Monday, April 29, 2013

Today commodity movement and MCX tips for trading hot commodity

Multi commodity exchange showing green flag for white metal, MCX may delivery for white metal roses more than 0.75% and touches an intraday high of 45450. On Monday morning silver for May delivery open at 45150 against its previous close 45043. In the overseas market a silver price bounce high and crosses $24.21 while on domestic market silver touches a low of 45081. There is more to watch on silver prices in evening session with some more positive moves for May delivery.  
Gold prices are trading with mixed movement on MCX market, on Monday morning gold for June delivery open at 27200 and touch a high of 27329 with a low of 27132. In this gold prices are expecting to support a good trend and trade in the range of 25900 to 28500 and more along Y Axis.  Some jumps on positive side are looking on gold for June contracts around 6 pm.
Crude oil on future delivery are showing bearish trend, on Monday morning it open at 5066 and falling down at that position and touch a minimum of 5031 for May delivery. On New York crude price again turn to red side and fall below $93 and comes to $92.69.  On spot market At Mumbai crude oil are trading on green side at 5049 at 2:51 pm. For today trading session crude oil are looking to trade bearish with some small correction in evening.
Natural gas is trading towards positive side and some more correction is being expected from May delivery in upcoming days.  This week natural gas are expecting to trade bit positive and constant for future delivery.  


Base metals are showing a mixed motion, most traded metal copper and nickel are on green side with low negative movement. MCX copper for April delivery open at 382.60, on commodity market it touches an intraday high of 384.90 with a down side low of 379.45. Movements in copper are volatile and experienced a positive movement with some correction.  Nickel for April delivery are looking bearish for whole  day, on morning session it traded towards the negative side but some positive trend are going to seen with some correction in evening session.

MCX tips today

Buy gold (June) above 27200 tgt 27250, 27300, 27400………….Stoploss 27000

Buy silver (May) above 45250 tgt 45300, 45350, 45500 … Stoploss  45000

Buy mentha oil (April) above 970 tgt 973, 976, 980……… Stoploss  960

Sell nickel (April) below 827 tgt 825, 822, 819….. Stoploss  833

Friday, April 26, 2013

Hot commodity updates and MCX gold-silver and metal tips for 26-04-13

Today commodity market shows a mixed movement on MCX market and expected to trade in similar fashion. On Friday morning yellow metal open on positive side at 27135 and attempt to recover it position on spot market.  Gold for June delivery touches an intraday high of 27264 and low of 27003. In the morning session precious metal are traded on good side and supposing to go upside in evening trade. While the white metal open at 45399 with an intraday high of 45461 against its low of 44913. Bullion pendulum is playing with good side and experienced a same movement in MCX in upcoming days.
Today crude oil opens same position where it closes 5059. On MCX crude for May delivery trading bit positive, crude oil in overseas market performing quite low.  Crude oil for May  crosses the mark of 5000 in this week and expecting that in upcoming week with prices are again fell down and trading in the range of 4900- 5000.
All base metals are on red side at 2:38 pm, MCX copper for April delivery today open at 387.30 and looking bearish for today session.  On spot market it touches a high of 387.65 whereas low of 384.20. Today nickel plays with swing movement and trading on both corners. On early trade it opens at 833.30 with high of 839.30 and low of 830. Movement in lead, zinc and aluminum are bearish today with a small positive turning around 7 pm. while nickel are expecting  to fight back come towards to green side.
Mentha oil is full on green side form early trade and expecting more bull trend on future delivery. Mentha oil for April delivery opens at 957.50 and touches a high of 976.20.

today MCX commodity calls

Buy gold above 27070 tgt 27120 , 27170, 27270……….sl 26870
buy silver above 45100 tgt 45200, 45300, 44700
Buy crude oil above 5065 tgt 5075, 5090……………sl 5040
Buy mentha oil above 970 tgt 975, 980, 990…….sl 950
Buy nickel above 835 tgt 838, 842, 845…….sl 825

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Today's bullion-base metal movement and live free MCX commodity calls for 22-04-13

