Friday, May 31, 2013

Rupees fall to 1 year low |what affect on commodity market and share market due to low growth rates| evening commodity gold silver nickel tips

Today India announced a growth figure for full year that fall to decade low of 5% that affect the Indian share and force it to trade in bearish side. Indian economy fight with high inflation and weak export demand that turn the GPD rate a lower side. While on other hand Indian currency touch a year low after a fourth consecutive day on Friday. Rupees slipped to 15 paise to 56.63 per dollar on the last day of month.   Some correction might be seen in Indian currency in evening session at FOREX.

In commodity market the affect on GPD and weak currency are seen in afternoon, after opening from a good level gold and silver fall from a sharp position. Today at MCX gold price open on green side at 27176 against its last close and touch an intraday high of 27308 with a low of 27175. In evening a high swing is experience with increment in domestic market. Currently silver are trading low due to depreciation in Indian rupees, today at morning session it perform well after opening at 44377 with an intraday high of 44660 and low of 44203. In evening a higher movement will be seen due to strong open interest that supports the trend.

Base metal are showing a mixed reaction after opening a small lead from its last closes, MCX copper are trading in the  range of 412 to 414 In the two session while some positive move are looking in evening session. Today it open at 414.70 and touched an intraday high of 416.10 with a intraday low of 412.75.
Nickel for June delivery trade in bullish side after open in green side, with a small correction of 841.40 at 2:51 pm.    While MCX lead, zinc, and aluminum are trading with a both color with a slow pace. On evening trade all metal are expecting to show a green flag with an upside movement.

Crude oil trying to recover in domestic market but global cue pushes it back, in world market crude oil trading below $100 at 92.97 by losing 0.17%.  MCX crude oil is open at 5290 down side with a negative trend on Friday morning; on intraday it touches a high of 5325 with a low of 5272. Currently crude support a strong downtrend but a s small correction in expected in evening session.
Similar trend is following by natural gas at MCX for future delivery. Today natural gas is open at 229.60 and supported a bearish trend and touches a low of 227.30. In trade natural gas is looking to same trend buy I think a small correction will surely see for June delivery.


Intraday tips

Buy gold above 27250 tgt 27300, 27350, 27400………sl 27100

Buy silver above 44300 tgt 44400, 44500, 44600………….sl 44000

Buy nickel above 842.50 tgt 844, 846, 850 ………………sl 836


Thursday, May 30, 2013

30/05/03 Evening commodity updates| live gold silver tips and MCX tips for today

After a long time gold price look in such color, on intraday trade gold price touches a week high. In global market it at Singapore it touch an high of $ 1410.51 highest since May 22 while on early morning it touch a low of  $1388. . In domestic market at Multi commodity exchange today it open at 26636 and touched an intraday high of 26899 with a low of 26555. In today evening trade gold are looking bullish at MCX. While silver also following the same trends and touched an intraday high of 44249 after opening at 43590 ,today silver are much volatile in domestic market and in early morning it touch a low of 43526.
Mcx crude again falls by sharp edge in today trade, after opening at 5269. In today trade crude support bearish trend with an intraday low of 5204, in evening session crude is expected to trade more in red side.
After opening at downside base metal are turn it direction to green side at MCX. Copper, lead, zinc are moving with green flag while nickel following the downtrend. In evening trade base metal are looking to trade in green side while some small correction might be seen in nickel near 7 pm.
Today mentha oil is full on bearish note, today mentha oil for May delivery open at 924.20 at Multi commodity exchange. Today no positive sign are look on morning and afternoon session while some corrections in mentha oil price are going to seen in evening commodity trade. Today it touches a low of 899.50.


Today MCX calls

Buy gold above 26800 tgt 26850, 26900, 27000+++………sl 26400

Buy silver above 44100 tgt 44200, 44300, 44400 +++……………… 43500

Buy copper above 411.50  tgt 412, 413, 415…………sl 407

Buy nickel above 827 tgt 830, 832, 835…………… 818

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

MCX gold silver tips | Live rates and mentha oil updates

Mentha oil for future delivery trading downside in early trade, on Wednesday morning it open at 927.80 bit high against its last close at 923.70 but fall in intraday due to lower support and touched a low of 917.20. But global support help mentha oil to move up and it touché a high of 931.40.

Gold importation is on record high to Asian market in mid of April and June. Gold import in second quarter around 350-400 tones in Asian market, while gold prices are sharply falling in Domestic market and government are trying to control the import rate. In Today trade gold price open at 26481 with a day high of 26515 and low of 26382 at MCX.  In evening some high trend is trend is excepting in bullion, today silver open at 43381, on intraday trade it touched a high of 43468 with a low of 43126.

Buy gold above 26500 tgt 26550, 26600, 26700………….sl 26300

Buy silver above 43400 tgt 43450, 43550, 43700…………sl 43100

29/05/13 Live MCX crude oil & metal updates and today online Metal tips for today

Today in domestic market base metal move up on early trade, at MCX copper for future delivery open at 411 but low open interests not supported the trend and copper fall in reverse direction and touched an intraday low of 408.65. MCX copper for June delivery looks to move on with small correction on today remaining session. Meanwhile MCX  nickel playing in both directions on early hour it move high and at MCX it touched a day high of 835.30 with a low of 827.50. In evening trade nickel price are expecting to move sharply with a mixed reaction.
 While some good correction is being watched in leads, zinc and aluminium on Wednesday early trade due to rising of demand in spot market. In today trade at MCX lead prices rose by 0.30% to 119.45. Some more correction is experienced in lead price in global. And local market, at LME lead increased by 0.2% and touched a high of $ 2123 per tones. MCX zinc also rose by 0.31% to 103.50 in domestic market while at LME it traded at $1873.50 tones.

