Friday, March 29, 2013

MCX gold fall by for than 3%, mcx cotton,crude and silver trying to recover

Gold prices continue their negative movement and fall form morning, in morning it go bit high and touch an intraday high of 29604 where as on downside it touches a low of 29532 for April delivery. Mcx gold for March delivery drops by more than 3%. In the overseas market gold playing above $1600 an ounce, due to increase in import duty demand in gold has reduced.  Mcx silver falls by more than -200 point from its opening price. Today on early morning it open at 54036 and form that position it continue falling and touches an intraday low of 53860.
Some correction may be seen on evening after 6:00 pm. Today gold is expected to trade with a support of 29460 and a resistance of 29658.
Today Silver expected to trade with a support level of 53680 and resistance of 54475.
Natural gas for 25 April in future traded low with a mixed movement.  On intraday it touches a high of 224.40 whereas on downside it touches a low of 221.50. On domestic market natural gas this week are expecting a bearish trend while so such high movement had seen in natural gas so far compare to previous year.  
Today in commodity market mcx cotton open at very high position of 19000 but showing a dull movement. On intraday a long jump might be seen on evening trading session. 
Today recommendation

Buy cotton above 18650 tgt 18680, 18720, 18800………….sl 18400

Buy crude oil above 5260 tgt 5270, 5280, 5290…….sl 5230

Buy silver above 53700 tgt  53800,53900, 54000 ………sl 53400

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

MCX commodity trend for today and MCX gold silver tips for 26 march

In domestic market oil prices are going on high but in Asian market that are affected and falling in Singapore, whereas in New York May delivery had fall by 9 cent to $94.72 per barrel.  On MCX crude oil prices for 19 April are open at 5158. On intraday market it touches a high of 5185 with a low of 5157. For today trading some higher also expected in crude prices and hopes to crosses the level of 5200.  

Buy crude oil above 5180 tgt 5190, 5200, 5210……………sl 5150

Today base metal show down trend, MCX nickel prices are showing a mixed reaction on early trading it touches an intraday high of 921.70 with an intraday low of 915. Some positive movement is expected in evening session. Whereas MCX copper prices are looking to comes in green side and expected some positive movement in evening. Copper for 30 April delivery open at 416.60 and it touches an intraday high of 417.60 with a low of 415.40.

Zinc price are drop by more than 0.29 per cent on MCX for future trade. On MCX  it open at 104.20 and on early trade it reflect a negative data while for 28 march delivery it goes up and touches an intraday high of 104.40 with a low of 103.90.

Gold prices are dropped down by more than 0.35% for April delivery. Global gold prices were also trying to recover; US gold also lost by 0.5 % an ounce. Today at MULTI COMMODITY EXCHANGE gold prices are open at 29555 and from that position it fall and touches an intraday low of 29435. For intraday gold prices are expected to show some correction on evening.

MCX silver fall by more than -200 point for may delivery. From morning no positive movement had seen in silver from its opening position and on intraday it touches a low of 53924.

 Cotton show mixed reaction on intraday trading for 29 march contract. At Multi commodity exchange it open at 18440 in early traded cotton trading low a touch an intraday low of 18320 while after some time a huge correction had seen in it and mcx cotton touches an intraday high of 18710.  

Sell gold below 29450 tgt 29420, 29380, 29350…………………sl 29550

Sell silver below 54000 tgt 53950, 53900, 53800……sl 53200

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

25-03-13 bullion-base metal and crude oil updates for Evening trading session and free commodity tips

India is going to reduce crude oil import by more than 50% by 2020 said by minister of petroleum and gas Dr. M Veerappa Moliy. India crude production house in increase day by day and it is good news for domestic market. It is expected that India become self independent by 2030 I crude and gas. Today on MCX crude oil for open at 5115 slightly high from its last close. On intraday it touches a high of 5129 some more increment is expected in evening trading session. Mcx crude oil price have a support level of 5090 with a resistance level of 5170.
Buy crude oil above 5125 tgt 5135, 5145, 5160………… 5090

