nov above 454.30 tgt 455/ 456/ 456.50 sl 452

Monday, October 14, 2013

Today MCX tips: Trading level for gold,silver,nickel, copper and natural gas

Buy gold dec above 28650 tgt 28700/ 28800/ 28900 sl 28475

 Buy silver dec above 47350 tgt 47450/ 47650/ 48000 sl 47050

 Buy copper nov above 449 tgt 450/ 451/ 453 sl 446

 buy nickel oct above 855 tgt 859/ 862/ 865 sl 850

Buy natural gas oct above 236 tgt 237/238/240 sl 233

buy mentha oil oct above 858 tgt 860/864/ 870 sl 847

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Evening metal trend and tips| today rupees closed by gain 58 paise at Interbank foreign exchange

MCX metal show sharp negative edge on afternoon trade and expected more declined in remaining session. Mcx copper price for future delivery round up around 440 but a break out is looking and more bearish is seen on remaining session below 440. however nickel also weak at Mcx which fall 0.45% to 845 more negative track are watching on base metal in today trade.
Sell high all metal form current prices.

Today rupees close strongly at inter bank foreign exchange by 61.35 by correcting its position by +58 paise against weak dollar.

Sell copper nov below 442.50 tgt 442/ 440/ 438 sl 446

sell nickel oct below 845.50 tgt 844/ 841/ 835 sl 453

sell lead oct below 127 tgt 126.50/ 126/ 125 sl 128.50

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

08/10/13 MCX evening tips || today Gold silver looking volatile on evening session

Dollar gain continuously on second day at Interbank foreign exchange favor Indian commodity market to jump in market. Today on intraday trading most commodity are trading in green side at Multi commodity exchange. Mcx base metal looking to fire on evening trade,today MCX lead for future delivery gain 1.81% to made a high of 129.15 and expected more firework on last session. However, nickel, copper and zinc also up by more than 1% and looking in good position on intraday trading.

Today Mcx gold and silver trading quite low in first two session but gain in dollar boost precious metal prices on evening session. Mcx gold and silver for delivery in December expected to trade volatile on evening session. 

Sell gold dec below 29550 tgt 29500/ 29450/ 29400 sl 29700

sell silver dec below 49650 tgt 49600/ 49500/ 49300 sl 50000

sell crude oil oct below 6430 tgt 6420/ 6400/ 6370 sl 6460 

Friday, October 4, 2013

MCX tips: Today gold silver tips || Live spot rate and gold silver update for 04/10/13|| rupees gain 27 paise on friday

Indian rupees become more strong on opening of friday currency trade by gain 27 paise to 61.47 per dollar. A continous depreciation in dollar prices due to closing of government in US refuses all demand in US currency result negaitve at Inter bank Foreign exchange.

After yesterday positive volatile trade market open in a negative zone , today Mcx gold for future delivery open at bearish side at 29930 against its last close of 30204. silver prices also trading with bearish note after open at 48201 by losing -452 point on Mcx trading.

On spot market silver prices are trading around 47828 per kg on last closing, while gold price are watched near 29455 per 10 gram on India.

SELL GOLD OCT BELOW 29930 TGT 29900/ 29850/ 29800 SL 30060

SELL SILVER DEC BELOW 48150 TGT 48050 / 47900/ 47700 SL 48550

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Evening gold silver tips || Dollar break a 8 month low below 62 || base metal going to fall on evening session

Dollar touch a 8 month low today , rupees strong against dollar on Thursday trade by gain 0.72 paise to 61.76 at inter bank foreign exchange. Indian bullion market are positive in today trade, on Thursday early morning gold made a high of 30120 while silver made a high of 48729.

on evening trade some negative trend is looking in bullion prices , gold prices expected to fall in downside below 30000 while silver may be seen downside below 48000.

a sharp fallen is observed in copper prices on evening session, today copper are volatile on morning trade while on evening a bearish trend below 457. on all base metal a heavy declined is especially in nickel, zinc and copper.

However in energies commodity crude oil shown consolidate position near 6440 since morning at MCX. If rupees close more bearish below 62 then crude oil might be seen in downside below 6400.