Today commodities are looking in a good swing, on multi commodity exchange bullion are open on green side. On MCX future gold for June delivery opens on positive side at 26184 against its previous close 26047. On intraday market yellow metal are looking bullish for today with a support level of 25950, 25800 and a resistance of 26400, 26550.
 Silver also follow a good trend on multi commodity exchange, today it open at 43550 from its last close 43423. MCX silver for May delivery are showing a bullish trend on intraday market and expected some good move on today session. On the early trade silver touch an intraday high of 43901 with a low of 43549. Silver is bearish for medium long term, for intraday trading resistance for silver is 43900, 44500 and a support level is 43000, 42500.
On domestic market crude again jump in good side, crude for future delivery roses up by more than +40 point on early trading on Monday. On MCX crude for May delivery open at 4785 from its last close 4776.  On Asian market crude oil prices are roses and its positive impact had seen on domestic market too. New York light sweet crude gain 29 cent on May delivery to $ 88.30. On MCX crude oil are looking bullish for today trading and expecting some volatility on trading.
Base metal are on trading on positive side excepted copper, due to china and US market copper on domestic market are trading on negative side. China economic condition had down in the first quarter and US slowing growth rate turn copper to bearish market. On MCX copper and nickel open at down side, copper for April delivery open at 374.50 and falling from that position and touches an intraday low of 372.70. On other hand nickel open at 919.40 against its previous close at 821.10. On intraday market nickel has good support ad it touches and high of 823.60 with a low of 818.30. Nickel, lead, zinc and aluminum all are on green side and expecting to trade low and positive today, while some negative movement might be seen around 3 pm.
Mentha oil is on positive side today on early morning in open at 1005 against its last close at 998.40. Mentha oil for April delivery are looking bearish and experience a good swing today, on intraday it touches a high of 1015 and low of 1001.10.


 Today MCX call

BUY GOLD JUNE ABOVE 26280 TGT 26340, 26400, 26450 STOPLOSS 26050
BUY SILVER MAY ABOVE 43800 TGT 43900, 44000, 44100 STOPLOSS 43500
BUY CRUDE OIL MAY ABOVE 4820 TGT 4830, 4840, 4850 STOPLOSS 4790
SELL COPPER APRIL BELOW 372.50 TGT 370.50, 368.50, 365.50 STOPLOSS 379.50
BUY MENTHA OIL APRIL ABOVE 1007 TGT 1010, 1020, 1037……………STOPLOSS 977

Saturday, April 20, 2013

MCX report and Commodity trend in upcoming week

Top Commodity bounce back again at multi commodity exchange, gold prices again raise towards good direction and a little sweet fragrance are coming from MCX gold. Currently gold is above 26000 a good jump in this end of the week after a huge fall on early of this week.  In upcoming week more positive reaction are expecting form yellow metal and many analyst believe that gold prices again playing at their top. Similarly white metal also tries to recover from a huge destruction. 

Currently silver is on green side with bit positive trend and expecting more hike in upcoming week.  Recently a silver price gains a good movement and crosses the level of 43000. In global market some volatility had seen in this week and hopes a positive trend in upcoming week.

Base metal at multi commodity exchange trade on light positive side on the end of week, Copper, nickel, zinc, lead and aluminum are following a good trend in overseas market. Nickel and copper and expected to go high in upcoming week in Asian market. In domestic market copper is trading above 376 and acquiring more correction. Nickel price are following a good trend but due to lower support at LME push it back, currently copper price are trading at 820.90 at 1.59 pm.

In upcoming week more correction might be seen in base metal with a good jumping in copper and nickel. While lead, zinc and aluminum are moving up with a small correction.

In Asian market crude oil prices are roses on Friday, whereas on domestic market crude for May deliveries are trading flat on Saturday at positive side. Currently Movement In crude oil is good for medium long term and in upcoming day again we see a mark of 5000 in May.

Mentha oil is too near to crosses the level of 1000, but a week response in mentha form overseas market forcing to trade in the range of 960 to 999. But it seems that soon mentha oil give a chance to see the level of 1000 in coming trading session.

MCX cotton are playing an up down position in this month, currently MCX cotton for April delivery are trading on the range of 16450 to 18050. This week cotton was very volatile and high on movement and same form are expecting in upcoming weeks.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

today gold-silver position and commodity trend for 17/04/13

MCX base metal are trading with red flag form early morning, all metal are continue its worst performance on intraday market. On overseas market copper prices also fall from a good position at LME and that will affect to Indian domestic market at MCX.  Whereas nickel trading on low side in this week from starting, nickel for April delivery fall near -10 point from its opening price 850.  On intraday trading it touches a low of 834.80 and expected to trade bearish for medium long term.  AT multi commodity exchange lead, aluminum and zinc all on downside and expected to show greenery in evening session with low point.
On MCX bullion are trading on negative side, gold for future delivery watched -0.60% down today. On Wednesday morning it open at 25650 and touches an intraday low of 25435. Some correction had seen today on global market gold increase high by 1.1% to $1382.85 an ounce. On domestic market yellow metal look bearish overall with some gain in evening session. 
Silver continue its worst performance on multi commodity exchange on Wednesday also. On early morning it opens at 43870 against its previous close 44195. On intraday market it touches a high of 43931 and low of 43230.