Buy nickel above 835 tgt 838, 841, 845………… 825

Buy copper above 411 tgt 412, 413, 415………sl 407

Buy lead above 119 tgt 119.30, 119.70, 120.50………….sl 117.50

MCX crude oil for June delivery sharply fall after a good gain in yesterday trade, today it open at 5363 and continue to show a negative trend from its opening position and touched a low of 5310.

Sell crude oil  below 5340 tgt 5320, 5310, 5300……… 5370

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

MCX tips today : metal tips | MCX commodity updates and free commodity tips for today

On second day of week bullion fall in down track, today at MCX gold prices are declined by more than     -200 point after open at 26426 for June delivery. Similar trend also follows by Comex gold which is declined by -13.70 or 0.98% to $1378.10 at 2:36 pm. On intraday trade gold prices are expecting to trade bearish in evening session. In physical buying gold prices are declined by more than 15% in last one week and same trend are looking to be followed in this week.
MCX silver are also trading flat in negative side, today for July delivery it open at 43550 and from that position it continue falling and touched and low of 43016 ,more declined is looking due to falling in demand in domestic market.  In evening session gold and silver both are expected to trade low with small correction at MCX.
Brent crude gain 4 cent to $102.66 a barrel in global market while in domestic market it increase by more than +90 point at MCX. Today it open at 5226 and on intraday market it touch a high of 5310 with a low of 5223. Crude oil for June delivery expected to go high in evening session.

A good recovery had seen in base metal after opening at red side on early Tuesday. Today all base metals are open in down side but as day passes red color turn to green, MCX copper and nickel are showing a bullish trend domestic market.


Sell gold June below 26250 tgt 26200, 26150, 26050…………sl 26500

Sell silver July below 43200 tgt 43150, 43050, 42900……………sl 43600

Buy nickel above 824 tgt 826, 828, 830……… 815

Buy lead above 117.30 tgt 117.50, 118, 118.30…………sl 116.30

Buy copper above 409.50 tgt 410, 411, 412.50……… 406.50


Monday, May 27, 2013

Today Live gold, silver movement and free online MCX commodity accurate tips and free trial offer for 27/05/13

On Monday fresh morning market are looking red hot, bullion are on green side but bas metal and other top commodity are watched on red side. Today gold and silver are open on green side, gold prices start the week from 26439 against its last close 26406. In global, market gold price are trading high at     $1391 .01 an ounce and expected to move on with a low a movement. In domestic market gold prices are expected to trade with Support 26100, 25800 and Resistance of 26710, 26850.

In domestic market bullion likely to trade low, on Monday morning silver opens bit low at 43468 against it previous close 43473. Silver in today trade look dull and showing a sluggish movement on early trade. Today gold and silver both are much volatile mostly in red side at Multi commodity exchange.
Support level for silver 42925, 42700
Resistance level 44000, 44300

While base metal and crude price at domestic commodity exchange are on deep red side, on early Monday morning crude open at down side and continue its worst movement in first day of week, while similar trend has seen in base metal too copper, nickel, zinc, aluminum and lead all on open at red side and trading with the same color. For today trade crude oil and metal are look towards red side and experienced a negative trend for whole day.

In energy natural gas are on weak side but some correction with good movement are looking in natural gas.  Today it opens at 235 with its previous close 236.40. Mentha oil for May delivery open at quite low against it last close , today it open at 932.10 its last close is 943.70. In mentha oil a high mixed reaction are going to seen in this week.


Sell gold June below 26400 tgt 26350,26300, 26200………… 26600

Sell silver July below 43450 tgt 43400, 43300, 43100……………sl 43800

Sell nickel below 819 tgt 817, 815, 810……………sl 826

Buy mentha oil above 935 tgt 938, 942, 945…………….sl 925

Friday, May 24, 2013

MCX live tips| today gold,silver tips and Evening commodity updates for 24/05/13

After morning strong lead gold silver fell to continue on track, today it open at 26463. At MCX for future delivery it touches a high of 26537 with a low of 26272. Similarly on early trade gold rose 0.30% to $ 1394. Meanwhile white metal are also open in green side but open interest not supporting the trend and silver touch an  intraday  low of 43211. On Friday early morning silver shows some positive reaction and touch a high of 43665.
In evening bullion looks to bounce back with some correction in domestic commodity market. At Multi commodity exchange for future trade bullion might be work high in upcoming weeks.

Copper at Multi commodity exchange traded high on early hour but after touching a day high of 409.70 it falls in reverse direction and trading at negative side a touch a low of 406.40, today it open at 408.20.  Similarly today nickel for May delivery open at red side to 828.30, form morning it show a bearish trend. 

Today it touches a high of 830.40 with a low of 823.
Today MCX lead and zinc show choppy movement with positive reaction, lead for May delivery open in down side but continue a positive movement in intraday market. Global lead demands are increasing in Asian market, which favors domestic market and in upcoming month a good sell are supposing on domestic and global market.