SELL GOLD OCT BELOW 29880 TGT 29850 / 29800/ 29700 SL 30025

SELL SILVER DEC BELOW 48200 TGT 48100/ 47950/ 47800 SL 48600

SELL COPPER NOV BELOW 457 TGT 456/ 454.50/ 453 SL 460

Monday, September 30, 2013

Today Evening MCX tips, live gold silver trading level and rupees current position

Indian Currency trading in downside near 62.63 to 62.80 against Dollar. Today Indian share market closed in down side while commodity market are trading bearish . Domestic physical demand are reduced in Indian market which is going to jump in coming week due to festive season. Currently gold and silver are trading in downside since morning and on evening session expected the same trend. On intraday trading gold price made a low of 30470 while silver touch a low of 48955 per kg.
today copper prices are declined at MCX by 0.70% to 465 demand are changes due top Manson factor which causes copper volatile on overseas and domestic. Alloy industry also suffering due to low demand in metal like zinc, lead, and nickel.
On evening trade rupees lead to recover and expected to be close in green side, and base metal trade in downside.

Today Mcx tips

sell gold oct below 30570 tgt 30500/ 30400/ 30300 sl 30750

sell silver dec below 49200 tgt 49100/ 49000/ 48700 sl 49650

sell nickel oct below 882 tgt 880/ 876/ 870 sl 892

sell mentha oil oct below 866 tgt 863/ 860/ 855 sl 875

Thursday, September 26, 2013

26/09/13 Evening MCx tips || Natural gas and Mentha oil are bearish on intraday trading || today gold silver tips

A very tizzy trend is seen on two session at Domestic commodity market, no big impression are seen in any commodity. However, some commodities are trying to recover in market but a low demand refuses the trend and low lazy trend are on Thursday morning and afternoon session.
On evening session a similar trend is expected, while bullion might be volatile , if gold prices break a level 30100 then sell with a small target while buy above 30250.
on evening trade silver prices might be seen in downside with a heavy fall , if it break a level of 48800 then sell in deep while if it move above then 49300 with a target of 49700.

today some movement are seen on Mentha oil which made a low of 848 after open at 866. on evening trade Mentha oil for future delivery expected to move with same bearish trend with a small gain on Market.
On natural gas a high fall had seen whihc drop in downside by more than 1.50% and touch a low of 221.70. a small correction is look if dollar gain against Other Asian currency.

SELL GOLD OCT BELOW 30100 TGT 30050/ 30000/29000 SL 30290

SELL SILEVR DEC BELOW 49250 TGT 49150/ 49000/ 48500 SL 49600

SELL NICKEL SEP BELOW 858 TGT 856/ 854/ 850 SL 865

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

MCX tips: today gold silver trading position || Live commodity market updates and evening MCX recommendation

Base metal:-

Today Indian commodity market look bearish rupees recovering at forex trading. At Mcx copper for future delivery look in downside , on intraday trading it open at 462.60 and advice to sell in deep with a stoploss of 475. Nickel also following a same trend with a support of 846 and a resistance of 900.

bullion :-
Mcx gold and silver look in downside , silver prices expected below 49000 per kg in today intraday trade. While gold for October delivery are sluggish and negative on day evening session. Sell both the metal for short target in gold while sell silver with large target.

in energies no positive fall is looking in today evening session but if dollar prices closes positive then might be mild correction in watched in crude oil. Today crude oil open at 6536 and made a high of 6546 with a low of 6498 per barrel.
Mentha oil and natural gas are volatile on Tuesday trade, natural gas is expected to bounce back at MCX on evening session. While mentha oil are bounded in the range of 880 to 845.

today MCX tips

SELL GOLD OCT BELOW 29670 TGT 29620/ 29570/29500 SL 29800

SELL SILVER DEC BELOW 48650 TGT 48550/48400/ 48000 SL 49100


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

18 September Evening MCX trend and Tips || fed report impact on commodity and metal movement today

On Tuesday Increase in import duty form 10 to 15 percent to protect domestic jeweler industry will help to curb gold prices in Domestic market. At MCX gold for future delivery comes to 29277 on intraday trading by declined more than 1% on Wednesday trade. More declined in observed at MCX while similar fashion is followed by white metal which made a low of 48488 per kg on today trade. Buy gold if it break level of 29650 while sell in deep if turn down below 29250. similarly in silver buy above 49300 with big target and sell in deep if it break a level of 48400.