Cyprus data raised the foreign share market but its causes in negative mark at Indian commodity market. Both gold and silver are trading on negative side .Mcx bullion are trading bearish today, form morning no positive movement had seen in yellow metal. On early morning it opens at 29680 with a same intraday high and low of 29542. Gold for 5 April delivery falling by more than -150 point on Mcx. some correction are expecting in evening time. Mcx silver open bit positive and moving towards green side but due to lower support level it falling down in red side. Mcx silver for may delivery on intraday touches a high of 54249 with a low of 54030.

Sell gold below 29540 tgt 29510, 29460, 29440…….sl 29640
Sell silver below 54050 tgt 54000, 53950, 53850…………54250

MCX Base metal are traded low from negative, mcx copper for April delivery open at 419 ,on intraday it touches a high  of 419.25 with a low of  415.90. It is expected to go more deep with a support of negative side. Zinc, lead and aluminum are expected to fall more down on MCX. Nickel is bearish on Mcx for 28 march.

Sell nickel below 924 tgt 922, 920, 915…………sl 933
Sell copper below 417 tgt 415, 413, 411…….sl 423

Mcx Commodity call for today

Buy cotton above 18300 tgt 18330, 18350, 18380………… 18220
Sell mentha oil below 1080 tgt 1078, 1075-----…………….. 1130

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Evening commodity market news and spot market trading tips for 22 march

India Mcx market all base metal are showing a red color except copper.  Today on MCX metal are open slightly high to its last close but lower demand forcing to trade in negative side. MCX aluminum is open at 103.50 but trend is supporting negative movement and on intraday price it touches a low of 102.80. While nickel, copper and lead are trading in negative side but some positive movement are expected on evening.  Today on MCX copper prices are following with a mixed volatile movement. On intraday trading it touches a high of 417.50 where as on downside it touches a low of 415.20. Nickel, zinc and lead are traded on negative side and supported a negative trend.
On MCX gold silver prices are traded flatting low negative today it opens at 29755 and on early trade it touch an intraday high of 29807 with a low of 29742. For today trading gold prices are expected to trade in the range of 29725 to 29896. Silver prices on mcx are falling by huge level and come to 54738 at 3:24 pm.   On commodity market it open at 54989 with an intraday high of 54989 and low of 54710.  Indian currencies are traded low that’s result in depreciation on silver and cotton.

Cotton prices for 29 march delivery are again falling by huge point on intraday trading. On early trade on mcx it open at 18750 and form that position it’s continue showing a negative movement and  expected more depreciation.  Cotton for March delivery touches a low of 18490.

Crude oil for April delivery are traded positive and expected go higher on evening session.  Global crude oil prices are varying on US and china market.  Euro problem affect price on Russian and European oil market and seems to some correction on upcoming weeks. 

Mentha oil is very volatile on MCX, today it open at 1140.50, on Asian market mentha oil continue trying to recover but fail to continue its journey towards positive direction.

Buy mentha oil above 1132 tgt 1135,1140, 1145……… 1119

Buy crude oil above 5065 tgt  5075, 5090…… 5040

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

MCX commodity updates for today and positional call for 21 march 2013

Today MCX showing a mixed reaction from morning, mcx gold prices are open slightly down and open at 29662. On intraday it touch an high of 29679 with a low of 29613 , on MCX gold are trading flat low in the bound in the range of 29700 to 29570. Mcx silver are bit positive for May delivery on morning it open at 54392 and goes a maximum of 54450 with a low of 54150.  For today trading on intraday MCX silver are showing mixed reaction with a good volume.
Sell gold below 29670 tgt 29640, 29610, 29570…………… 29770
Buy silver above 54400 tgt 54450, 54550, 54600……………sl 54200

On MCX this week crude moving on good side, but today it show a lazy movement. Today MCX crude oil opens at 5085 bit low from yesterday close. On intraday trading MCX crude oil touch an intraday high of 5095 with a low of 5070.