Domestic crude are trying to recovery with a small correction, today it open at 5215 at same position where it close on yesterday.  Crude for June delivery touch an intraday high of 5250 at MCX. On evening session crude oil is expected to trade quite positive in the range of 5185 to 5289.

Today MCX calls

Sell silver below 43200 tgt 43100, 43100, 42900 ----……….sl 43800

Buy crude oil above 5230 tgt 5240, 5250, 5260………sl 5200

Buy lead above 113.90 tgt 114.20, 114.70, 115.50……………sl sl 111

Buy nickel above 826 tgt 828, 830, 835……………….sl 815


Thursday, May 23, 2013

23/05/13 MCX Gold, silver movement | accurate MCX day trading call and mcx tips for today session

Yesterday market close with a mixed reaction, gold prices are close on down side, but today in the fresh start gold open in green side at 26020. On Thursday morning MCX market looking in deep negative side with fluctuation in top commodity. White metal opens in red side after a yesterday positive close and for today trading silver looks more volatile with most on red side.

On Forex market rupees hit 6 month low against US dollar and closes at 55.46.

Oil prices in Asia are trading in red side from yesterday, today at MCX crude oil for June delivery open at bit down 5290 against its last close at 5297. It the early trade crude oil drop down by more than -40 point on MCX and expected to trade in bearish side.

After yesterday positive trading session base metal open at red side, MCX copper, nickel looks more bearish in early first hour of trading and expected to trade bearish for today session.

Mentha oil in domestic market trading in red side after touching a level of 1000 on early on Monday, it fell on continue its good position at MCX. Today mentha oil for May delivery opens at 945.60 against its previous close 962.20.  

Natural gas in domestic market continue show correction in its position, today it open at 234.50 against its last close at 233.40. Today it expected to trade in the range of 230 to 240.

Buy gold June above 26110 tgt 26150, 26200, 26250………….sl 25850.

Sell silver July below 43100 tgt 43000, 42900, 42800…………………sl 43400

Sell crude oil June below 5250 tgt 5240, 5230, 5210………….sl 5290

Sell nickel May below  835 tgt 833, 831, 827…………… 843

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Evening Live MCX metal tips and copper-nickel-crude trend for 22/05/13

MCX metals are on upper side, base metal and precious both are looking to move on in green in evening session. After opening with a good level MCX copper for June delivery continue its strong trend and touched an intraday high of 417.05. Nickel for May delivery at MCX also following the copper and other metal and expected to trade with a green flag. Similar trend are also being continue by lead, zinc and aluminum in remaining session of today trade.

Today crude oil for future delivery is fall down by more than -30 point on MCX; all the eyes are on US energy inventory report, light sweet crude for July delivery dropped by 48 cent to $95.70 a barrel. For today trading crude oil in domestic market are looking to trade in bearish side.

Mcx mentha oil are much volatile in this week, as I say in my early post, continue its all color in domestic market. On early morning it touched an intraday high of 1040.80 while after touching this position its continue to fall and touch a low of 962.30.



Buy zinc May above 102 tgt 102.30, 102.60, 103……………sl 101

Buy copper June above 415.50 tgt 416, 417, 418……….sl 413

Buy nickel May above 839.50 tgt, 842, 844…846… 832



MCX tips for today: support and resistance for silver and gold- Today trading Level-commodity face and crude oil updates for 22/05/13

Today commodity market pen with a mixed reaction, if we are talking about bullion it open on green side but MCX crude oil and cotton are on red side.  In today trading crude oil for June delivery looks bearish with a negative trend. On overseas market Brent crude oil traded near $ 103.56 and hopes to down more in remaining session.

On domestic market crude oil is expected to trade in the range of 5280 to 5368.
Meanwhile after open in green side gold and silver fall down in red side and carry on more reaction towards down side. Today good for June delivery open at 26174 against its previous close 26110. At Singapore gold traded higher due to strong demand from Chinese market.

Support:  25810, 25600
Resistance: 26240, 26400


On Wednesday, morning silver open at bit higher than its last close and open at 43202 it last is 43170. Currently bullion is on under pressure and trading with a low demand in Asian market.   Open interest not supporting the trend and that help to silver play in negative side.

Support:  42850, 42700, 42575
Resistance:  43400, 43590, 43780

Base metal are playing in more comfort zone, today MCX copper, nickel , zinc and aluminum all are open in up direction. Copper and nickel are looks more confident in domestic market. MCX coppers for June delivery open at 410.50 against it last close at 409.70.

Nickel open at 832.40 against last close 830.10 and expecting to move on higher in today trading with a bullish trend. While some correction is going to seen in zinc, lead and aluminum is today trade from its open position.

Mentha oil are looks much volatile in last two trading session, in which it kisses the level of 1000 and traded more up at MCX.  Today it opens at 1028 much higher than it yesterday close at 1000.80

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Evening commodity updates and MCX silver gold level | MCX lead zinc tips

Today silver are fluctuated on domestic market , silver for future delivery gain some good point on early trade after open 43054, on intraday it gain +300 point. Meanwhile after gaining an early up it fall sharply at MCX and touched a low of 42942.more depreciation are observed in MCX silver. In overseas market silver also fall down by early lead. COMEX silver are trading in the range of $22.30 to $22.90 a troy ounce.