Fed report is very important aspect on tomorrow session, a high volatility might be seen on evening trade at MCX.
At MCX today crude oil follow a bullish trend and made a high of 6738 for future delivery. Crude oil prices expected to bound in the range 6600 to 6850 in today trade while correction in dollar prices support crude oil at domestic commodity market.

Base metal recover at MCX after morning negative session and expected some positive trend on evening. Buy copper above 459 with small target while if copper fall then sell below 455.50.
nickel and lead also seems positive on today trade , nickel gain more than 1% while lead price at MCX made a high of 130.30 or 0.90%. 


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Today Evening commodity tips

SELL GOLD OCT BELOW 30320 TGT 30270/30220/ 30150 SL 30480

SELL SILVER DEC BELOW 51510 TGT 51450/ 51300/ 51000 SL 52000

BUY MENTHA OIL SEP ABOVE 894 TGT 896/ 900/ 905 SL 882

BUY NICKEL SEP ABOVE 873 TGT 878/ 883/ 890 SL 855

SELL CRUDE OIL SEP BELOW 6920 TGT 6880/ 6850/ 6820 SL 7000

12/09/13 Today Indian share market prediction

On Thursday Indian stock market observe with a mixed trend, banking sector stock are watched on downside with small slip in early hour all big giant HDFC,SBI, ICICI all are showing bearish trend. Due to continuous correction in this weak of Indian Rupees against Dollar IT sector stock are weak and trade in negative direction.
Auto sector stock also weak in market while both the Index are falling down due to small gain in Dollar prices.

This is a good time to invest in auto sector for long term with a holding to 2 month, in Indian market auto sector going to take a high jump in near end of october end week on the festival and marriage occasion .

Pharma sector gain on market despite rupees slip on Forex trade at Inter bank foreign exchange.
Dr. reddy labs, cipla all are moving ahead on early trade.


BUY CIPLA ABOVE 441 TGT 442/444/446 SL 436

BUY HDFC BANK ABOVE 637 TGT 639/641/643 SL 631

BUY BAJAJ AUTO 1986 TGT 1990/1995/2005 SL 1972


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Evening crude and copper Trading level, today Buy sell tips

Mcx Copper and crude oil are follow a low trend today in early two session, on evening session more depreciation in negative direction is expected. Continuous recovery in rupees make red shower in domestic market, crude oil were trading on negative path but correction is hope on evening session in positive direction.
On evening session buy crude oil is it cross the mark of 6850 with target 6870,6900, 6930 while if not follow positive trend and drop then sell it on deep below 6800.

copper for delivery in November made a low of 465.30 and expected negative trend on evening session so for long term trader it good to buy in deep and wait for good level while short term trader sell copper above 473.

nickel trader be conscious on evening trade a volatile with high movement is going to seen at MCX. Sell nickel in deep below 870 while buy above 876 with small targets.

For zinc and lead future trader it is good time to buy and hold for month a strong fresh demand is looking form industry in Asian market.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

10/09/13 Rupees continue to recover , Indian share market up by more than 2.50% | today free stock prediction

Continuous recovery on Indian currency result declined on domestic commodity market at MCX. In previous month import of gold reduce to 95% that was a win of Indian government in controlling gold importation. I think this week Indian rupees expected to trade in the range of 63 to 65.70 per dollar. Currently Indian
currency in strong position but in today trade small correction is expected in dollar prices.

If we move towards the Indian share market a sharp increment is watched on morning session at BSE sensex which made a day high of 19822.16 or 2.85% while CNX nifty touch a high of 5848.49 after open at 5738.50.