Buy crude oil above 5080 tgt 5090, 5100, 5020…………sl 5040

Mcx cotton fall by more than -200 point on intraday trading, today it open at 18850 and from that position it continue fall and touch an low of 18650.

Sell cotton below 18750 tgt 18730, 18700, 18680…………………sl 18820

Mentha oil for 30 march delivery open at 1130 , for today trading session mentha oil perform well and expected higher on evening . For intraday trading it touch a high of 1149.70 with a low 1128.60.  

Buy mentha oil above 1132 tgt 1135, 1140, 1150………sl 1114

Today base metals are open with a mixed movement, nickel open on positive side with an intraday high of 919.50. On MCX nickel fails to continue its positive movement and touches an intraday low of 912.70. Copper have a strong support level on Mcx its prices are varying due to volatile movement at LME. Copper are expected to go high on evening trading.

Sell nickel below 915 tgt 913, 910, 908…….sl 922
Buy copper above 417.50 tgt 418, 419, 420.50………….sl 414.50

Active intraday free live mcx commodity tips and commodity updates for 20 march

Today precious metal on MCX is showing bearish trend form morning.  Mcx gold price are following with a red sign and from its opening price it continue falling, no correction is expected in gold today. Gold price are bounding in a range with a sloppy movement. While MCX silver are open in down side but some correction had seen in it in early trade, but most time it spend of negative side. Today silver showing bearish movement in first two sessions and some positive movement will see in evening.

Buy gold (5 apr)above 29830 tgt 29860, 29900, 29930…………sl 29730
Buy silver(4 may)  above 54650 tgt 54700, 54750, 54850…………… 54250

Today MCX metal are bit positive from yesterday, on early opening trade copper prices are open at 413.60 and touches an intraday high of 416.55. Mcx nickels are showing all color for 28 marches, today it open at 905.90 and it touches an intraday high of 910.70 with a low of 901.30. MCX lead, zinc and aluminum are also showing a mixed reaction and hope to go higher in last session of trading.

Buy copper(30 apr) above 416 tgt 417, 418, 420…………sl 412
Buy nickel (28 march) above 909.50 tgt 910.50, 912.50, 914.50…….sl 903.50


After a long time some high depreciation are watching on mentha oil  form morning it open at 1134 and it touches an intraday low of 1118.10. it is advice to sell mentha oil for intraday  and hold a position  for long  term.

Sell mentha oil below 1122 tgt 1120, 1118, 1115---…… 1135

Today m cotton is more positive on Mcx and expected to crosses the level of 19000. Today it opens at 18890 and touches an intraday high of 18990 with a low of 18830. This year cotton is looking much stronger and volatile on Mcx.

Buy cotton above 18950 tgt 18970, 18990, 19000……… 18900
Buy crude oil above 5090 tgt 5100, 5110, 5120……………… 5060

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

evening commodity news updates and mcx commodity calls for 19-03-13

After yesterday down fall in base metal, today some correction had seen in MCX metal. Nickel, copper and lead all are moving in positive side with good volume.  Some more correction may be expected in evening.  Some increment also expected due to cut in repo rates by RBI.  While today precious metal are more positive and continue its yesterday movement.

Today gold   MCX gold prices are open bit low, but unable to affect its movement, on intraday gold price touches a high of 29669 with an intraday low of 29481. On international market gold price also varying and move up and crosses $1600/oz. today gold last watched $1605.40 at 2.59pm.

Today Mcx silver open 54297 and touches an Intraday high of 54496 with a low of 54232. Silver for May contract are expected to go higher in the left trading session.  

Mcx crude are in good position for May contact it rose up by more than +40 point.

Natural gas for 25 March delivery fails to continue its yesterday positive movement. Today on MCX it open at 211.40 and touches an intraday high of 212.20 with a low of 210.20.  Natural gas for 25 march delivery showing a sloppy movement expected some more negative movement in down side.    