Government are worried about gold import and say to take more action against gold, gold import are jumped by 138 % last month that’s push up trade deficit to $ 17.8 billion. Gold importation highly affected the GDP and that the main reason behind government taking a strict action towards import of gold and intimate to increase the import rate.

 Gold prices drop down after gaining a good momentum in domestic MCX, in upside it touch an intraday high of 26362 with a low of 26000.  

Movement is bullion is going to volatile in evening session and expected to trade mostly with green side.

Today natural gas following a negative trend with a low movement, on intraday trade it touch a low of 224.50, more depreciation is look to seen in evening session.  For today trading it is expected to trade in the range of 223.10 to 227.40.


Buy lead May above 112.50 tgt 112.80, 113.40, 114 …………sl 111

 Buy zinc May above 101.60 tgt 101.90, 102.30, 102.60…………100.60

buy natural gas above 226 tgt 226.50, 227, 224

Buy gold June above 26050 tgt 26100, 26150, 26200…… 25900

MCX tips| live gold silver trend for today| MCx crude trend and mentha oil and free commodity tips for 21/05/13

Today commodity market looks in a good trend, especially the hot commodity gold and silver expected to bounce back in the market. Gold for June delivery open at 26140 against its previous close 26088. For today trade gold is expected bullish with small jumps in market.  
Support:  25800, 25700, 25650
Resistance: 26300, 26500
MCX silver are looking very volatile for today trade, silver for July delivery open at 43054 its last close is Rs 43263. Today in early trade of first hour it touch a high of 43212 and expected more up on intraday trade. 
Support:  43000, 42810, 42650
Resistance: 43700, 44000, 44200
After the positive reaction by bullion in domestic market MCX crude oil also seems to be positive. At MCX on early trade crude oil open at 5345 bit down against its last close at 5350. For today trade crude oil is experienced a good movement at MCX in green side.
MCX base metal are looking on a good side, today MCX copper open at  low red side but good recovery had seen in copper after open it at 408.55 whereas it last close is 409.


After a week MCX nickel are going to free its hand, in domestic market nickel for May delivery open at same position where it is close at 827.90. for today trading nickel is going to trade on green side with  a high movement.
Lead price are rising with a small step on MCX, today it open at 111.85 some point down to its last close but trend supporting a open interest on domestic market.
On Tuesday morning Mentha oil open at 970 against its last close at 962.40, this week mentha oil looks more positive and bullish with a strong trend. On today trading it gain more than 3% and crosses the mark of 1000 and experienced to move on with green flag.

Today MCX calls

Buy gold June above 26270 tgt 26300, 26350,26400…………sl 26040
Buy silver July above 43400 tgt 43500, 43600, 43700………….sl 43100
Buy crude oil June  above 5360 tgt 5370, 5380, 5400………………….sl 5320
Buy nickel above 832 tgt 834, 836, 840……………sl 824

Monday, May 20, 2013

Online commodity MCX tips for today|| coriander-cardamom updates for 20/05/13 and live trading calls

Today movement in market is very low and sluggish, top traded commodity moving in reverse fall. Today MCX Mentha oil rise by near 4% and traded at 962 at 3:20 pm. For future delivery mentha oil looks more positive and trend supported by a good volume.
Today Coriander at MCX for future delivery dropped my more than -200 point to 6566 per quintal.  In upcoming week’s coriander looking a weak demand in spot trading with a low trading session.

Natural gas for May delivery is trading with a slow movement in green side, natural gas price are varying day by day due to up and down in currencies, Indian Rupees very near to 2-1/2 month low. In evening session strong demand supporting the trend with more rise in natural gas.

In base metal copper for June trading delivery fell by more than 1%. Today early morning copper open at 405 and continue to fall in day trading and touched a low of 400.20.

Cardamom performing well at MCX, today it raise by 1.38% for June delivery. Currently cardamom is trading at 737.10 at 4:23 pm.

Buy cardamom above 738 tgt 740, 742, 745…………sl 731
Sell copper below 403.50 tgt 402.50, 401.50, 399.50………….sl 407.50

Today MCX gold and silver are full on bearish note and not positive movement are expecting in this metal. In spot market at Ahmadabad gold price are trading at 26165 while silver at 42847. In future trade today silver fall by more than 4% and expected to come under 40000 in upcoming week.

Buy gold above 25550 tgt 25580, 25630, 25700………sl 25400

Buy silver above 41450 tgt 41500, 41600, 41700………sl 41200

Today MCX silver fall by more than 4%||Monday MCX commodity trend and MCX tips || live intraday tips

On Monday morning a huge destruction is seen in bullion in domestic market. Gold and silver shows a full of red after open in down side at MCX, gold for June delivery open at 25790 against its previous close at 25835. On intraday trade gold prices touched a low of 25374 and expected to more reverse movement in red side.
Intraday resistance: 25875 , 25940
Intraday Support 25300, 25210
Sell gold June below 25400 tgt 25370, 25330, 25250……………sl 25550

MCX silver for future delivery fell by more than 4% on Domestic market, today at MCX it open at 42550 and form that position it continue fall and touched an intraday low of 40749. Silver demands in domestic as well as overseas market not support the trend and fell to hold the market. Silver is looking bearish for medium long term and support a strong downtrend.
Intraday resistance:  42750, 42900
Intraday support: 40500, 40300

Sell silver below 40850   tgt 40800, 40700, 40600----………….sl 41800

MCX crude oil also follow bearish trend with bullion, today crude oil trend not supporting the open interest.  MCX crude oil for June delivery opens at 5291 bit low against its last close and touched an intraday low of 5266. Some correction might be seen in crude in evening session but for whole day it seems to be bearish.