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MCX Today tips

Buy gold June above 25700 tgt 25750, 25800, 25900…………sl 25500

Buy silver May above  43800 tgt 43900,44000, 44100…………sl 43500

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

MCX evening commodity updates, support and resistance for gold and free trading calls for today

Commodity market looks bits relax now, after the yesterday sharp falling in most trading commodities.  No such high movement had seen in gold and silver. On MCX gold for June delivery are volatile on market and trading with a good volume.  On Tuesday morning gold for June delivery open at 25460 against its previous close at 25634. On spot market some positive movement had seen on early morning   and for today trading gold prices are very volatile.  For intraday market support for gold are 25100 and for whereas resistance for gold is 26400 and follow for June delivery. Whereas silver for May delivery are pretty dull are showing sloppy movement. Today it’s open at 43876 but the movement had low compare to yesterday trading session. On intraday market it touches a high of 44431 and low of 42753.  Some positive correction might be expected in white metal near 6 pm on domestic market. 

Buy gold above 25800 tgt 25850, 25900, 26000……sl 25600
Buy silver above 44500 tgt 44600, 44800, 45000………….sl 44000

MCX crude negative movement is continue to second day of week.  MCX crude for April delivery opens at 4808 and continues to fall from that position and touches and low of 4750. For today trading MCX crude is looking bearish some but correction is expected in evening session.

Buy crude oil above 4810 tgt 4820, 4830, 4840……… 4780

Base metal show negative movements in early trade but on evening some correction are expectation in all metals. Copper and nickel are experience bearish trend at Multi commodity exchange.

Buy nickel above 853 tgt 860, 865, 870………….sl 836

Buy lead above 111 tgt 111.50, 112, 113………… 109

Buy zinc above 101.50 tgt 102, 102.50, 103.50         ……SL 99.50

Monday, April 15, 2013

Why gold silver fall , today commodity movement and MCX gold-silver- metal tips for today

Today gold prices fall by more than 1400 and trading near 2 year low. On Monday morning bullion take a dramatic a unbelievable change on Indian commodity market.  MCX gold for June delivery  traded two year low on morning it open at 27450 and from that position yellow metal continue to worst performance.  Similarly the white metal also follows the same trend and fall deeply low near 10% today.  On Early morning it open at 48369 and touches an intraday low of 44543. While on US market gold for future delivery crosses the level of $1500 and many analysts believe that it’s not a good sign, gold price rose above $1580. Dollar price are struggling on FOREX market against EURO and fall by more than 0.5%.  On the MCX bullion prices are fall by a huge margin and people are dumping the gold for a little time. On the overseas market gold prices are trading low while some more falls are expecting in precious metal price. 

Base metal also trading on red side, on early trade some positive movement had seen on MCX nickel but sudden fall on precious metal affect base metal too. MCX nickel opens at 854 and touches an intraday high of 856.50 and low of 845. Today most base metals like copper, nickel, aluminum, lead and zinc all are looking bearish on MCX.  On MCX copper falls by more than -10 point for April delivery on today trading.

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Today  trading calls

Sell gold June below 26600 tgt 26550, 26500, 26400…… 26800

Sell silver May below 44700 tgt 44600, 44500, 44400……….sl 45000

Sell copper April below 394 tgt 392, 390, 385……….sl 403

Sell nickel April below 845 tgt 842, 839, 835…… 855

Sell mentha oil 987 tgt 985, 980, 977……sl 997

Saturday, April 13, 2013

MCX India weekly report,commodity forecast for upcoming week and free gold, silver crude-tips on mobile