 Mentha oil for 30 marches showing bearish trend on intraday, on MCX it open at 1176 and go towards in red side.  On intraday it touches a high of 1177.70 with a downfall low of 1143.20.

MCX cotton prices are open at 18740, today cotton showing a volatile movement for March contract. On intraday mcx cotton touches a maximum point of 18810 with a low of 18670.

Today MCX calls

BUY CRUDE OIL MAR ABOVE 5085 TARGETS 5100 , 5115 , 5135 STOPLOSS 5055

Buy silver above 54500 tgt 54550, 54600, 54700………sl 54300

Buy nickel above 903 tgt 905, 907, 910………sl 986
Buy gold above 29650 tgt 29680, 29710, 29750…………sl 29550


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

MCX|ncdex live updates and evening commodity calls for today

Today after a long time such movement had seen in gold prices in early trade on MCX.  Gold open at 29440   and from that position it starts to shine, For April contract it touch an intraday high of 29644 and some more increment may be seen on evening session.  MCX silver prices showing a mixed reaction with gold. Today it opens at 54250 and touches an intraday high of 54480 with a low of 54057.
Buy gold above 29550 tgt 29600, 29650………………… 29450
Buy silver above 54250 tgt 54350, 54450…………54050

Today mcx call

Sell crude oil below 5015 tgt 5010,5005, 5000…………sl 5030

Sell lead below 118 tgt 117.50, 117……………… 119

Sell mentha oil below 1160 tgt 1155, 1150, 1145……….sl 1175

buy cotton above 18750 tgt 18780, 18800, 18850………………sl 18650

 Today ncdex call

Buy chana above (19 April) 3445 tgt 3450, 3460, 3470……… 3420

Sell chilli (20 March)  below 6500 tgt 6490,6480, 6450……… 6550

Buy coriander(19April) above   6680 tgt 6690, 6720, 6750……….sl 6610

Sunday, March 17, 2013

commodity movement in upcoming week and mcx report

In recent week MCX gold and silver showing a different colors form the starting of the week. This week gold for April delivery open at 29374 with a strong support level. On Monday a huge increment had seen on MCX. In upcoming week positive shade is expected from gold in global as domestic market. Mcx silver is on fire this week on the early trading, it started with a level of 54980, but on Friday depreciation had seen for may contract. On Saturday at 11.02 am silver prices had seen at 54194 some analyst had think that in upcoming week silver prices ready to touch a sky. Let’s see what happen in upcoming week.
Buy silver above 54400 with a support level of 53500 and a resistance of 55000
Buy gold above 29450 with a support level of 29210 and a resistance of 29630

Crude oil
This week crude oil shows some good jump above 5000 as expected form that on MCX. On MCX crude oil, some more correction are expecting due to increment in Russia and New York.  On Friday New York crude prices moves up by 0.2% similarly Russia also shows positive report in crude and natural gas. In upcoming week crude oil go more up with a mixed movement on MCX for 19 March delivery.
Buy crude oil 5050 with a support level of 4990 and a resistance of 5090

Base metal
Base metal in upcoming week expected to show some correction, especially nickel. This week nickel performs badly and no hike had seen in it. This week nickel prices are falling from starting of week. Copper on LME showing a mixed movement in ongoing week no high movement had seen in copper.  Aluminum, zinc and lead show bit positive movement on early on week. In upcoming week all these metals are expected to work on negative side. US jobless data and European data trying to recover to due to lower demand this metal show mixed reaction.

Mentha oil and cotton
This week cotton is the top gainer who fire on MCX market on Friday by moving more than +300 point for 29 March. In recent week cotton started with the prices of 18440 and crosses the line of 19000 and in upcoming week expected more rise on it.  MCX cotton for 29 March perform well and advice to hold position and wait for the right price.