BUY BAJAJ AUTO ABOVE 1975 TGT 1978/ 1982/ 1990 STOPLOSS 1960


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

04/09/13 Indian share market opening position|| free stock prediction for today and buy sell stock tips

Today Indian share market gain on opening of wednesday trade, midcap index was up by 0.4% and the small cap index up by 0.2%. however, Indian rupees continue to slip against high Demand dollar, Rupees was trading at 68.08 per dollar at 10:28 am. At 1030 hrs the sensex was up 275.86 point to 18510.52 whereas Nifty up by 88.65 point to 5430.10.


BUY CIPLA ABOVE 415.50 TGT 416, 417, 419 STOPLOSS 411

BUY HDFC BANK ABOVE 572 TGT 573, 575, 577 STOPLOSS 567


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Today Rupees fall to 68/dollar || gold silver prices high at MCX and Intraday Jackpot calls for 03/09/13 wednesday

Today Rupees again slip to the level of 68.01 per dollar at inter bank foreign exchange. A huge correction is seen on gold and silver on this week,in this two days silver recover more than 6% or 4000 rs per kg. Currently silver prices are trading near 56305, while gold price at 33700 per 10 gram.
All commodity are on the hard pitch and expected a more score on today session, if we look base metal Mcx copper and nickel for future delivery rose up high today copper prices cross again the level of 500 and touch an intraday high of 504.80 while nickel made a high of 940. a soft mild correction is also watched in lead and zinc prices at MCX for future delivery.

Energies commodity also got fire in afternoon session, today natural gas again cover up the level of 250 but not looking to forward that position for a long time, today Mcx natural gas for future delivery made a high of 252,while mentha oil touch a high of 953. Crude oil for future delivery break again the level of 7350 and made a hike of 7377 per barrel.

Today tips

BUY GOLD OCT ABOVE 33750 tgt 33800, 33870, 34000 STOPLOSS 33450

BUY SILVER SEP ABOVE 56450 TGT 56550, 56700, 57000 STOPLOSS 55900

BUY CRUDE OIL SEP ABOVE 7350 TGT 7370, 7390, 7430 STOPLOSS 7270


BUY NICKEL SEP ABOVE 937.50 TGT 939, 942, 950 STOPLOSS 927

Monday, September 2, 2013

02/09/13 MCX tips: Today MCX commodity movement is volatile || gold silver prices looking to volatile on evening

After morning bearish trade commodity market are on the way of correction. Top metals are trading low volatile and expected to trade volatile for today session at MCX. Crude oil, gold , silver all are trading quite low with a bit volatile. Crude oil prices for future delivery are trading below 7100 but after opening at 7190 per barrel.crude oil for future delivery expected to bounce back in the market
on the evening trade.
 At MCX yellow metal for future delivery open at 32815 and touch a low of 32426 per 10 gram. While silver prices touch a low of 51099 after a big fall at MCX against its previous close of 53212 per kg. On evening trade bullion seems to volatile will if rupees closed then might be trade bearish.

MCX tips Today

SELL GOLD OCT BELOW 32675 TGT 32625, 31550, 31475 STOPLOSS 54875

SELL SILVER SEP BELOW 54000 TGT 53900, 53800, 53500 STOPLOSS 54500

SELL CRUDE OIL SEP BELOW 7100 TGT 7080, 7060, 7020 S TOPLOSS 7175


Thursday, August 29, 2013

29/0813 commodity trend for evening session || Today base metal trade positive in future delivery nickel and lead prices jump in Indian market

After morning low positive trend precious commodity look to move ahead, a high fluctuation is going to seen in green side. On Thursday morning recovering in Rupees commodity trade in low positive side, yellow metal for October delivery gain 0.96% to 33720 while touch a day high of 33842 per 10 gram. Silver prices in September delivery fall in early trading and some negative movement is seen ad expected a volatile trend in evening session at MCX. Gold price at MCX fail to continue its 34000 and break down below 34000 per 10 grams.
Crude oil prices are more positive in this week due to dollar demand and Syria Critical condition crude oil in Domestic market jump and continue its rally towards up side. However, Brent Crude fall below $116 after two day gain , Mcx crude oil for future delivery play at 7432 at 2.55 pm by increment of 1.16% .
base metal prices take a small jump at MCX due to rising in firm demand, nickel for future delivery on early morning moved up by 1.51% to 955.40 per kg at MCX. At LME nickel prices climbed up by 0.4% to $14,240 per
 tonnes , at MCX for future trade nickle price last watched at 949.30 per tonnes. Copper at Mcx for august delivery on its second last day of trading jump by 1.50% to 491.40 with an intraday high of 495.30 per tonnes. On evening trade metal are looking in low side with a volatile trend at Mcx.