Sell crude oil below 5300 tgt 5290, 5280, 5260……….sl 5340

MCX base metal supporting a mixed trend, copper are looking bearish after open at 405  and continue to fell from its opening position.  On day trading copper prices touched a low of 401.60 and expecting to more fall in today trading at MCX. While MCX nickel shows a mixed reaction for May delivery   after open at 813.20, on intraday trade it touch a high of 816.80 with a low of 811.40.

Sell copper June below 402 tgt 401, 400, 398…… 406
Sell nickel May below 812 tgt 810, 808, 806……… 818

MCX mentha oil looks positive in market and expected to show green, for today trading it support a bullish note. Today for future delivery it open at 930 and touched an intraday high of 943.20 with a low of 929.50.

Buy mentha oil above 938 tgt 940, 943, 950……….sl 926


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Why MCX gold and silver cues in reverse direction in domestic and overseas market || monday movement||

Why MCX gold and silver cues in reverse direction in domestic and overseas market  
Commodity market in this month show lots of color in base metal as well as precious metal. In global market US dollar makes more correction against EURO. Euro diminish continue in global market and fall by   more than 1% against hot currency of US.  Currently Euro is under fully control but it affects the global market. Especially Asian commodity market are disappointed by this news and unable to control the movement, bullion market comes to 2 year near low.  
If we talk about Indian market gold and silver low more than -1000 point in gold in this week and comes below to 26000. Currently in domestic market gold price are floating in negative note at 25800 and expected more down reaction. While in New York electronic buying gold prices are down by more than 1.89% at   $ 1358.30 an ounce. In upcoming weeks gold and silver are predicted to be more red in overseas and domestic market.  
White metal on Domestic market expected to come near 41000 in upcoming weeks, silver price are trading under pressure on the track on gold. MCX silver for future delivery fail to gain a investor because of low trend, and weak US job data and Euro Zone report limited the white metal.
Many people thinking that this year a boom on precious metal but I personally suggest  that this year market is volatile in bullion and good for base metal  that going to over range with a slow movement. Time has come to hold a strong hand that is other metal like copper, nickel, zinc and nickel. You also have a good option of cotton that is top gainer in previous month and making a incredible changes in green side, cotton prices soon crosses the mark of 18000 and above for May delivery.
While natural gas and mentha oil are also a good option for trader to work on, mentha oil in domestic market performing well with a good trading level. MCX mentha oil for May delivery experienced more rises, currently mentha oil is at 946.50 at 12:35 pm. Movement is natural gas is not high but sufficient  for new trader to  earn a healthy  profit from MCX market.
Crude oil market also stimulates the market jump, global crude position give some advanced to domestic trader at MCX. In upcoming week crude oil movement are going to jump more with some volatility in trend. Crude oil is trading with a good support in market. Crude oil passes above 5300 and a good demand are generated in market overseas market.

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Friday, May 17, 2013

17/05/13 MCX: silver| gold metal trend & tips | free commodity calls for today

Base Metal

On domestic market base metal are trying to recover against weak international cues. Today MCX copper for June delivery open at 401.40 and show a bullish trend with some negative flashes. On intraday trade MCX copper for June delivery touched a high of 406.30. Some more green color going to seen in evening trade at MCX.

Today MCX nickel for May delivery open in green side against its previous close, nickel open at 817.40. Nickel price move up by more than 050% today and some positive fragrance also seen in upcoming day in overseas market.  At, LME (London metal exchange), nickel traded at $ 14,900 per tones and also favors the domestic market trend. 

Lead, zinc and aluminum also follows positive trend and supporting a good level in overseas market.  Today leads for future delivery open at 109.40 and touched an intraday high of 110.45 and experienced higher trend with day passes.

Aluminum on intraday trade looks more positive in domestic market and expected to trade with a good range. For today trading aluminum are expecting to trade between 100.50 to 102.50 .

BUY LEAD MAY ABOVE 110 TARGETS 110.5, 111 , 111.5 STOPLOSS 109.1
BUY COPPER JUNE ABOVE 403 TGT 404, 405, 407   STOPLOSS 399


 Precious metal
Bullion looks bearish again on 5 day continue, gold prices following low level after opening at 26044 and follow a down trend with some volatility in early hour of trade. On intraday market gold for June touched a high of 26142 and low of 25926. While silver again fell to hold its ordinary show and drop down with a low of 42762 on intraday trade.

SELL GOLD BELOW JUNE 25970 TGT 25940, 25910, 24970    STOPLOSS 26970
SELL SILVER JULY BELOW 42850 TGT 42800, 42700, 42600   STOPLOSS 43100


Thursday, May 16, 2013

16-05-13 Commodity face- MCX copper|nickel trend and Live free commodity tips for today

Commodity market continue its worst show on Thursday also, market open with a mixed dull reaction. Bullion market again fell to open in green side; this is a very disappointing situation in front of bullion trader. Global market also in trade in downside, all metal are on red side on looking very dull to recover its position. At Singapore gold almost dropped to 1 month low at $ 1374.99 an ounce, gold is very near to fall against its 3 year low.
Similar situation also seen in US that drops by more than 1.50% at $ 1377.20. In Indian market at Multi commodity exchange on Thursday gold prices are open at 26222 against its previous close is Rs 26310. On intraday trade for June delivery it touched a low level of 25898 and more depreciation are expecting in evening trade. Today Silver for July delivery falls by more than -900 point on intraday trade at MCX. It opens at 43184 and it show some positive movement in the first hour on trade and then falling after touching an intraday high of 43259 with a low  of  42281.