This week MCX mentha oil not performs in right direction and drop from its position.  Mentha oil prices are watched around 1240 in early of week but mentha oil can’t hold the position and fall down. But this week negative data is worthless and some correction might be happen in upcoming week.
Buy cotton above 18900 with a support level of 18600 and a resistance of 19200
Buy mentha oil above 1200 with a support level of 1170 and a resistance of 1230.

Natural gas performs well in this week and on Saturday at 11.54 it watched at 209.10, and expected more hike due to positive data in natural gas form Russian market.
Buy natural gas above 210 with support level of 205 and a resistance of 216.


Saturday, March 16, 2013

15-3-13 commodity news and mcx calls for today

Today crude oil prices roses in global as well as domestic market, in New York there is an increment of 0.2% per barrel and comes to $93.19. While natural gas biggest giant Russia climbed by 2.1 %. Oil prices in Russia were also being strong day by day. In India MCX crude oil for 19 marches traded on green side. Mcx crude oil prices are open at 5040 and on intraday it touches a high of 5056.  

In base metal some positive sign is expected, industrial base metal climbed in US market. Some correction had seen in US metal on Friday morning.  Meanwhile on Domestic market copper and nickel perform well. On intraday nickel for 28 march delivery are traded on side at 3:20 pm at 934.20. Some correction may be expected on nickel prices for March delivery. On the other hand copper prices are varying and showing a mixed   movement on commodity market.


Today MCX commodity calls

Buy copper above 426.80 tgt 428.50, 429, 430.80……………….sl  422.80

Buy silver above 54400 tgt 54450, 54550, 54700……….sl 54100  

Buy crude oil above 5050 tgt 5060, 5070,5090……… 5010

Sell mentha oil below 1215 tgt 1213, 1210, 1205……… 1225

Buy natural gas above 208.50 tgt 209, 209.50,210.50………….sl 206.50

Friday, March 15, 2013

today MCX live trading tips and ncdex updates

Today India ‘s  MCX commodity market open with mixed movement but as day passes all green sign turn towards red side . On MCX silver for 4 May delivery falling down by more than -400 point and this is a huge depreciation on Wednesday trading till afternoon.  No positive aspects are looking in silver right now but may be some positive movement will see in evening.  While MCX gold in morning moves in green side but due to lower supports it fall on MCX.

Sell gold below 29330 tgt 29300, 29250, 29200……… 29460

Sell silver below 54350 tgt 54300,  54200, 54150…… 54550

MCX tips

Buy crude oil above 5030 tgt 5040, 5050, 5060……………….sl 5000
Buy cotton above 18700 tgt 18730, 18760, 18800…….sl 18600
Buy nickel above 925 tgt 928, 930, 933…… 917


On ncdex chana prices for 19 April delivery are showing bearish trend on morning it open at 3421 and go bit high and touch an intraday high of 3428 and a low of 3882.

Sell chana (19 April)  below 3380 tgt 3370, 3360,3350…….sl 3410

Sell chilli (20 march) below 6660 tgt 6650, 6630, 6600………… 6720

Thursday, March 14, 2013

MCX gold tips,mcx silver tips, and accurate commodity tips for 13-03-13

Today MCX commodity markets are open on green side. Some negative movement had watched on the early session of MCX India. Today mcx yellow metal open slightly down from its last close at 29445. On MCX gold open at 29444 and in early morning it touches an intraday high of 29467 with a low of 29413.  Today MCX gold prices are varying in green side but movement is not very high, gold prices are varying between 29375 – 29500.silver prices on intraday trading is very volatile in morning it open is downside at 54875 and touches  an high of  54967 with a low of 54790. Today on silver open interest support the day trading with good volume.

Buy gold above 29450 tgt 29480, 29510, 29550….……….sl 29350
Buy silver above 54900 tgt 55000, 55100, 55200………….sl 54600

Today MCX crude oil open is positive side and for intraday its trend is looking bit positive this week. Today on intraday it touches an intraday high of 5053 from its last close at 5036.