This week of domestic market fall by a sharp point. On MCX gold and silver performing very bad, MCX gold prices are started this week from 29700 but on Saturday at 12:58 pm it’s watched at 27892. This was a big depreciation on gold prices near 6 month low on global market similar situation had seen in US gold prices are following to USD  1547.50 and expecting to some correction in upcoming weeks, whereas on China and Russia gold also had fall by more than 3% in this week.  In upcoming week gold is expecting to trade in the range of 26590 to 29845 and more on domestic market.
MCX silver prices again holding the hand of negative flag and falling down on Domestic market. This Week MCX silver for May delivery falls by more than -3000 point in red side. On Monday silver open above 51300 and on Saturday at 1:00 pm it’s watched at 48858.domestic market Silver prices are expecting to Bounce back again with a good volume.   On upcoming week silver again crosses the level of 50000.
Base metals are surviving on both directions with a low movement.  Copper, nickel and lead are performing well on MCX report. This week MCX copper are closing on down side by a few point but positive data is coming from LME and this will surely give some positive trend and support to Asian market copper. While nickel and lead are forcing the investor to hold their position for future trade and that’s the reason behind low reverse trend in this metals. Nickel and lead demands are changed in overseas market and in china’s required most.
Cotton and crude are dumb in MCX market, in previous month a time come when domestic crude crosses the level of 5300 but again its prices are comes to 4900. In this week MCX crude perform average with most red side. On Monday crude up in US market by 60 cent, but on domestic market crude oil are fall by more than -100 point on Saturday. Whereas cotton prices perform worst in this week and comes to 18650. In upcoming week some positive data is expected near 18900 .   

Friday, April 12, 2013

MCX nickel,lead, mentha oil and crude position and free commodity tips for today

Today Indian currency moves up on green side from early morning, Indian rupees up by 10 paise against US currency. But no positive result comes on domestic market metals. On Domestic commodity market base metal are trying to recover from dark red side,  today on MCX  copper prices are moving with  green flag.  MCX nickel future delivery rose up by more than 4 point and touches an intraday high of 885 against its last close.  Nickel for April delivery touches an intraday low of 879.80. today nickel are experience volatile movement but mostly on positive side and on evening some more high movement are expected on spot market.

On overseas market lead demand has raised on the spot market, but some it not support domestic market lead prices. On MCX nickel for April delivery open at 113 and touches an intraday high of 113.10 against its previous close at 112.05. Lead prices on domestic market are expected to grow due to increasing in demand of batter maker. Copper for April delivery are trading slightly high to its last close. On domestic market copper prices trying to charge for April delivery, on early Friday morning MCX copper opens at 412.40 and touches an intraday high of 413.90 and low of 411.05. On spot market copper looks bullish with low movement and good demand in upcoming weeks.

Today MCX most traded commodity GOLD, SILVER and CRUDE traded low on negative side. On early trade crude oil goes to green side but lower demand pushes it back side. Crude for April delivery open at 5077 bit low against last close and touches an intraday low of 5038. This year crude oil is expecting to trade in the range of 5000 to 5300 in the first quarter. Whereas gold and silver prices are looks bearish with high negative movement.  On spot market gold for June delivery fall by more than -160 point against its last close 29184. On intraday gold touches a high of 29229 with a low of 28945. Today movement of gold is bearish and no high positive movement is expected but some correction where expecting on evening session.

Today calls

Buy silver May above 51300 tgt 51400, 51500, 51600………….sl 51000

Sell gold June above 29030 tgt 29000, 28970, 28930…sl 29130

Buy natural gas April above 227.50 tgt 228, 228.50, 229.50…………sl 225.50

Buy mentha oil April above  1030 tgt 1035, 1040, 1045……sl 1015

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Today base metal trend updates and live free commodity tips for today

Today commodity market shows a red spot from morning, bullion on MCX are showing dull and negative movement on early trade. On MCX gold for June delivery open on dark side but on early trade it goes up with positive flag on first hour.  Due to low volume MCX gold crashes and touches an intraday low of 29055. Some more falls is being expected from gold with low positive movement during remaining trading session.  MCX silver for May delivery fall from a good level on early open price, today silver metal is open at 51488 and touches an intraday high of 51618 with a low of 51215. On MCX bullion regularly falling and comes near 6 month low.
Currently base metal is on red side at 2:30 pm, MCX copper are looking bearish on commodity market. From its opening price copper has continuing falling on red side and touches an intraday low of 409. Today MCX copper open at 412 slightly down against its last close. Nickel for April delivery shows volatile but slow movement on early trade. On early morning nickel prices are open on green side at 880.40 and goes up with an intraday high of 882 and low of 872.80. On evening session some correction are expecting on base metals.  Whereas zinc, aluminium and lead are looking dull for today trading but some correction might be covered on evening due to overseas market result.