Sell gold June below 25970 tgt 25930, 25890, 25850……sl 26100

Sell silver July below 42450 tgt 42400, 42350, 42200……..42700

Intraday call

Sell crude oil May below 5130 tgt 5120, 5110, 5100……sl 5160
Sell copper June below 395 tgt 393, 390…………sl  400
Buy nickel May  above 815 tgt 817 , 819, 822…………sl 808

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Today MCX Natural gas on bullish side|crude fell in overseas and domestic market and Live MCX trading calls for 15/05/13

Domestic commodity market is struggling with a bearish movement; at Multi commodity exchange market is full of red.  Global market also fails to control the bearish movement of commodities. On Wednesday morning MCX gold for June delivery fail to open in positive side in this week. Today it opens at 26700 and touched an intraday low of 26406. Euro touch 6 week low against US dollar affected the Asian Market.  In US market gold for June delivery fell by more than 1% to $ 1408.20 an ounce. Meanwhile MCX silver fighting with a low demand and Euro data, today at Multi commodity exchange it open at 44400 and fell to hold the positive flag after moving on upside. On intraday traded it touch a high of 44439 with a low of 43573.  At multi commodity exchange no positive response had come and expected more bearish trend in evening session.

SELL SILVER JULY BELOW 43750 TGT 43700, 43600, 43500……STOPLOSS 44000
SELL GOLD JUNE BELOW 26470 TGT 26440, 26400, 26350……..STOPLOSS 26590

Global crude oil fail to control the trend and its impact had seen in domestic market. MCX crude continues to fell in domestic market and touched two week low. Today crude for May delivery open at 5186 and touched a low of 5117. In domestic market crude oil is trade in the range this year between 5050 to 5280 form January and no positive movement is expected today in MCX.


SELL CRUDE OIL MAY BELOW 5130 TGT 5120, 5110, 5100……..STOPLOSS 5160

Natural gas is trying is recover on MCX, on domestic market natural gas success to generate the demand. At MCX natural gas for May delivery open in green side at 219.80 and touched an intraday high of 221.80 and low of 219.30. More correction is expected in natural gas in upcoming week due to uncertain rising in demand.

BUY NATURAL GAS MAY ABOVE 221.50 TGT 222, 223, 224.50 ..STOPLOSS 218.50

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Evening Support and Resistance for silver-gold || gold silver movement and intraday free commodity tips for today

Today commodity market fall are on bearish side, most commodity are traded on negative side. Bullion market is full on red no correction had seen in gold and silver since its opening position.  On domestic market at Delhi silver prices are fall by more than 0.50%. On MCX silver for July delivery fall by more        - 476 point and touched a low of 44617. Some correction might be seen it evening session.
Support and Resistance
Support 44510, 44400
Resistance 45100, 45300

Similarly trend  are following by yellow metal, morning session some positive movement had seen in gold price after opening at 26855 and touched an intraday high of 26918 with a low of 26737. Today gold is expected to trade in the range of 26700 to 27200.

Base metal show a choppy trend at Multi commodity exchange, today copper, nickel, lead, aluminum and zinc all are looks dull. No positive movement had seen in MCX copper for May delivery from its opening position, on Tuesday it open at 407.80   and touched an intraday low of 399.40. While nickel, lead and zinc are watched on green side for some time. Nickel traded in the boundary of 840 today with a high of 839.90.
Lead trade near of 110 to 107.
Zinc traded in the range of 100 to 101.50.
Behind big commodity in red side Mentha oil are on its high, today at Multi commodity exchange it open at 916.90 bit high against its last close, and touched an intraday high of 923.90.

 Today commodity tips

Buy gold above 26800 tgt 26850, 26900, 26950…………stoploss 26650

Buy silver above 44600 tgt 44700, 44800, 45000………….stoploss 44200

Buy mentha oil above 919 tgt 922, 925, 928………stoploss 910

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Today Accurate MCX silver-gold trading tips & Live intraday commodity metal tips for 13/05/13

Today commodity market is on worst side, all commodity are playing towards the back side from its opening position. Today bullion is on its toe, on Monday morning gold prices are open at 26888 and continue fall to hold its position and comes to intraday low of 26755. On overseas market gold fell more than 1 percent, gold price had fall by more than $ 12 an ounce to $1436.
Intraday Resistance    270501, 27200
Intraday support 26610, 26500
Silver for July delivery are trading on dull side, on intraday market at MCX it open at 44901 with a high of 45250 and low of 44861. Some correction might be seen on evening trade but if we talk about overall trend bullion are expected to trade with flag.
 Intraday Resistance 45380, 45510   
Intraday support 44850, 44700,
Crude on intraday fall by a sharp edge, on MCX it open at 5237, on morning session it shows some high move but fail to continue to same movement and touch an intraday low of 5224 with a high of 5246.
While MCX metal shows some positive remark on early trade, copper for June delivery touched an intraday high of 411.55 and with a low 407.30 after open at 409.20. Today on domestic market copper are looks more sluggish with a low volatile movement.  MCX nickel holds a low position after opening at 848.10.  On intraday market nickel seems to be bearish with some correction near 8 pm.