Buy crude oil above 5050 tgt 5060, 5070, 5080…………….sl 5030

MCX cotton is ready on rock again on commodity market, today on intraday market cotton prices are open with a good hike and open at 18520 to its last close at 18460. On intraday it continues its yesterday fire work and touches an intraday high of 18620 with low of 18440.

Buy cotton above 18580 tgt 18600, 18620, 18650………….sl 18510

Today mcx calls

Buy nickel above 927 tgt 929,931, 935……….sl 919
Buy copper above 428.50 tgt 429.50, 430.50, 431.50…….sl 425.50
Buy mentha oil above 1224 tgt 1226, 1230, 1235…………sl 1213

12-03-13 commodity calls and MCX commodity updates for today

MCX cotton continue it show with a mixed frequency for a 29 March delivery. On Tuesday morning MCX cotton prices start from a downside and open at 18440 in commodity market.  Today MCX cotton touches an intraday high of 18590 and in deep it touches a low of 18430.

Sell cotton below 18500 tgt 18480, 18450, 18400……………….sl 18600

On intraday nickel for March delivery are showing bearish trend and showing a red sign since morning. Today it open at 915.90 and form that position it continue falling, movement is not very high but it touch a low of 911.20.

Sell nickel below 911.50 tgt 910.50, 909.50, 907…………….sl 915

MCX copper moving on red side and a bearish trend, today on commodity trading it open at 425.55 with a positive trend but due to low volume it fall to continue to movement.

Sell copper below 424 tgt 423, 422, 420……………sl 428

On MCX gold prices for April contract trading positive low, open interested is also in negative side. Early morning MCX gold touches a high of 29390 with a low of 29322. Today movement is very week on gold and bearish may be  expected in the evening.

Sell gold below 29350 tgt 29320, 29290, 29250…………………sl 29450

Today MCX silver is on good side and some unexpected change may be happen near 4 pm. MCX silver today touches a high of 54780 with a low of 54600.

Buy silver above 54650 tgt 54700, 54800, 54850……………sl 54450

Today MCX commodity calls

Buy crude oil above 5000 tgt 5010, 5020, 5030………….sl 4970
Sell mentha oil below 1218 tgt 1215, 1210, 1205………… 1231

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

11-03-13 trading tips for commodity market and mcx india updates

Today commodity market open on the positive side but after a early fresh start bullion goes down in red side.  MCX gold for April open in good side and touch an intraday high of 29450, buy low volume forced it to turn direction. Gold is looking on bearish side movement is not very affective but some positive movement hoped near 5 pm.  

buy gold above 29370 tgt 29400, 29290
Buy silver above 54800 tgt 54850, 54900, 55000……sl 54600

Today Base metals on MCX starts with negative node and continue this direction. MCX nickels for 28 March delivery are showing bearish movement, MCX nickel prices touch an intraday low of 902. No positive movement is expected from nickel for today trading session.   Copper prices are volatile today it showing a mixed reaction on MCX , MCX copper touch an intraday high of 426.60 with low of 421.85.

intraday tips

Sell nickel below 903 tgt 901, 899, 895……sl 991
Sell copper below 422.50 tgt 421.50,420.50, 420……………sl 425
Sell zinc below  105.50 tgt 105, 104.50, 103.50………sl 107.50
Buy natural gas above 198.50 tgt 199.50, 200.50……… 196.50
 Buy mentha oil above 1240 tgt 1245, 1250, 1255…………sl 1225

Sunday, March 10, 2013

commodity movement on Monday and commodity tips for future trading

In upcoming week India MCX expected to move in green and most commodities are looking to show a great stuff for investor.  In recent week MCX gold is continue falling but on early of Saturday trade it show positive sloppy movement. This week gold start with a price of 29770 but it continue showing down trend on commodity market.  Gold price are looking to going up in upcoming week and some correction is being expected on MCX gold for April delivery.  MCX silver was looking in good position during the whole week and some good sign are expected in upcoming day in future delivery.