commodity recommendation for today 

Sell gold below 29100 tgt 29050, 29000, 28900…………….stop loss 29300

Sell silver below 51350 tgt 51300, 51250, 51100……sl 51600

Sell copper below 409.50 tgt 408, 406, 405.50………sl 413.50

Sell nickel below 875.50 tgt 874.50, 873, 870.50…… 880.50


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

09/4/13 Evening MCX crude oil movement and commodity trend for today

Some positive smells are come from MCX gold in upcoming week, but these weeks in Asian market are trade with a sloppy movement. On Multi commodity exchange falls in gold prices after opening at 29525. On domestic market buying of physical gold are expected to up on auspicious day. Indian traders are ready to buy gold in wedding festival that was going to start from next week. On MCX gold prices for 5 June delivery touches an intraday high of 29567 with a low of 29483.
While silver prices are moving steadily with positive side and a high movement are expected from silver in evening trading session.  Today on MCX silver prices are open at 51201 with an intraday high of 51390 and low of 51176.
A high change had done in Asian market Crude oil prices after a World third economy monetary policy reviewed.  New York light crude for May delivery made a correction of 29 cent on USD 93.65/ barrel. Whereas another party North Korea Brent crude roses by 51 cent to USD 105.17 on early trade today.


 SELL GOLD JUN BELOW 29490 TARGETS 29467, 29442, 29414 STOPLOSS 29533

BUY SILVER MAY ABOVE 51250 TGT 51300, 51350, 51500 STOP LOSS 51000

BUY CRUDE OIL APRIL ABOVE 5115 TGT 5120, 5130, 5150 STOP LOSS 5080

BUY NATURAL GAS APRIL ABOVE 223.50 TGT 224, 224.50, 225.50 STOP LOSS 221.50

BUY  NICKLE ABOVE 885 TGT 856, 888, 890 STOP LOSS  880

Monday, April 8, 2013

Active evening commodity calls and live MCX tips for today

Base metal
Today base metal are open on green side, all top metal are showing good movement with a green flag. MCX copper for April delivery on early morning open at 408.25 and experienced to trade with a good support level, on MCX copper touches an intraday high 409.60 with a low of 407.20.  MCX nickel also supports this movement with a green flag. Nickel for April delivery trading on good side on Monday morning it open at 881.60 with an intraday high of 888 and low of 878.20. Due to global issue between US and North Korea some positive change has done in base metal on Asian market. Aluminum, nickel and zinc are trading low but on green side, some positive change is expected near 6 pm on metals.
Buy copper above 408 tgt 408.50, 409.50, 411……… 405

Buy nickel  above  887 tgt 888, 890, 892………sl 882

Crude oil
Global crude market is varying due to US job data, on US crude up by 60 cents at $93.30. whereas on MCX India crude oil for April delivery open at +3 high to its last close and open at 5110. Crude oil for April delivery is experienced low movement with high open interest but due to low demand on overseas market it falls from its position. On intraday market it touches a low of 5088.

Mentha oil and cotton

Both are traded on red side at 3:00 pm, today cotton is showing a high movement on both sides. On early trade it touch a high 18990 but suddenly a direction had changed due to negative open interest. Cotton demands are increase day by day and very high movement had seen I cotton this year.  Today MCX cotton for April open at 18860 with a low of 18670, some positive report are comes from cotton and expected to trade on  green side at evening session.

Mentha oil supports a low movement on intraday trade. On Monday, morning it open at 1040 and going up and touches a high of 1047 whereas on downside it touches a low of 1025. Mentha oil is troubling and experienced a bearish trend on MCX for today.

Today MCX calls

Buy silver above 51350 tgt 51450, 51500, 51600……..51100

Sell gold below 29610 tgt 29580, 29550, 29510……….sl 29710

Buy cotton above 18800 tgt 18820, 18850, 18880…………….sl 18720

Friday, April 5, 2013

Precious metal movement for today and Evening commodity news

Yellow metal continue to fall on domestic market as well as in international market. On Singapore, today gold again fall and trading at may 2012 low.  Whereas investor are waiting for US job data are this report are on focus.  Us gold for June delivery is fall by $2.60 was at $1549.80. On India MCX for June delivery is trading in negative side and was at 29330 at 3:07 pm. Today movement on MCX gold is not very high and positive but it might be raised and some hike has seen in evening session. On currency market rupees also trading in downside and expecting to rise after US job data report.  
Today MCX silver for May delivery open at 50921 some point down to its yesterday close at 50955. On intraday market silver price touches a high of 51061 and low of 50763. On global market at Singapore silver fall by more than 0.60% and many analyst believe that this week precious metal is trading low. On Domestic market silver prices are going to rise on evening session with a good open interest.