BUY GOLD OCT ABOVE 33450 TGT 33500 TGT 33550, 33700 STOPLOSS 33150

BUY SILVER SEP ABOVE 55500 TGT 55600, 55700, 55900 STOPLOSS 55150

BUY CRUDE OIL SEP ABOVE 7390 TGT 7410, 7430, 7460 STOPLOSS 7330

BUY LEAD AUG ABOVE 148.30 TGT 148.80, 149.30, 150 STOPLOSS 146


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

28/08/13 Intraday MCX tips|| rupees very near to 70 per dollar and today HNI calls

Today rupees again open in negative mood and touch all time record low of 68.51 per dollar by declined more than 2 rupees at Interbank foriegn exchange. Buy bullion today all commodity are in fire and earn high profit.

MCX Intraday calls

BUY SILVER SEP ABOVE 59000 TGT 59300, 59500, 60000 STOPLOSS 58450

BUY GOLD OCT ABOVE 34350 TGT 34400, 34480, 34600 STOPLOSS 34150

BUY CRUDE OIL SEP ABOVE 7740 TGT 7770, 7800, 7850 STOPLOSS 7670

BUY NATURAL GAS SEP ABOVE 251.50 TGT 252.50, 254, 256 STOPLOSS 248


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

27/08/13 Today Rupees made new life low of 66.08|| intraday gold silver tips for today for evening trading

On Tuesday at Interbank foreign exchange, Rupees fall by 177 paise against US dollar to 66.07 per dollar, rupees continue falling against strong US currency due to increment in Dollar demand from banker and persistent capital outflow.
Due to weak currency Indian share market are fall in negative side , today SENSEX fall by -554.86 to 18003.27 while NIFTY fall by -177.05 to 5299.45 on day trading.
But declination in Rupees support yellow metal to jump in market, on intraday trading gold prices for future delivery jump by more than 3% and touch an intraday high of 32933 per 10 gram. More increment are looking on day trading and expected to crosses the new record of 33000 and more in upcoming session. While silver prices again show the level of 55000 per kg at MCX after a long time. Silver prices for future delivery look more high on evening trade and expected to cross 56000 on today trade.

BUY GOLD OCT ABOVE 32750 TGT 32850, 32940,33050 STOPLOSS 32600

BUY SILVER SEP ABOVE 55300 TGT 55400, 55550, 55700 STOPLOSS 54950

BUY CRUDE OIL SEP ABOVE 7000 TGT 7015, 7030, 7050 STOPLOSS 6950


Monday, August 26, 2013

26/08/13 MCX TIps: Today MCX copper and Natural gas Jump on early trade || intraday gold silver tips for today

Good morning friends, on starting of new week domestic Commodity market Mcx show a full on green, Mcx gold prices again ready to continue its positive momentum, today its open at 31806 and expected to show a volatile trend in today trade, while if we move to silver prices its open at 53700 a big gain on opening day against its last close of 53473 per kg. After sharp recovery in Dollar prices crude oil prices looks in good level, and hope to trade in positive side today at MCX.

On Monday morning a good opening had seen in base metal especially in Copper prices , today Mcx copper for august delivery open at 476.45 and raise by 0.87% on intraday trading. However same trend are watched on natural gas for future delivery today it open with bit correction in its last closing and open at 224 , a sharp correction with an increment by more than 1.50% had seen on early hour of trading at MCX.a positive day a seems on natural to book a good profit.