Buy gold above 29400 with a support level of 29250 and a resistance of 29600

Buy silver above 54900 with a strong support level of 54100 and a resistance of 55500

Crude oil price are may be rise in upcoming week due to some positive report comes from US and CHINA. In upcoming week crude oil price are expected to trade in the range of above 5000.

Base metal especially nickels and copper that show mostly high movement on MCX, their price is expected to fluctuate on India MCX commodity market.  Nickel price is bounded  between the ranges of 900 to 925.Everyone is waiting the movement when nickel crosses the line of 1000 and work above of it. 

On intraday it is advice to buy nickel above 910 on Monday morning. With a target of +10  point and equally  with stop loss.

Mcx cotton , mentha oil and natural gas they all are in good side  on Monday and expected to open on  fresh positive side.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Evening commodity gold|silver|copper|crude updates


Today Multi commodity exchange showing a mixed movement, in the early morning not a very high movement had seen in bullion.  Gold on spot market mostly traded on green side with a small sloppy movement. Today gold touch a upper limit of 29418 with a low of 29353. On MCX silver is looking on bearish side, no such high movement had seen on the morning session.  

Base metal
If we are moving on base metal all metal are open towards green side but as market continue it seen in red negative side. Today nickel opens on good side and on morning touch an intraday high of 910 with a low of 903.60. On MCX nickel losses its good movement this week and mostly time it had seen in red side.  Some positive may be expected in upcoming week. On the other hand copper are also trading on bearish side, copper have strong support level of 424 with a resistance of 429.


Crude and Mentha oil 

Crude oil import of china has drop down by 9% y/y and in the first 2 month of 2013 it’s down by 1% as compare to its previous year.  Meanwhile its export is rose by 21.8 % year on year.  This will affect the domestic Asian market. On MCX crude oil were traded in down side and touch an intraday low of 4977 with a high of is advice to hold the position on medium long term. Mentha oil prices are floating between 1225 and 1245. Today mentha oil mostly watched in wrong side with a low of 1232 and high of 1242.90 and expected more bearish on remaining session.  

Sell gold below 29360 tgt 29330, 29300, 29260…….sl 29460 

Sell silver below 54550 tgt 54500, 54400, 54300…………sl 54800


Friday, March 8, 2013

07-03-13 ncdex updates, today gold|silver movement and commodity tips for today

Today precious metal open in positive side, gold open at 29644  , +51 point high to its  previous close. For 5 April contract gold on MCX gold is looking bit positive on early morning and expected to trade positive around 29550 to 29775. While silver is on green side and on intraday it open by crosses the mark of 55000. Mcx silver for 4 may delivery open at 55105 and touch an intraday high of 55225 with a low of 55105 from its previous close at 54968.

Buy gold above 29650 tgt 29680, 29720, 29750………….sl 29550

Buy silver above 55130 tgt 55200, 55300, 55430…………sl 54830

Mcx cotton on intraday for 29 march delivery open at same position to its last close at 1841 and movement is cotton is looking very volatile for today trading.  For intraday delivery cotton is bound in the range of 18310 to 18570.

Buy cotton above 18450 tgt 18470, 18500, 18550………sl 18350

NCDEX calls

Buy castor seed above 3855 tgt 3865, 3875, 3890……… 3820

Buy peeper above 34520 tgt 34540, 34550,34570………….sl 34470

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MCX calls

Sell mentha oil below 1253 tgt 1251, 1249, 1245……….sl 1261

buy nickel above 912 tgt 914, 916, 920…………….sl 904


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Intraday gold tips|silver tips and today crude oil price and commodity movement

Today MCX market starts with a sloppy and negative movement. Most commodities are open in negative side especially base metal trade in bearish side. Gold open on red side but some positive movement expected form that in afternoon. In intraday yellow metal is lost its momentum compare to previous week. While silver is on green side and some high movement is expected form that on intraday. Silver is moving with strong support of 53900 with a resistance level of 55650.