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today mcx advice

Buy nickel May above 848 tgt 850, 852, 855………sl 841
Buy copper June above 409.50 tgt 410, 411, 412.50……… 406.50
Buy silver above 45050 tgt 45150, 45300, 45400……… 46700

Saturday, May 11, 2013

MCX weekly report-today silver-gold tips- free commodity market movement and position for Monday

Gold price again jump on the domestic market and expecting to rose more. World largest gold consuming country India celebrate 2nd biggest day after Dhantaras on which buying on gold jump by more than 50%. Demand in gold is expecting to rise on auspicious gold buying day of Akshaya Tritiya on Monday. Many jewelers say that these demands are increasing year per year, and in April month gold import are raise by 68% to 118 tonnes from 70 tonnes a year ago.

This week gold prices was trade with a good level on the starting of the week but as day passes with color are changes and come to 26971 at 10:40 am on Saturday. In upcoming week gold price are expecting to shows a huge bright color on opening day. MCX gold for June delivery expected to jump high and make some good correction and trading above 27000.

Buy gold above 27000 with a target of 300 with a same Stoploss.
Resistance 27600, 27900 and a support level of 26450, 26000

Silver price are diminish on Friday by more than -400 point, but a good recovery had made on Saturday morning after opening by above more than +200 at 45221. In this week silver trade with a strong support and make some low volatile movement. But global silver position trade with low motion after affecting by Euro prices against US dollar.

In upcoming week silver price are expecting to rose by more than 700 point, and traded above 45500.
Resistance 45600, 46000 and a Support of 44700, 44000


Global crude prices make some correction and their positive result
also had seen on Domestic market. MCX Crude traded above 5200 and expecting to crosses the mark of 5300, currently MCX crude for May delivery are in good position to buy and hold it in future for a month. This year crude oil prices expecting to move high and crosses the mark of 5500.

Base metal is trading with a low volume and demand also not matches open interest. MCX metal copper, nickel, Zinc, lead and aluminum are traded flat in this week, but some correction are going to see in domestic as well as overseas market.
Support and resistance


BUY NICKEL ABOVE 848 TGT 850, 855, 860… STOPLOSS 836

BUY LEAD ABOVE 109.50 TGT 110,111,111.50... STOPLOSS 107.50

Movement in mentha oil and cotton are looking bullish and more improvement is going to watch on MCX in this commodity. In upcoming week mentha oil are trade with a volatile movement and might crosses the line of 900. While cotton for May delivery following reverse trend and expected to trade above 18000.


Friday, May 10, 2013

Euro depreciation impact on domestic commodity market and MCX silver-crude-metal tips for today

Cotton price this year makes an enormous change  on domestic market, on MCX this year cotton prices up by more than +3000 point. Today MCX cotton for future delivery opens at 18090, its last trading price on MCX is 17970. On intraday market it touches a high of 18100 with a low of 18010. Some more up gradation are expecting in cotton this year in domestic as well as overseas market.
Mentha oil for May delivery showing dull movement on MCX, its opening price is 880 on MCX with a high of 882.40 with a low 875.00. Some positive trend is being expected on Mentha oil on the remaining trading time.

Euro falling affected the domestic bullion market, a healthy depreciation had watched on commodity especially on gold and silver. Today from morning MCX silver and gold are looking bearish, on Friday morning gold prices are open at 27100 on intraday trading it touches a high of 27116 and low of 26915. While falls in Euro price give some positive to gold prices on Tokyo market.  On Multi commodity exchange gold fall by more than -0.50% whereas on overseas market it increase to 1.10%.

Similarly silver also trimmed its position after yesterday gain on Multi commodity exchange. Today early morning  it open at 45114 and continue falls form that position and touched a  low of 44792 whereas on upper side it touch high of 45175.
Some correction might be expected on evening trading session.

Crude, copper and nickel trying to recover its position on MCX, Today copper are on good swing with a high bullish trend and supported an open interest. Some more improvement are expecting on copper for June delivery on intraday trade. While nickel following a slow movement on both direction on early trade on MCX its moving on red side but good recovery had seen in nickel prices. On intraday market it touches a high of 842.00 with a low of 834.60.
Today Crude oil open on positive side but falling down on early trade of MCX, crude oil is volatile on MCX trading for May delivery.

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MCX recommendation

Buy crude oil above 5230 tgt 5240, 5250,5060…Stoploss 5200

Buy silver above 44900 tgt 45000, 45100, 45200………stoploss 44600

Buy copper above 405 tgt 407, 409, 410…………..stoploss 400


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Evening commodity Base metal trend and Intraday trading tips for 09/05/13