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Intraday calls

BUY NATURAL GAS SEP ABOVE 226.80 TGT 227.50, 228.50, 230 STOPLOSS 223

BUY GOLD OCT ABOVE 31850 TGT 31890, 31950, 32050 STOPLOSS 31670

BUY SILVER SEP ABOVE 54000 TGT 54100, 54250, 54400 STOPLOSS 53650

Friday, August 23, 2013

Evening commodity tips for Today 23/08/13 || intraday mcx tips ||MCX commodity news

Today commodity market are trading in the range bounded , gold prices expected to break the level of 31600 on evening session , if today gold prices break this level then in upcoming week we see gold in bullish note at MCX. Today gold for future delivery on morning trade touch an intraday high of 31489 with a low of 31236 per 10 gram. MCX silver for future delivery touch an intraday high of 51786 per kg,today silver prices raise by more than 0.60% and hope to gain more on evening trading.

Today crude oil price trading in the range bounded between 6800-6710 per barrel, but due to recovery in Indian currency crude oil looking in bearish side below 6750 in evening trade.
On base metal a good correction is seen on morning trade in copper and nickel , today MCX copper up by more than 1% and touch an intraday high of 476.15 , nickel up by 0.89% to 932.80 at Mulit commodity exchange. Lead , zinc and aluminum also made a bit correction on yesterday closing and expected to trade low on evening session.

After morning positive trade natural gas for future trade turn to red side , on afternoon trade natural gas fall by 0.53% or -1.20 on intraday trading and touch a low of 225.60.

BUY GOLD OCT ABOVE 31250 TGT 31300, 31350, 31450 STOPLOSS 31050

BUY SILVER SEP ABOVE 51520 TGT 51600, 51700, 51850 STOPLOSS 51300

BUY CRUDE OIL SEP ABOVE 6770 TGT 6780, 6800, 6820 STOPLOSS 6720

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

20/08/13 Evening commodity Prediction|| today Accurate Buy Sell calls for evening trading || intraday Copper , nickel tips for today

Today in Indian commodity market a bearish trend is seen from morning session, a sharp declined had seen on gold and silver prices after a continuous increment on intraday trading for future delivery. But again a correction is looking in gold silver prices due to increment in physical buying in China and India. Global precious metal demand is going to Rise on end of August , today silver prices drop by near 4% and touch a low of 49167 . however, gold prices touch a low of 30240 for October delivery at Mcx.

 If we move towards energies commodity crude oil, natural gas and mentha oil all are trading in downside on Tuesday morning session, today natural gas fell by -1.13% and touch a low of 216.60 after a 3 continuous positive session. Mcx mentha oil for future delivery prices declined by more than -1.94% and touch a low of 856.20 after open at 871.20.

In base metal a negative session is continued form morning , MCX copper, nickel , Zinc , lead and aluminium all are watched in downside after a morning low positive trend. Today Mcx copper touch a low of 461 , nickel 920.40, lead 137.80 and zinc 121.35 on intraday trading for future delivery. In today Remaining session more declined is expected with some mild correction on evening trading.

 Intraday MCX tips

 BUY COPPER AUG ABOVE 465 TGT 466, 468, 470 STOPLOSS 460.50

 BUY NICKEL AUG ABOVE 932 TGT 935, 938, 942 STOPLOSS 923

 BUY SILVER SEP ABOVE 50400 TGT 50500, 50650, 50900 STOPLOSS 49900

 BUY GOLD OCT ABOVE 30900 TGT 30960,31050, 31200 STOPLOSS 30550

Monday, August 19, 2013

19/08/13 Commodity Evening tips|| intraday MCx tips and Live gold silver Chart

BUY SILVER SEP ABOVE 51100 TGT 51200, 51300, 51450 STOPLOSS 50700

BUY GOLD OCT ABOVE 31200 TGT 31350, 31450, 31550 STOPLOSS 30700

BUY CRUDE OIL AUG ABOVE 6770 TGT 6785, 6800, 6825 STOPLOSS 6720


BUY LEAD AUG ABOVE 142 TGT 142.50, 143, 143.50 SATOPLOSS 140.30



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