Buy gold above 29600 tgt 29640, 29680, 29750……… 29450
Buy  silver above 54860 tgt 54960, 55060, 55160……….sl 54560

Today crude oil open on green side and its movement is looking bullish for intraday. Crude oil on MCX is moving with a strong support level of 4940 and a resistance level of 5060.

Buy crude oil above 5000 tgt 5010,5020 , 5040…………sl 4960

Today on MCX mentha oil is on negative side and high negative movement is expected form that on intraday trading. Today it opens at 1245.30 and touches an intraday low of 1236.80.

Sell mentha oil  below 1242 tgt  1235, 1230, 1225…………sl 1259

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

live gold|silver price and commodity news 05-03-13

Today bullion open slightly down, gold open at 29649 from it yesterday previous close 29668. Today market is looking little positive with volume. On MCX gold is trading on red side and expected to trade on bearish side.  Today white metal open at 54434 and on intraday movement is looking very volatile and some hike is expected from silver.

Sell gold below 29630 tgt  29600, 29570, 29530……sl 29730

Sell silver below 54850 tgt 54800 , 54700, 54600……sl 55100

Today intraday calls

Buy crude oil above 4960 tgt 4970, 4980,5000…….sl 4920

Buy cotton above 18290 tgt 18300, 18320, 18350, 18390………  18190

Sell mentha oil below 1258 tgt 1255, 1250, 1245………………sl 1271

Saturday, March 2, 2013

01-03-13 commodity market news and mcx commodity tips

MCX Gold and silver
Today commodity market is looking very volatile, bullion showing a strong reaction downside. On MCX gold for April contract open at 29607 which is +37 point high to its yesterday close.  Today not a big movement is expected from yellow metal and on intraday it is expected to trade low. If we talking about MCX silver it open with a good hike and expected to trade with high movement. On early morning silver is traded in downside but some positive high movement will be seen in bullion, especially in silver in evening.  

Sell silver below 53200 tgt 53100, 53000, 52900………….sl 53500                          
Sell gold below 29550 tgt 29500, 29450, 29400…………sl 29700

MCX crude oil and cotton
Today crude oil for 19 march open at 5071 slightly down from its yesterday close. Crude oil on intraday looking bearish and expected to show more downtrend.  While on MCX cotton is rocking and jump a huge point. Today on MCX it opens by +90 point from its last close 18530. MCX Cotton touches an intraday high of 18740 and trend is looking bullish for intraday trading.

Buy cotton above 18650 tgt 18670, 18690, 18710……….sl 18590

Sell crude oil below 5035 tgt 5025, 5015, 5000……….sl 5070

Sell mentha oil below 1225 tgt 1220, 1210, 1200…… 1250

Friday, March 1, 2013

28-02-13 intraday mcx natural gas|cotton|mentha oil| tips and commodity gold silver movement

Today UNION budget will going to announce and positive report is expected from that, on MCX gold is open slightly down from its close 29743 and it open at 29703. Today gold showing strong uptrend and oscillator showing buy signal.

Buy gold above 29800 tgt 29850, 29900, 30000……………sl 29600

Silver for March contract is going to boom today in positive direction. On MCX silver is expected to go high , today it open on 53800 and on intraday it touch a high of 54086 , its previous close is 53786.

Buy silver above 53950 tgt 54050, 54150, 54300………….sl 53600


Today for 19 march delivery crude oil open at 5012 its previous close 5007. Today most commodities are expected to go higher on intraday and crude is looking on to go upside with a small movement.

Buy crude oil above 5015 tgt 5125, 5035, 5050………… 4970

Mentha oil and natural gas showing little red sign, but a positive movement is expected in mentha oil for 30 March.  On natural gas it opens at 190.20 and its touch an intraday low of 185.50.

Sell mentha oil below 1235 tgt 1230, 1220, 1210…….sl 1260
Sell natural gas  below  186 tgt 185, 184, 183………… 189
Buy cotton above 18450 tgt 18460, 18480, 18500…… 18400

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