Base metals trading with a mixed reaction, on Thursday morning MCX copper open at 402.90 bit down against its last close at 403.95. Currently copper price are on reverse movement, today on MCX for June delivery it touch an intraday high of 403.75 with a low of copper price also floating with an unstable position.
 MCX nickel moving on upper side after a slow start for May delivery, on intraday trade it   touches a high of 839.20 with a low of 828.40. For today trading nickel prices are expecting to trade bit positive in evening session.
Lead for May delivery showing sluggish movements on intraday trade at MCX, on MCX lead prices are open at downside form its yesterday close and open at 111.05. Some correction might be seen around 7 pm.
Not so much movement had seen in Zinc and aluminum before a week, day by day prices are falling down on domestic market in physical buying. On MCX today zinc prices open at 101.45 for May delivery with an intraday high of 101.85 and low of 101.most metal are behaving rude with a support red flag but many analysts believing supporting some good correction in upcoming weeks.
MCX gold prices this week support a good show, regularly showing a correction on its position. Today on MCX yellow metal open at green side with a +74 point against its yesterday close. On intraday market it touches a high level of 27188 with a low of 27087. Silver price also raise continuously, on early trade today silver prices jumping more than +400 point. Today Silver for July delivery opens at 45094 with a high of 45418 with a low of 45094.More correction is expecting from bullion on evening trading with a high jump.

 Today MCX calls

BUY GOLD JUNE ABOVE 27200 TGT 27250, 27300, 27350………..STOPLOSS 27050
BUY SILVER JULY ABOVE 45350 TGT 45400 45500, 45600…………STOPLOSS 45100
BUY NICKEL MAY ABOVE 835.50 TGT 836.50, 838.50. 340.50….STOPLOSS 830.50

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

MCX gold-silver trend for today and MCX crude oil movement for 08/05/13

Today on fresh start domestic gold open in positive node, but movement is sluggish on future delivery. Gold for June is open at 26745 against its previous close at 26722, whereas on intraday it touch a high of 26777 with a low of 26738. On intraday trade gold is expecting to trade with a resistance of 26991, 27150 and a support level of   26500, 264100.

For intraday trader
Buy gold (June) above 26750 tgt  26800, 26850, 26900………stoploss 26600

White metal on MCX for July delivery focuses to again gain a past movement on domestic market, today MCX silver open bit positive at 44882 it last close is Rs 44861. Today on early trade silver price touches a high of 44985 and low of 44865.  For today trade silver price are expecting for move on but movement is bearish for medium long term. On today trading silver are expecting to trade sluggish with positive node.

Buy silver (july) above 44900 tgt 45000, 45100, 45250 ……….stoploss 44550

Today crude oil on intraday market is showing a low movement from its opening price. Crude for May delivery open at 5177 and seems bearish for day trading.

Sell crude oil (may) below 5170 tgt 5160, 5150…. Stoploss 5190

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Commodity forecast- MCX commodity movement for Monday and MCX report and trading tips

In This week a big swing had seen in domestic bullion market on future contracts, on one hand gold prices are jump by more than +400 point on Multi Commodity Exchange. Some drop has seen on US market after its employment data report show a high job in April more than it is expected.  On Friday a yellow metal jump on domestic market for June delivery by more than +255 point and close at 26825.  Silver roses with +900 point on Friday trade for May delivery. In upcoming week bullion are expected to trade with a good level and show some light correction on commodity market.

Silver for July delivery expected to trade in the range of 44600 to 48300 on MCX.
Gold for June delivery expected to trade 26200 to 27600.

Base metal especially copper and nickel show a huge jump after a long time on domestic future trading. Cut on ECB main interest rate by 25 basis points give support to Asian market metal.  On domestic market volatile movements are seen in remaining metal like zinc, lead and aluminum.

In upcoming week base metal are expecting to trade low with bearish movement on MCX market.

Crude oil for May delivery trade in the range of 5060 to 5198 for future delivery, global crude is bearish with sluggish movement. On domestic market crude oil price are expected to trade on bull side in upcoming week with a low volatile trading session.

MCX cotton are continue its rocking style in this week also,  this week cotton expecting to trade above 18000 with a support level of  17800, 17500 and a resistance of 18500, 18600. Currently cotton is in good position an on Domestic market and appears to break all time record soon on MCX market.

Mentha oil is volatile on Indian commodity market, in present week it shows good sign with up position.  Mentha oil for May delivery expected in upside in upcoming week with bullish movement on MCX.



Friday, May 3, 2013

Today MCX gold-silver movement and MCX tips for 03-05-13

Commodities showing a shine color with full of brightness; bullion is on top side with green flag. Today is the day of bullion and looking quite positive on Multi commodity exchange. Yellow metal today open at 27020 and go intraday high of 27169 with a low of 26981. Similarly a huge correction is expected in upcoming week form silver for May delivery.  Today on early morning white metal open at 45136 and touches intraday high of 45350. Today a good movement has experience in future contract, on MCX.
Due to correction in bullion some positive data might be seen from crude, today crude oil move with a good jump on MCX for future contracts. On intraday it touches a high of 5088 against its opening price 5028 for May delivery.  N0 negative movement had seen while it’s opening position and more correction where seen on evening near 7pm.


BUY GOLD (JUNE) ABOVE 27230 TGT 27280, 27420, 27450… STOPLOSS 27110

BUY SILVER (MAY) ABOVE 45450 TGT 45500, 45600, 45700…..STOPLOSS 45200

BUY CRUDE OIL (MAY) ABOVE 5080 TGT 5090, 5100, 5020,, STOPLOSS 5040

BUY NICKEL (MAY) ABOVE 813.50 TGT 815.50, 817.50, 820.50…….STOPLOSS 806.50

BUY COPPER (JUNE) ABOVE 386 TGT 388, 390, 392.. STOPLOSS 380



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