Buy gold June above 29400 tgt 29430,29460, 29500……… 29300
Buy silver above 51100 tgt 51150, 51200, 51300…………sl 50900

On global market Brent crude oil price are slip by more than 2%, today it fall near 2 month low at $106.65. Due to the North Korea and US issues global crude prices continue fall. On domestic market at MCX crude oil prices are going to high after a weak low on this week.  Today crude oil open at 5103 for April delivery.

Buy crude oil above 5110 tgt 5120, 5130, 5140…… 5080

Thursday, April 4, 2013

03-04-13 commodity gold silver movement and NCDEX india live commodity tips for today


On MCX most commodity are trading on negative side since morning.  Open interest is falling again trend. Today MCX gold opens in down side with bearish trend, on MCX for April delivery it open at 29032. On intraday trading gold prices touch a high of 29072 with a low of 28919. On global market at Singapore gold fell 1 month low by 0.8% to USD 1,563.68 an ounce. In future trade gold price are looking to jump by a good margin on domestic market and give some relief to physical trader.  For today trading gold price are expected to trade in the range of 28870 to 29169.
 Silver continue falling on MCX today it open negative falling by more than -200 point on domestic market.  On domestic market dark shadow of overseas market had seen in the morning session when silver prices fall by more than -500 point.  In the international market silver break a low of 2 august in Singapore   by falling 0.9% at $ 27.02 an ounce.  

NCDEX live

On NCDEX pepper for April delivery found traded in negative side at 35630 at 3:10 pm. On NCDEX pepper price are expected to trade in the range of 35490 to 36642. Today a high movement are expecting from April pepper. On morning pepper open at 35745 on spot market it touch an intraday high of 35930 with a low of 35515.
NCDEX castor looking positive for today trading movement is not such high but a chance of turning into a big deal is not far.  Castor seed last watched at 3:41 pm o domestic ncdex market for April delivery.
Corianders on NCDEX market are looking to sideways for evening session.  Corianders for April delivery are expected to trade volatile in this week.
MCX commodity calls

Buy Natural gas above 217.50 tgt 218, 218.50, 219.50……….sl 215.50
Sell crude oil below 5280 tgt 5270, 5260, 5250……….sl 5310
Sell gold below 29030 tgt 29000, 28970, 28930……….sl 29130
Sell silver below 51050 tgt 51000, 50900, 50850…………sl 51250

NCDEX live calls

Sell coriander below 6970 tgt 6950, 6930, 6900…………sl 6730
Sell pepper below 35580 tgt 35550, 35500, 35480……sl 35680
Buy jeera  above 13110 tgt 13130, 13150, 13200……………sl 13020

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

South Korea and North Korea issue effect on commodity market and base metal trend and today tips for 02-04-13

Today bullion open in positive but fall on domestic market due to issue between North Korea and South Korea. The issue between this country and interfering of China and US result in falling price of gold and crude.  Today Mcx gold open at 29505 bit positive form yesterday close.  On MCX for April delivery gold prices go for maximum of 29525 with a low of 29432. There is also a fall in open interest that by more than -15%. Gold is expected to turn on green side around 6:30 pm and may be it crosses the 29600.
On MCX silver form morning no positive movement had seen from its opening price it continue falling and touch a intraday low of 52501. Today MCX support a bearish trend, on Tuesday morning it opens at 52847 and from that position it fall on MCX for May delivery. On MCX silver price is look very dull and negative but some positive data is expected from silver on evening.
Crude oil on domestic market looking on red deep side, an issue between North Korea and South Korea affect its price. MCX crude oil for future delivery opens at 5281, with an intraday high 5292 with a low of 5268. Crude oil are look little slow and dull on MCX while trading on spot market. Low positive movement may be expected in evening with mostly on red side.
Base metal are bearish and showing a red flag on MCX. Nickel for April delivery trade low and negative side, today it open at 908.70 and from its opening position trying to move to green side but falling in china market result base metal on negative side.  Copper, zinc, aluminum and lead all are traded with a sloppy movement. Some corrections are required on base metals.

BUY MENTHA OIL ABOVE 1048 TGT 1050, 1055, 1060…………….SL 1036

SELL COTTON BELOW 19210 TGT 19200, 19180, 19150.SL 19270

BUY CRUDE OIL ABOVE 5290 TGT 5300, 5310, 5320…………….SL 5260

SELL SILVER BELOW 52480 TGT 52440, 52360, 52280……………..SL 52680


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